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Your career is important to us, and that starts with protecting you when it matters most. ChiroSecure puts you and your practice first, and is dedicated to supporting you throughout your chiropractic career. Join us today to secure your chiropractic practice with comprehensive chiropractic malpractice insurance coverage that is designed to fit your needs and deliver protection when you need it.

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At ChiroSecure, we’re dedicated to making the hardest parts of your career as easy as possible. Don’t weigh yourself down by focusing on the negative. Work with a trusted partner that can ease the tension that comes with being a chiropractor today. Our team will provide you with the tools you need to build a successful practice, and can help you work proactively to create a safe environment where your patients can heal.

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"Today, chiropractors must protect themselves from claims. ChiroSecure's comprehensive coverage is the best I've seen in the industry with defense and audit expense coverage for Insurance Audits, Billing errors and omissions, Board investigation and hearings and HIPAA."

David Singer, DC David Singer Enterprises, September 27, 2016

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"ChiroSecure is the best hands down. Dr. Stuart Hoffman (great name) who runs ChiroSecure is a great guy and will be very helpful. You should recommend them to all of your classmates."

Richard Burns, DC September 27, 2016

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"Thank you, Danielle. Please tell Stuart that the customer service from the staff at Chirosecure always goes above and beyond the call and I, for one, am deeply grateful.
Merry Christmas!"

Carleen A Thum, DC For the Best in Health and Wellness September 27, 2016

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"I have personally insured through ChiroSecure for over 20 yrs. I recommend ChiroSecure malpractice insurance to all Chiropractors!"

Gary Walsemann, DC Past President, ICA, September 27, 2016

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"All employees at ChiroSecure,
Again, I appreciate you having my back. It is definitely something we take for granted until we need it. Last year when I had to hire an attorney to help defend me against allegations of insurance fraud with my state board and Blue Cross Blue Shield, you guys stepped up real fast and assisted me for my legal fees. Thanks!!!"

Tim Stranahan, DC September 27, 2016

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“Our outstanding success has enabled us to keep your rates down again and again. You can sleep at night knowing our affordable coverage works for you.  Combined with dedicating myself to preserve principled, vitalistic, subluxation-focused, drugless chiropractic ChiroSecure is still the fastest growing malpractice provider in the profession.”  Dr. Stu Hoffman   Learn more.