H. J. Ross Company in partnership with ChiroSecure is a Chiropractic management consultant firm that has been involved with the industry for over 40 years. We have streamlined insurance operations for thousands of chiropractors and staff nationwide.

The H.J. Ross Company offers CEU approved insurance seminars throughout the country. We provide many widely used products including the Chiropractic Coding Manual + Digital Directory and the Insurance Network and Consulting Services.

Through the years, HJR clients have always depended on us to come up with an easy way to deal with the overwhelming changes within the insurance industry. H. J. Ross Company has one goal in mind . . . to provide its clients with high quality, time-saving and cost-effective products and services. Many have tried to duplicate the services offered by HJ Ross, but we continue to set the industry standard because we provide the most accurate, ethical, and professional services available. There’s a reason Chiropractors who trusted us with their business 40 years ago still trust us today.

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