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3 Keys to Booking More Speaking Opps & Patients

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As a chiropractor, there are many ways to get the word out about your practice in one great way is by speaking, there are many organizations and venues opening. And bring in speakers and trainers to educate their audience. And it’s a great opportunity for you to be taking advantage of. This is Chen Yen, six and seven figure, practice makeover, mentor at fillmyholisticpractice@introvertedvisionary.

And. Your host of the ChiroSecure show today. So today we’re gonna talk about three keys to booking more speaking opportunities and bring in new patients from that. So how do you actually get your foot in the door? How do you end up being able to have a way of where they would actually book you?

Cause you could be. Speaking in front of audiences that you can just show up and educate about chiropractic and how you can help without having to always be posting on social media or spending money on ads, which is really nice. So if you have. Either never done speaking before, or if you have before how do you get back in, in the fold or how do you get booked for your first or next.

So there are three keys. The first key is to have a good angle of why a place should book you. So think about what is happening right now. That’s most relevant, maybe because summer is coming up and it’s a perfect time to think about X, Y, Z particular. Issue, maybe it’s that the work that you do can help with long COVID.

Maybe people are more stressed because of X, Y, Z situations. Maybe people are sitting in front of their computers more because of a lot more because of X, Y, Z. And so think about why your topic you would like to educate people on is most relevant to them right now. The second key is to share why you are super passionate about this.

So it, I think it’s really easy to get really geeked out and excited about. The clinical stuff. And I talk about chiropractic and how it can help from a clinical perspective, but when you can, but then you’re you, what you talk about might as well just be, what other chiropractors talk about? Just imagine, even for example, a company hearing about yet another chiropractor interested in talking about posture or about chiropractic for back pain, it’s they might have heard that many times. So how can you stand out as someone that, who is engaging and interesting has a different perspective to share? That’s not just about chiropractic is great and can be helpful and for your health. So for share why you are so passionate about this, share what your stance is, what is it that you.

Truly believe about our healthcare system or maybe about something related to health issues. For example, it could be a stance that you have about health issues, but it could also be for, we had a client of ours who feels that. So she actually helps people with weight loss and. Instead of just say go weight, instead of just talking about why she cares about helping women with weight loss, because it is so it’s just can make such a big difference clinically.

She also brings up. Her stance about how she believes that this country would be in a better place if there were more women in leadership roles and as such one of the challenges, though, it is women many times have to juggle a lot of different things, family, kids, and. And work and business and or in their leadership roles.

And it’s tough to sometimes it, health can fall to the wayside. And so then. Women aren’t available to truly be present and be, really be the best version of themselves. And so that is what inspires her. And that is what helps drive her in an eye to, that’s what drives her to help more women be able to be healthy and be able to be strong leaders because she believes that will really change, change.

The this country for the better. And so do you see how that might be perhaps even a little controversial or that might be something that not everybody would believe, but that brings a fresh perspective to a, what would be normally a very trite weight loss topic. So if you can bring that into the folds.

Of the conversation. When a you’re looking at getting booked first speaking opportunity, then it will make things more juicy and a host be more interested in booking it because you have a fresh perspective and not just the usual chiropractor can help. It’s great with posture and that kind of thing.

So the third key to booking more speaking opportunities and attracting patients from your speaking opportunity is to also have what’s called a speaker one sheet. So many chiropractors don’t have one or don’t have a good one in place. What it is it’s. Essentially a business card when you speak and so what should be on it and how do you actually make it compelling so that the place who may be interested in booking someone would look at your speaker one sheet and think, oh, we’ve got to book this person.

And having a good speaker. One sheet makes a big difference. When we work with our clients on this, that’s something that we get in place and it makes it so much easier. We’ve heard comments from our clients, so it makes it so much easier to get booked for speaking opportunities. So the other kinds key things that you’ll need, if you would like to not only educate people about chiropractic, but also to attract new patients to come from it.

Is having a way of not only educating, but also inspiring them to become new patients, which is a completely different skillset. What we might normally think about when, in terms of doing talks or educating is to it is very, it’s a, it’s very different than being able to do both.

and so how can you be inspiring? How can you be educating? How can you be motivating so that the audience sees that there is a different possibility and they recognize that you can help cause for, and for some of you. Also note having a good sense of where to get booked as well. So what are the best places to, to get booked at where you will be more likely to attract patients from your efforts and that really aligned with the kind of patients you would most like to attract?

So that way you’re not simply doing a lot of free public service and feeling like. How come people aren’t coming to me, I’d really like to help them. So for some of you speaking in front of and actually what I’ll do is I’ll give you the top 10 best places of where to speak and get patients Quickstart guide, if you want it.

And you can go to introverted visionary com slash so you can go to introverted Ford slash gift G I F. Virtual and gift virtual. So the you’ll get the top 10 best places to speak and get patients quick start guide. So you have a sense of what are some good places to spend your energy into that you’re not wasting your time on places that aren’t really the best kinds of places.

And then the other thing is for some of you, it might actually make sense to cuz have you ever thought about. Educating other providers, whether it’s medical doctors, whether it’s other holistic health practitioners or conventional medical practitioners, nurses, physical therapists And so psychologists are about what you could do because then they could be great sources of referrals for you for our clients.

Many times we just get one main talk in place, one signature talk in place they can use over and over again in front of whether it’s providers. Or potential patients, cuz imagine if you had even two or three providers sending you one or two referrals a week, what would that do for your practice? And you don’t need that many people referring.

You just need a couple of people who are your biggest champions, but how would they find out about you? How do they. Get to that point where they feel like, oh, I trust this person to refer. So it all helps when you have a structure and a framework for how to educate whether it’s, for example providers so that they would be comfortable with sending you referrals.

And then in that link that I gave you one hot tip that one of our clients did was also if this interests you, you could do it where you. Interview another practitioner, whether it’s a medical doctor or another kind of a practitioner, and that could be a start to a relationship. And if I, and so there’s a template there as far as a script for what to say and it’s helped our clients with getting that conversation going in terms of what to say to during the interview.

And that could be a first place of where you start that connection. And then you just need to have a system for getting things going so that the provider actually refers patients to. So to summarize today, we talked about the three keys to booking more speaking opportunities and. More patience into your practice so that you can educate more people about chiropractic and that they would know about you.

And if you wanted the download, then free download, go to introverted, virtual. And the three tips again are number one, having a good angle for getting your foot in the door and then, and especially why now is a good time to book you. Why not? Another time? Why specifically now? Number two is to.

Share more about your stance, share about why you’re super passionate about this, so that it differentiates you from other chiropractors who have an interest in doing talks, differentiates you from other holistic practitioners who wanna do talks in front of their audience too. And then. Number three is to have a good speaker, one sheet that does the selling for you.

So that when they see it, they feel like, oh, I’ve gotta book this person. And then additional tips that we talked about have to do with being able to have a signature talk in place that you don’t feel like you have to reinvent the wheel, but you could use to educate people and inspire new patients to come from it.

So do you have that in place? Do you know where to get booked and. If you’d like help with this, go ahead and reach out to introverted and book a free chat. See how we can help you further with that until next time.