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3 Quick Tips to Do a Talk Effectively to Get Patients to Schedule

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Do you wish more new patients were coming in the door, you are doing virtual talks or in, even in person talks in front of a small group of people right now, but how do you actually do a talk to get patients to schedule effectively? I’m also going to be sharing with you, even if you don’t do virtual talks, what’s a hot tip that you can put in place. If people are calling you by phone and wanting to schedule and, and where’s your front desk say, or, or how do you weave it into the conversation? You’re having to book more new patients. So this is Chen yen, you’re six and seven figure, practice, make over mentor at Your show host for ChiroSecure today. So let’s talk about, um, virtual speaking. And, you know, when you are limited by in person marketing, it’s such a great way to attract new patients in the practice, but let’s get right into, well, have you ever felt disappointed when you’ve done a, a talk before, but few people and people have been saying, oh, that was so helpful.

That was great. But then they’re not actually booking from the talk. And so, or even if people are calling you in your office and then what to say, so one key tip, I’ll give you three quick tips. The first tip is to actually break up what is the current show? What is the shortfall of the current approach they’re taking? So that might be, what’s a shortfall of the conventional medical approach. And talk about that. See, one mistake that many chiropractors make is to primarily just talk about, um, how you can help. But the challenge is if people aren’t really seeing the value of it and understanding the consequences of continuing to go down the path that they are right now, then they may not actually move forward with care. So the most important thing is to bring up whey is a shortfall of the conventional medical approach or the current path that they’re on right now and bring up, what’s frustrating about it and talk about it, then bring up what, um, is what could be different instead by using your approach.

So what, um, oh, before I mentioned that, uh, yeah, so, so what could be, what could be different instead by using your approach at meaning, um, giving people a high level clinical perspective of how it works. So it’s not just where well chiropractic care is better because it’s, you know, we need to focus the spine and things like that. It’s made people understand that if we do X, then Y will happen. So if we do X, um, XYZ approach, then it will be more effective. It will be longer lasting. It will be, um, it will actually get rid of the, the issue completely at the core, you know, whatever it might be that you’re helping them with or, uh, to highlight what that is about and then go into how you can help them. So that’s the number one tip. So this is actually a framework that I just mentioned to you, which can be used even in conversations when, when potential patients are calling your front desk, you know, if people are having a doubt about scheduling, then you could have them, um, bring up this thing in terms of, uh, what’s missing about the current approach and what are some, some approaches that, that are addressed in your clinic.

And, and also, you know, certainly you don’t want your front desk people to get into anything clinical. So that part you’re gonna leave out if your front desk is answering the phone, but at least bring up, you know, some of the shortfalls we’ve seen with, with conventional medical approach or the, uh, could actually be these couple areas. Um, but the I, what we find is that if we, if we dig into these things and, and have you come in and get seen by the doctor, uh, to identify with what those issues might be, then, then this’ll actually get better. Right? So that’s one way to go about it. The second hot tip about, uh, bring in more patients from your talks is to share why it is that you decided you created this offer. So why did you decide to put together your services or whatever it is that you’re you’re offering?

Um, more of the, the personal inspiration for that. So it may be it’s, it’s from your experience of this in the, in the past your personal experience of yourself going through that issue, or if you don’t have any experience with that, maybe it’s some personal experience that touched you when you saw someone else have that issue. Certainly think back to what was it that really inspired you, maybe what might’ve been, it’s not being, um, like a certain level of, of care standards that, that you saw. For example, we have a chiropractor client of ours who, um, he worked at, uh, he was an associate at another practice before he went out on his own and he, it was a high volume practice and he thought to himself, you know what, I wouldn’t take my mom here. And so that was part of his inspiration because, um, you know, people were just shuffled in and out and not really, she, he felt that they weren’t really being treated by, um, the practice as if, you know, really attentive kind of care to the patient.

So that is what inspired him to actually start the practice. And so that is an important thing to bring up about why you decided to, to start your practice, why you decided to make the services, the particular services available. So let’s say if it is nutrition services or, um, other kinds of, of services or stem cell, you know, what is the reason why you chose to, to add the additional offerings into your, your practice, uh, because such and such as such the personal story behind that, the inspiration behind the hind, uh, why you created, so that way people feel connected to, um, that purpose and, uh, of your practice beyond just because otherwise they could just go to anyone, would you say that’s true. They could go to any chiropractor. And I, it would just be pretty much the same in their minds. So I so see how you could build that connection and also stand out for them about why it is that you chose to offer this.

The third quick tip is, um, to give a limiter and a reason. So, you know, why give a limiter and from your talk and how to give it. So, cause one concern I often hear is, oh, I don’t, I really don’t want to be pushy. Uh, I’ve seen how it it’s taught out there and it’s like, you gotta be signing up today. And, and you start feeling like a used car salesman, sign up today or such and such, you know it, but you are doctors, you are not, um, youth Garcia and you don’t need to be either. So that can feel kind of inauthentic, uh, for those of you who, who are especially more introverted. Like I am, for example, too. Right. So, so, but how can you inspire people, uh, in a way that doesn’t feel pushy and when it comes to limit our, why limiter?

Because think about it. Have you ever had some kind of thing that you were interested in, but there wasn’t a deadline on it and then you just thought, oh, I’ll take care of there. I’ll do that when I get a chance to, and then weeks go by and you kind of forget about it has ever happened to you before. I know it’s happened to me before. I know it’s happened to a lot of people I’ve talked to before and that’s just natural, isn’t it? Because we all have busy lives. And so the time when people are most inspired when your audience is most inspired, is when they’re right there with you listening to you, whether it’s virtual or in person, not three days later, not a week later, not six months later, not a year later, but literally right then when they’re there with you in that moment.

And so how can you inspire them to actually do about it, um, there, but without feeling pushy. So one is giving limiter of it could be what kind of limiters could there be, and then how could it be not pushy? So limiters can be time-based limiters. It could be, you know, if, if he signed it today, then, then maybe they get a certain savings that they wouldn’t get elsewhere. Or if that’s kosher with the loss of your state. Um, or if it, it is a limit of X number of spots that you have set up for them in your calendar this week. So that could be Elim, uh, or it could be some kind of alert where, um, if they sign up today and then, uh, then they will also get something additional, which normally is not included. You, you end up offering. So now let’s talk about how to communicate that in such a way where it doesn’t feel pushy.

So there is actually this, this one about this, how there’s like a sleep on ones where, um, you know, there’s these people in it in line for a machine, right. And there’s a person who just cut in front of someone else and people in front of him were so mad. And then there’s another person who food just went up to the front and said, I, uh, I would, can I, you know, come in here because such and such and such, I guess what happened that person’s like, oh, sure. Right. And what was the difference? Because this person shared a reason why they wanted to cut. Right. So have you ever done this works really well, and for those of you at the airport too, have you ever been running late from the airport? Well, uh, okay. I confess I’ve, I’ve done this myself. Like I’m running late.

And then instead of just cutting in front of everybody in the front of the line, I bring up a reason about why, oh my gosh, my flight’s leaving in a couple of minutes. Can, can you please let me catch a plane? I really appreciate it. Right. So, so notice the difference if are cutting in line versus just versus sharing a reason. So when you bring up a limiter, share the reason for why you’re giving a limiter, for example, when, when we say, okay, there’s X, uh, I’ve set aside X spots in my calendar this week. Right. Um, so, and I want to make sure that because you took the time to be here today, I wanna make sure you’re taken care of. So notice that’s, that’s very authentic and isn’t pushy and, uh, whatever you end up saying, it needs to be in alignment with what you feel in your heart as well.

So with that four, I thought about what would help you in, um, if you’re wanting to do talks more effectively, because it’s just no fun. If you’re, if you’re sharing and you’re educating, you’re helping people, but then it’s, it just feels like three public service all the time. And, and the truth is, you know, people, don’t their health issues. Don’t become better just by listening to you talk, isn’t that true? Like they, they get better when they can actually come in and you can help them as their doctor. So that’s when I, if you are to have a more effective way to actually bring patients in the talk, then you can make a big difference. And so what else you need is, do you also have a good flow of your talk? So when I help our clients with this in our six-figure speaking system for introverts, we talk about what is the overarching thing flow of the talk?

Why? Because most of the decision about whether or not someone will decide to book with you happens even before the close of a talk, don’t get me wrong. The close is still really important. You could have a great talk and botch up the clothes, and then you will also have, um, very few new patients from it. But if you could actually have both, if you could have a good, uh, overarching flow of your talk, get one signature talk dialed in just one, not like three, like five, not more than that. You just need what you just need. One talk that brings in patients that you can give over and over again, and even put it on autopilot. You know, when you get the style, then you could literally have, now I doing this in a webinar format, have it on autopilot, working for you when you are sleeping, when you’re eating dinner with your family, when you are, um, resting, I just relaxing, right?

So you don’t actually have to be there if totally even put it on autopilot. Imagine having something on autopilot, bring new patients in the door. So if you’d like help with that. And then I also decided to give you what are some top 10 best places to speak and get patients quick-start guide right now, virtually right now, even, right. So you don’t have to necessarily feel like your hands are tied right now. And the things that you used to do, aren’t really working as well. Like either you could totally expand your reach this way. And so I’m going to give that to you. And, um, you can also request to book a free chat with us to see how we can help you grow faster. So go to introverted forward slash gift virtual. So again, it’s introverted forward slash gift virtual. So go there right now and then get the free downloads, um, and a template that I’m, I’m also making sure you’re going to be able to get ahold of, to help you with, with Brainware patients in their virtual, um, talks. And, and also you can do this in person. So that way you’re really helping more people who need you. So, uh, to you waking up the planet and to hear you helping where people who need you and making good money while doing it the introverted way.