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3 Simple Tips: More Patients & Cashflow During the Holidays

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I think it’s slow during the holidays, or maybe it’s quite busy, but then after the holidays, people fall off the bandwagon, they drop off care. Isn’t that frustrating? This is Chen Yen and your six and seven figure practice make-over mentor and hosts that today shows so welcome. And today I’m going to share with you three.

Tips, simple tips to help you with bringing in more patients and cashflow during the holidays. I’m also going to be giving you something that you can copy and paste that when it worked for one of our clients and bring in 14 new patients, I thought, what if it could even just work for bringing one more new patient into your practice?

How would you be like that? So I’m gonna make sure to give that to you by the end of our show, TAs. As far as tip number one. So I’m going to share with you some very practical tips and maybe even you might think, oh I’ve heard that before, but guess what? If you’re not doing it, the question is not like, all right, have I heard it before?

The question is, are you doing it? And when do you put it in place in your practice, it’s going to help. So the first tip houses you with. The situation of whether you have insurance or not. So I’ll, if you do have insurance, then one possible way to increase patients during the holidays is to highlight that to your patients.

Bring it up in your visits, email your patients about it, have it up on your website, bring up how use up your insurance before the end of the year before your insurance runs out at the end of the year. So that’s one simple hot tip that if you haven’t put in your marketing, if you haven’t put it, sent it out by email reminder or mention it to your patients, great to remind them another tip related to this is if you.

Don’t accept insurance, then what can you do? So even if patients are a possibility of some of your patients are easing HSA accounts. And they don’t necessarily have to be. You don’t necessarily have to be a part of insurance plan and everything, but then they could use their HSA account as long as they’re spending it on qualified medical expenses.

And so one possibility is in your marketing, you can be bringing that up too, or you can bring it up verbally to people. Hey, if you have an HSA or know someone who has an HSA, it’s good, T eight, you can use it before the new. And certainly as a H S aides don’t have to be spent before the end of the year, but you could still bring it up as you could use it before the end of the year.

Because think about the things that you’re reminded of and then end up doing when you’re reminded of it. So the second simple tip to bring in more patients during the holiday. So you have more people to help is. To reach out to them in different ways for, because they are likely distracted by lots of different things.

Would you agree even yourself, would you agree that there’s just so much going on sometimes during the holidays and different things, getting your attention and sometimes taking care of yourself may fall to the wayside because you’re so busy taking care of other things, other people gifts and all kinds of things.

And. How can you stand out when people are really busy and distracted is to reach them in other ways than you typically would, for example, do you currently reach out to your patients by text and or even if you do currently, then what could you text them that could bring in could make them think about, oh, I could come in or even.

Be referring people. Would you like to have an exact copy and paste template that you can send out by text? Or even if you don’t have texts, you can send out by email and it could bring in more patients into your practice when you’re feeling slow or Be attracting more referrals into your practice.

And this actually works anytime during the year, even aside from holidays, but especially during the holidays when people might be busy and they’re more likely to actually see a text versus respond to an email. So click on the link, I’m going to pop the link below. Click on it and get the free copy and paste templates that you can use right away to help support you bringing in or patients into your practice this week.

So that’s the second hot tip. And then the third hot tip is one possibility is to also look at what are. Ways to connect with your patients during this time that could remind them of you and also be an appreciation of them as a patient. So one thing that you may have heard, but then I’m going to share with you something you likely wouldn’t have hurt as much of as well that you can put in place that would bring in more patients and referrals.

So at one thing you may have heard of thought about is, oh, okay. Maybe I could Send my patients on a personal note and thanking them for being a part of your mission and your, and that it’s been, a joy to help them. And then you could also in that know, decide if it makes sense for you or not, perhaps to Give them the opportunity to give a gift to their someone they know.

So what does this look like? So it could be, maybe it’s a free initial exam. Maybe it’s a something that is. Beneficial and could help their friends or family members. So that way you can include that within your notes. So it’s a personal, has a personal feel to it, and it can remind a patient of yours to share what, how you can help people with other people they know.

So another possibility is, have you ever thought about. What if you were to be getting referrals, patient referrals from other practitioners, whether it’s medical doctors, other holistic health practitioners, acupuncturists, naturopathic doctors, functional medicine, practitioners, health coaches, massage therapists.

What if they could be sending you referrals into your practice? So some of you may have begun, may have gotten referrals already, and some of you would like to develop a relationship. With providers for referrals. So if you already have referral relationships and this could be good opportunity to appreciate that relationship and and then mentioned something in there about looking forward to working together.

Improve patient outcomes together, in, in the new year. And so when you do that, I can help remind the provider who’s been referring you patients to even send more patients as well. And it’s just a nice gesture of appreciation. And for those of you who would like more effective ways, especially related to providers in terms of what if you could actually.

Three referrals a week from a medical doctor. What if you had two providers sending you one or two referrals a week? That’s still as up, and or three providers sending you one or two referrals a week. What would that do for your practice? But what if you don’t already have those relationships with the providers right now?

What can you do? And so I actually get into that in my free training or my free masterclass on. How to, what’s worked for a lot of our clients to bring in a consistent flow of patients through medical doctors and other kinds of practitioner referrals. And you can go to www dot, get more M D

So it’s If you would like further help on that. Now let’s talk about the another key way to. I’m going to actually give you some bonus tips. How would you like to have a couple of owners tips that you could use to be bringing in more patients in cashflow during the holiday?

So now a bonus tip is because this is something that I hear from a lot of chiropractors is. People get busy around the holidays. They aren’t able to keep up the routine of their treatments and visits, or maybe they go out of town or just aren’t able to fit in their schedule. So they tell you that they’ll book when their schedule opens up.

And what happens has that ever happened to you before, where they tell you that? And then. They don’t book. And then you feel like your front desk is in the mode of having to connect with your patients and then they may not get ahold of them. And then after a few weeks, it they just seem like they’re fucking, and then after a month they’ve seemed to have dropped off care.

Has that ever happened to you before? So what can you do with this? Especially during the holidays. It’s a very simple thing that. Help people be less likely to fall off the bandwagon that your patients, what it is ’cause what happens? What happens at the, currently with your fear process? Do you currently suggest that they book an appointment after this visit and then they go to the front desk and then when the front desk person says, Hey, let’s get you scheduled.

And they’re like I’d have to look at my schedule. I don’t have it with me. And then they. So this one simple gesture can help increase the chances of them booking it then and there, or pay more attention to it even afterwards as well. What is it? It’s to walk up to the front with your patient and then say directly to the front desk person and to your point.

This is a key say, directly to the front desk and your patient, and look at them in the eye, look at your patient in the eye and say, I want to see you next week, or I want to see you X date, right? I want to see you within these few days of this week or whatever it is, and look them in the eye and say that you to make sure you get.

And then tell that also to the front desk person who is booking, because have you ever noticed that even if you were going to see a doctor and your doctor. Says something to you very directly and with emphatically, right? How would you take that in versus if a front desk person just said, Hey, let’s get you booked.

So you’ll probably likely have more put more weight to whatever the doctor said to you. So same thing when you are. Making that connection with your patients to, to encourage them to just stick with it. And this is a tip you could use outside of the holidays and especially around the holidays, as people are really busy.

And as far as a. Final tip. There are a couple, I think they’ll give you a couple of bonuses that we’ll see. So go ahead and like this if you’re finding this helpful, go ahead and like this comment below. What if you’ve experienced what I’ve talked about so far and any, if you find it hard.

So also make sure you get the templates too. So the template, the free copy and paste, you could just swipe it, copy and paste it and send it out by text or email to help you bring in more patients and even referrals during the holidays, click on the link below. It’s a, if you’re just listening to this and it’s a new patients introverted way for slash templates.

So new patients introverted wait for it. New patients introverted forward slash templates. Okay. So let me give you another bonus tip and their bonus tip is to send out a special holiday offer. So you might’ve thought about this before. But. I may share with you something that might be a little different than you’ve thought about before.

Cause maybe you’ve heard about, oh, maybe we’ll give a free, screening or initial exam or something or frame of thought, something like that for a holiday offer or maybe gift certificate, kinda a holiday offer depending on what else you’ve got grown in the practice and what’s going on with the laws of your state and profession.

And also if you accept insurance or not, and make sure you take these things into consideration, so you might’ve thought about doing something special during the holidays for your patients. What you may not have thought of before is, what if coming up here, maybe not now. Exactly, but what if during the new year you had, cause have you ever had people asking you the same things over and over again?

You feel like you’re repeating yourself to your patients? What if you were to put that. Helpful information and education into something that you can sell and that’s even automated. And so for example, we have clients right now who are offering detox programs or online programs, weight loss related, and doing a group way.

And then getting people signed up for it. So imagine not having to trade time for money, imagine being able to create something. And have people benefit from it over and over and over again. And those are the kinds of holiday offers that our clients are actually putting in place and making available to their patients and clients right now, not just with Hollie offers related to chiropractic care or functional medicine.

If those of you are into that, or, not just that with trading time for money, because if you’re still trading time for many years, still trading time for. Great. So what if in the new year you could have something like that in place that you could offer. These are some of the things that we help our clients with.

For more six and seven figure practice make-over tips, go to introverted, And that way you can benefit from some of these things that we’re talking about today and take it further here because it you’re able to help more people and reach more people at once when you have. It’s a system in place that supports you, generating new patients and cash flow.

Even during times when it gets slow, whether it is during the holidays or not. With that, I look forward to seeing you on our next show.