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3 Ways to Bring in New Patients & Income from an Online Course

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Do you find yourself repeating the same things over and over again to your patients and they don’t always remember all of it. Those things that are lifestyle change kinds of things that could really help them outside of your adjustments or your treatments, or however way you’re working with them.

What if you could put it together in a way that helps you. Be able to reach more people beyond just your patient base and make money from it. So we’re going to be talking about that today. I’m Chen Yen, your 6 and 7-figure Practice Make-over Mentor @, and your host for ChiroSecure’s show today.

So let’s talk about the three way. You can bring in new patients and another stream of income in your practice through an online course. So let’s talk about first, what are the different ways? And then I’ll give you a, an immediate step you could take to, to get the ball rolling with this. So the first thing is that.

What is a way that you can incorporate in your brick and mortar practice, this so many of you have a brick and mortar practice, but then some of you also have a virtual component to your practice, or perhaps you have a functional medicine practice and it’s fully virtual. So let’s first talk about the brick and mortar practice with it image there.

So that’s going to come up on your screen in just a moment here. So the first thing is that. First way is you could actually use an online course to be an avenue where your current patients already, who already trust you and like you and benefiting from. So just think about this. How many times a day, might you say something to your patients and maybe it only takes five minutes.

Let’s just say you own, you had just eight patients for the day. That’s an extra half an hour. You’re spending on explaining something to a patient. What if you were able to put that into an online course and have people actually purchase that and learn from it so that you can get further within your.

Either, you don’t have to say those things, or you could just take your treatments further and. So that’s one possibility. And how much time would that save you in a week? If you had 30 minutes a day saved, that is 150 minutes a week. That’s over two hours of in your week, you could be saving. What could you be doing with two hours of your time?

Could you be sleeping in more? Could you be based spending time with your family more? Could you be doing other things that would help the practice grow more? Could you be on relaxing and doing. Hobbies and things that you enjoy. Could you get home a little bit earlier? And also, so that’s really amazing when you could put something, your knowledge and expertise in one thing and then sell it to your patients.

We’ve had clients who’ve done that where that’s, they don’t feel like they want to reach, spend too much time on creating online course and then offering it to people beyond their patient base. So all they do is that they just have their existing patients benefit from. One or two online courses that, that they create and make available for their patient base.

In terms of how much you could charge for an online course, and then we’re going to talk about the second one on that image there in just a moment here, but as far as how much to charge for an online course, you could charge anywhere between. It could be like 50 bucks. It could be up to even a couple hundred dollars or even a thousand dollars or more.

It really just depends on what exactly you’re offering and who you’re offering it to as well as is this something that really helps someone with a practical issue that they’re having. And so when I say that it could be, you could charge over a thousand dollars and What you could charge and get depends on three main factors.

One is your confidence level in, in offering it to is how are you talking about it? So people get it and they appreciate the value of it. And they see the need to actually get this, to help them. And three, are you in front of the people who really need what you have to offer? So when you have those things in place, then you could charge what you would like to charge and get it, which is why there’s a range of what you could charge.

And people are getting it day in and day out, including our clients. And as it relates to the. Beyond a thousand dollars. So see, you could offer an online course in front of potential patients, and then you could also offer it in front of providers. Have you ever thought about that? The things that you have figured out over the years, whether it’s clinically or maybe even workload flow efficiency wise, have you ever thought about.

When you first started practicing, you didn’t really know what was going on and you’re trying to figure things out and you maybe have had figured it out, or you had purchased things that helped you and then you tweaked things and then now it works better than it did before. Even that could be so useful.

Imagine having those things from. And so other chiropractors and other practitioners could benefit from the things you figured out with efficiency or with clinical training that you can put together in an online course and an offer. Things like that, you can many times charge over 500 or a thousand or even more so let’s have a look back at that image in terms of the other possibility and.

Let’s talk also about option one for a moment. So you can either have oh actually. Okay, so let’s talk about option two. So option two is that you could use an online course in your brick and mortar practice to. Attract new patients to it. Would you like to have another source of an avenue of bringing in patients because what you’re doing in the past and we’re right now, isn’t working as well as you would really like it to be, or you just know that.

Whatever you’re doing now that it’s probably going to become more limited down the road. For example, things like running Facebook ads or different kinds of ads, there’s just more competition there. And and also the ad costs are rising. Have you noticed that if you’ve ever, if you have been running things like Facebook ads and.

It’s time to diversify. Otherwise you might find yourself in a spot where you counted on this as being a flow, a way of you getting patients and it’s not happening. And then it you’re you’re actually panicking. So before you get to that place, what if you had another avenue that could educate and help people?

Get them comfortable with you, and then they become your patient. So that is option number two, which is you would actually have an online course that either people pay for, or there is actually a school of thought where you could just give it out for free. And why is this? Because, back in the day, when can you remember back to when things like getting on people’s emails lists with oh, this is so cool.

We can get updates and emails this like 20 years ago. But the internet was totally more new with everybody getting used to the eBooks and things like that. You would put your name and email and you thought it was the coolest thing. And now when you see your name and email and you’re like, oh wait, do I really want that thing?

And so then now a days it may not be think about all the people who might come to your website. Did you know that the large majority of people who come to your website come and leave and never come back again and all that, that, that work either that you put into it happening because you’re paying someone for SEO to get them there, or that it’s just working for you.

It’s a lot of people don’t end up coming in and they never come back. What if you were able to develop a relationship with those people in such a way that they ended up becoming more ready to work with you, or they might even refer. Did you know that there’s a study done on this. And it’s like the large majority of people who inquire about something don’t always end up moving forward right away, right there.

There’s definitely a number of percentage that will, but there’s also a pretty decent sized percentage that won’t yet. Right now. So what if you could develop that trust? And by the way, it doesn’t have to be very long because I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably thinking, oh that’s it just seems like it’s a lot of work.

Why don’t we just do a video, like a one little video and that’s already good enough or why don’t I just give them some free handout or something like that. So you can certainly do that. But what do you think might be more valuable to someone maybe something that might be just like, even if it’s just a one or two.

Short thing, short part thing, right? Like it could even be like two minutes long for each one. Let’s just say you had two or three, two minute long things that would really help. Just as an example. It’s if you’re sitting in their desk all day and then and your neck is achy and your back feels like it’s just, it hurts.

Right? And what can you, what are some simple, like one minute thing or 32nd thing that you can do in your desk every morning or. Just being able to work at, in someone’s routine. Would that be valuable for someone that would be amazingly valuable through someone? And so you could keep it really short and then they would be giving you their contact info to get that thing.

The kind of trust they would develop with that with you. It’s something like that would likely be much more than if they were to just see an ad or some social media posts about you. Would you agree? So this is also great for being able to attract referrals into the practice as well. Have you ever thought about this?

How people. We’ll likely never come see you, but maybe their friend is complaining about how their their head hurts or their neck hurts or aches and backwards. And so when you have this course, whether it’s free or paid available, then they could also refer to other people and you can make money from it.

That is another option for you. And in terms of the getting, I feel like there’s something that’s been mentioned about the the online course side of things as it relates to what can you do so that oh, yes, that’s right. Because one of the biggest stumbling blocks that I see with getting an online course up and running is the time factor.

So let’s have a look at this first. How much money can you actually make from an online course? So if you actually had 20 people in it and they were paying you 50, sorry, if you had 20 people in it and they’re paying up 50 bucks, right? 20 times 50 is a thousand dollars. Could you do with an extra thousand dollars a month in your practice?

What about if you were to charge $500, 500 times 20 is what. Could you do with an extra, write it out yourself, right? Whether it’s $10,000 a month in, in your practice. Here’s the thing about those of you who might feel like, oh, this sounds cool, but I just don’t have the time. And what about the text stuff?

What, how do I actually get people interested in signing up? So here’s the thing about the time factor is that one common mistake, a lot of chiropractors and other holistic health practitioners in functional medicine practitioners make when wanting to offer an online course is just never getting.

It’s I was actually hosting call the other night on the steps too. So the secrets to creating an online course and getting it off within 14 days. And I asked, how long have you been thinking about having an online course for guess? What people think. Two years was the average of what people were writing down two years.

So would you rather be someone who is thinking about it and two years later it still hasn’t happened or would you rather be someone who’s just done 14 days and it’s off the ground? 40 days is actually concerned. It’s actually on the conservative side, you can get it done in two or three.

I’m talking about even getting people signed up for it within the. How many of you would love to have your online course created and making money from it? Even in that timeframe when that be nice. So as far as the first thing to think about is the most chiropractors and functional medicine practitioners, haven’t.

In terms of the order in which they are going about creating their online course and then getting the word out there about it. So this is something that I talk about in a free masterclass, and I also make sure to give you the 14 day launch plan so that you can actually get this going in that timeframe without you feeling like it’s going to take up a lot of time.

And without you feeling like. Stuck. And then then you just put it off till later. We had a client of ours who texted us during COVID times and she said, Hey, I’m so glad we got this in place before. COVID because right now other people are panicking. And I actually have people who are benefiting from the online course and making money from it.

The best time to have gotten in places yesterday. And the next best time is now. So let me give you the link to the free masterclass and you’ll also get the 14 day launch plan, not just launch plan, but launch and get paid plan. What would that look like? So you can go to. Out of the box, forward slash online course.

Again, you can go to out of the box, for slash online course, and then check that out and then get, you’ll be getting the 14 day launch plan and launch and get paid Flynn. When you go there as well. I look forward to hearing about your success with getting something off the ground.

We also talk about in there, we talk about what kind of platforms to use so that you don’t have to be getting bogged down by the tech stuff or feel like you, you Get stuck because you don’t really want to get involved with hiring somebody for tech stuff. We talk about that.

We also talk about how do you decide what topic to actually create your online course on how do you vet it so that people the first steps are being able to vet it so that people would want to pay for it. And and then I also share with you the. Unconventional launch plan that I is that I recommend from having experienced over 20 years of experience in the online world and and helping a lot of our clients with getting things going online, including with online courses and groups.

So that way you can either have a component to your practice that brings in another stream of income online. Or even brings in new patients into your brick and mortar practice, or for those of you who might have functional medicine practices and have a virtual practice, fill that up also more with new patients and clients.

So with that go to out of the box, forward slash online course and check it out and get your 14 day lunch plan. And until next time.