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3 Ways to Get More Cash Patients – Chen Yen

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Are you tired of dealing with the hassles of insurance and all the paperwork sometimes not getting paid and, and, uh, you’re getting paid less than you were in the past, perhaps, or maybe you’re already half a cash based practice, but you would like to have more patients, more new patients come into the practice. So you’re definitely in the right place. We’re going to talk about the three ways to get more cash patients into your practice. This is Chen Yen, your six and seven figure practice make-over mentor And I’m your host today for the ChiroSecure show. So let’s talk about what are the three ways, so you can use them right away in your practice to start to bring in patients that you enjoy working with, where you don’t have to, um, have these headaches of, of insurance. So as we do that, I’d like for you to type in the chat below, are you currently a cash based practice fully, or do you still accept insurance?

Go ahead and type that in the chat below. So number one way is how are you take to bring more pack cab cash patients in the door is looking at well? How are you actually educating your patients about your cash services in the practice? For example, it’s, it’s amazing to me, the, um, even for example, when I went to a, a chiropractic office, once myself, it was a, um, I went for more of a facial there because they had had that those services, they also had massage. They also had some other service offerings, which I didn’t really know about. And then they had the chiropractic side. And what I noticed about this was I kind of heard about the other parts of the practice, but I didn’t really understand the different service offerings. And yet I’ve been to this place more than a few times.

Right. And so this happens quite often, as I’ve talked to many chiropractors, many times they’ll bring up how they have other services like nutrition, spinal, decompression, or other kinds of, of cash based services within the practice. And then when I asked them, well, what are you letting people, how are you letting people know about these other services? What, what is your specific approach for doing that? And usually what I hear is that there isn’t a specific approach to educating patients about those services. So that’s the first question I would ask yourself with that. And so, uh, is there area of opportunity to let, let your patients know more about those offerings? So how can you let them know in such a way that they actually would want to pay you for those services? And that way you don’t hear that? Oh, I can’t afford it, or, oh, that’s out of pocket.

Oh, I don’t think I can do that. Right. So, um, here is one framework from the consistent patients formula for introverts. This comes from our consistent patients, make over mentorship for introverts. And, um, this is how you can bring it up. You can say, first, you could talk about what are the frustrations or challenges with that particular health issue they’re experiencing. Then you can bring up what is the current approach of addressing those issues and what have been the shortfall. So, so think about the conventional approach to addressing that particular health issue. What are some of the shortfalls of that and bring that up, then bring up, what’s missing about that approach, you know, in terms of what related to the shortfall, what are some things that are missing perhaps clinically that could be of benefit to the patient. And finally then bring up how to actually, um, have this happen more, um, how to, how to get to the desired outcome through your approach in a more like how this, your approach would help support that. Whether it’s a good adjunct, whether it’s actually more effective, whether it is longer lasting, whether it could actually take less time to heal. So what our fruit is that your approach can really help people with to explain it in that way. So that’s one helpful framework of how to talk to your patients. So they actually understand, uh, [inaudible] dying and dead. Um, my right now battery battery, um,

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So the second way to be bringing in more cash patients is a tactical approach in terms of bringing in new patients into your practice. And we’re going to talk about that also with a third way as well. And so the second way is an anyway, before we get into this tactical approach, I also want to say, say that in terms of, I, you having your patients take you up on your cash based services, then you also need to have a good, uh, way of addressing different concerns. Like, oh, uh, I want to do this, but I can’t afford it. So how, what kind of, um, what do you say to that so that they don’t just your patients, don’t just bring that up and then not move forward with care, even though it could be beneficial for them. So if you’d like that in terms of what to actually say and a script for that that’s been working well for our chiropractor clients and feel free to just private message us and, um, and then happy to give that to you.

So for listening to this right now, so you can private message us or, or comment below that you want it, and then we’ll, we’ll, uh, reach out to you and give it to you. Um, or you could go to introverted and then son go to the about, and then the contact page, and then request it from us, happy to give it to you. Okay. So the tactical ways, let’s talk about second way to get more cash patients into the practice. So one reason why not as many cash patients are coming in yet is because they don’t really understand how you can help them. Um, and if they so see that what you offer is similar to another chiropractor who covers things, their insurance, then, then there’s just could be less of a reason to come to you. So how can you actually educate people about the benefits of, of your cash based services and have them see you as the go-to chiropractor in your area where it’s like you are the one people will want to go see, because you’re the best, or you were just really good at, at doing this particular thing.

Right? Whatever the cash based services are. So in order to do that, you might think, well, okay, how do I get the word out? So you might think, Hm, maybe I should, should, um, do ads. Maybe I should go network with people that, all those things, um, even if you do them, well, it still doesn’t help. You get seen as a go-to chiropractor. It’s still you. Um, it’s almost like you going out there and saying, Hey, I’m here kind of thing, right? Like with ads and with networking. So, uh, one avenue to help you get seen in a different limelight, as an expert, as a go-to clinic in your area is to educate through speaking. And so, because when you are able to actually educate patients and when they also get to experience to see if they resonate with you, they’re more likely to decide that they want to work with you because they feel connected to you and be willing to pay cash as well.

When they really understand the benefits of what you offer versus someone else who’s Jay who accepts insurance. So during these times, what’s really cool is cause some of you might, might have spoken before you might’ve done talks in person. Some of you may not have done it ever. And what is really cool right now is that people are more open to learning about things online. So you could be doing these things virtually you don’t even have to leave the house. So for example, you could actually just do one webinar to educate people about what you have to offer, but how do you actually get people to attend it one great way to get, to actually have people attend. It is by you speaking in front of different kinds of organizations. So you don’t have to spend the time or the energy trying to get people to show up to your webinar, but rather you can, um, get automatically get seen as a go-to chiropractor as an expert when you are speaking, because they’re hosting you.

So we just need to get your foot in the door or in front of those opportunities to be speaking. So, uh, as a matter of fact, I just had a, a client of ours do that this past week. And she, she did a talk, it was in front of a small audience. Actually. It was like 10 people. And she had, um, she had like three people sign up for her cash based services that were over $1,600. So not bad for hopping on for a half hour webinar. Right? So then you just need to have a, um, you just need a couple of key things. You need one a talk that not only educates and, uh, not only educates, but also inspires new patients that come from it because it’s a different skillset to just be educating and lecturing, that kind of thing versus to educate and also inspire new patients to come from it.

So you just need one top. You don’t need like 10 or five or even two. You just need one talk that you can give over and over again, that brings in patients. Also once it’s actually working, you could actually put it on autopilot. That’s the coolest thing you can, it can be automated. So even when you’re eating, even when you’re sleeping, even when you’re spending time with your family and your kids and your friends, um, you’re that webinars is doing the talking for you and bring those patients in the door. So that’s one avenue that can help you with bringing in more cash patients. You can go to our website. Also, we had there’s additional training about that free training, um, about how our clients have been getting anywhere between 10 and 26 new patients a month through speaking virtually and go to introverted

Okay. So third tactical tip is to look at, um, one under-tapped avenue of bringing cash patients in the door. What is it? It’s also really good if even if you still step into occurrence and it’s an approach that it’s one of those few approaches where you could put it in place once and be getting referrals for years to come like new patients for years to come, what is it is to actually receive referrals from medical doctors or other practitioners, other holistic practitioners. It doesn’t even have to be medical doctors. For those of you who are kind of concerned about, well, medical doctors will refer, but in any case medical doctors, they actually have thousands of patients in their practices. And then you would be willing to refer if they actually knew about you and if they trusted in how help them. So, um, the having come from the experience of having worked with many medical doctors in my career, I’ve worked in the outpatient setting hospital setting.

I’ve worked, I’ve been behind the scenes of the FDA and at Merck, I’ve seen what actually gets doctors to want to refer and what doesn’t. So it can really give you the shortcuts to that as we have been doing for our chiropractor clients. So as a, um, uh, I mean, imagine even if you had three MDs sending you one or two referrals a week, what would that do for your practice? And you don’t actually need that many referrals. You just need a couple of MBAs who are your biggest champions. And, but then, you know, some of you might be thinking, well, I don’t know that they will refer. They’re kind of skeptical about chiropractic or maybe they see me as competition, so they’re not going to refer. So here’s the thing. Most medical doctors are also looking after what can be beneficial for their patients.

They’re also looking for bettering outcomes of their patients. Is everyone gonna refer? No, unfortunately not every medical doctor, um, believes in chiropractic, but that’s exactly why it’s up to you to educate them. Because if you not, you then who, and also, um, you don’t, you still don’t need that many medical doctors refer, right? We’ve worked out the numbers earlier. If you had three providers sending you one or two referrals a week, or even two providers sending you one or two referrals a week, that adds up doesn’t it. And so, um, one important thing is how you’re communicating the efficacy as well. It’s a safety because many times, one reason in order to, to get more referrals from medical doctors and need understand why you might not be getting as many referrals as you could be. One reason why you may not be getting as many referrals as you could be, is because of their concern for safety.

And they’re concerned about lawsuits these days. So if they refer to you and they don’t, they don’t really understand too about it. And then it’s harmful for the patient and it goes back on them, then they’re really concerned. So how are you approaching them to help them feel comfortable? So all the way from, so this is one of the mistakes that a lot of chiropractors make when wanting to develop relationships with medical doctors is not really having a strategy or plan. It’s just like, oh, let me just reach out. And then, oh, I build a good connection. Oh, they should start referring. But how has that work before? And so if you actually had more of a plan, like what, what being prepared first, who to actually reach out to. So for those of you who feel like you’re concerned that Andy’s won’t refer, you could reach out to MDs who have concierge based practices who already have cash based practices.

And that way their patients are used to also paying out-of-pocket and, um, and the medical doctor is, is also many times I could be awesome. More open-minded about things too. Right? So that’s, that’s the first step deciding who to actually reach out to, and remember that you can also reach out to nurse practitioners or PA’s for example, uh, we have clients who are nurses and nurse practitioners, and they say, Hey, don’t forget about us. We’re actually easier to get in with, and then medical doctors. So don’t limit yourself to medical doctors. There are all kinds of practitioners who could be referring people to you or even acupuncturist or naturopathic doctors. So that’s the first step is to decide who, who would, would, would make the most sense to develop relationships with. Then, then the next step is to then, um, reach out, like, how are you going to get past the gatekeepers?

How do you approach doctors? And when you actually do an up having that opportunity to connect, and then number three, how are you, how are you progressing things forward so that you start getting referrals sooner rather than later, that way you’re not in a place where you feel like it went well, but you’re still wondering, huh? When are they going to start referring? It’s been like a week, it’s been a month nothing’s really happening. Right? So really having systems in place that support that. And these are things that, that are part of our consistent patients, um, formula for introverts that our clients tap into and plug into to, to get those doctor referrals happening sooner rather than later. And, um, so for those of you who would like a headstart on this, as far as your first step towards getting more doctor referrals or, or be getting more, um, cash based and cash patients through educating and speaking, but you’re not really sure how to go about it, then feel free to go to introverted,, check out our free training, and then, uh, I’ll help you, you know, we’ll help take this further for you.

And for those of you who are in a place where you feel like you’re at a plateau and you just know you’re capable of so much more and you would like to be, um, making a good income while helping more people, because that just makes you feel good. And you really want to have a practice you’re proud of, then feel free to also go to introverted and then, um, book in for a free chat with us and happy to see how we can help you grow faster. And for next week, stay tuned to Dr. Walter Sanchez as host. So with that, see you soon and go, go to to take this further.