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3 Ways to Get More Provider Referrals

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Is getting constant flow of patients, a challenge when one avenue dries that you could really feel the dip, inpatient numbers and income. When, what are the best avenues to be attracting patients? It’s good to have more than one. One that you’re relying on counting on. And one way to do that is by getting more referrals from providers, this is Chen Yen, your six and seven figure practice make-over and your host of our ChiroSecure show.

Today, today, we’re going to talk about three ways to get more provider referrals so that you can focus on seeing patients and not worry so much about where you’re going to actually find them and how. So getting referrals from providers is a great avenue because many times patients, if they’ve heard about you through someone they already trust, then they’re more likely to start care and follow through with it.

Also, there are different kinds of practitioners. You could be getting referrals from. Resulting in you having to do less marketing, for example, you could be getting referrals from medical doctors, other kinds of practitioners as well. Let’s just talk about medical doctors. Medical doctors have thousands of patients in their practices, and many would be willing to refer if they knew about you and trusted in you.

In terms of with other practitioners there also remember there are other kinds of providers, aside from medical doctors, there are nurses, nurse practitioners. I have clients who are nurses and nurse practitioners, and they say, Hey, you don’t forget about us. It’s actually easier to get ahold of us.

And so PAs, I also. PT, even though some of you may feel like they might see us as competition. If you are able to communicate what is, what you could do, that’s different from what they can do for their patients. They’re still an opportunity to get referrals that way too. There are also different kinds of providers, even, even Psychologists and psychiatrists, primary care kinds of providers, and some of you who are doing more specialty kinds of things.

For example, you’re in pediatric chiropractic or functional medicine or nutrition, there are all kinds of. At different types of providers, you could also be reaching out to for referrals. And imagine if you, even, if you remember, I mentioned that medical doctors have thousands of patients in their practices.

Even if you were to be getting imagined three referrals a week from two to three providers, what would that do for your practice? Because that adds up doesn’t it? Three referrals from two providers is six patients a week. Or even if, if you had three providers only sending you

as far as. How do you find the ones who would prefer and how do you make that contact with them? So let me share with you three ways that you may not have thought of before, or even if you have, you might not have thought of in this particular way, the first way is to. This is actually something that a client of mine did and he had his associate reach out on next door.

So that next door, for those of you who are new to it is an app where you can come, you can connect with other people in your neighborhood about different kinds of things. And so he had his associate reach out to, to the. Actually it’s not two providers in next door, but rather the people in the neighborhood and ask them, who do you like to see for XYZ?

So for example, one of the providers was, was a massage therapist. They asked about another one was the PT. So he asked people, they asked him that he, it was actually a, she is the associate asked. People through next door, which is an online app and found out who people like as practitioners and then reached out to those practitioners and mentioned that they heard from other people in the neighborhood that, that they.

They were brought up as being well liked and, and wanted to, to discuss the possibility for, for mutual referrals and collaboration. And so that is one way in terms of finding providers to reach out, to to develop referral relationships with, and then it goes beyond that. So what do you do after that?

After you make that connection so that they start. Sending you referrals. So now the second way of getting. Referrals from providers is working really well. We had a chiropractor client of ours start doing this and he would actually get a because do you ever feel like how am I going to get in touch with these providers?

They’re busy too, especially MDs. What will make them want to even talk to me? Or maybe I’ve had an experience before where I tried to reach out and they never, it was like crickets or they didn’t call back or connect back or the front desk is trying to screen you out. So either, have you ever had these kinds of concerns or maybe you’ve experienced it before and then you felt the storage?

There are different ways to, to navigate around that. So you’re not having to do. Go to the gatekeeper who, whose job is to screen you out. So one way is to reach out by LinkedIn to develop that connection. A chiropractor client of ours did exactly that and he would get using a script. It there’s, he would get the.

Literally just copy paste, write script, and then he would get these opportunities to meet up with the medical doctors via zoom was mainly how he was doing it. So then that way he was able to develop the relationship with that provider starting from, from a zoom meeting. And then, know, you can also certainly propose connecting in person as well.

That’s a second way that you can reach out to providers as well. The, and then again, you just need to have a process in place that supports getting those referrals, because it’s one thing to for them to know about you in another, for them to start sending patients to consistently. So in terms of the, and also like this, if you, if you’re finding this helpful, so as far as the third way to actually get more referrals from providers. So the third way to get more referrals from providers is to, this is a great way to go around the gatekeepers. See one of the. Reasons why perhaps you, if you have started a relationship with a provider and you even felt like, oh, we got along really well.

They seem to really click and they seem to like what I have to say, I, and they said, oh, we’ll send you referrals. And, and, or, or maybe they didn’t, whatever, either one of those situations. The end result is you’re not getting referrals or you’re not getting as many referrals as you’d like, maybe you already get referrals from providers, but you wish you would get more referrals coming in.

And so what is the reason why they may, you may not be getting referrals from them? One reason is because even if they know about you, they may not feel that. Sense of cause one reason is that people I’m trying to think of which one to share with you, their three reasons why they may not be referring as much as, as they could be yet or have started to refer.

One of those reasons is that even if you have shared things with them about your approach, they honestly don’t understand how exactly it could help their patients. And to perhaps what extent you can help their patients, for example, they might have their own ideas about what it means for their patients to get chiropractic.

And then they’re just, even though you do, maybe some of you do different techniques or you also don’t practice chiropractic in the way that most people in terms of think about in terms of high volume adjustments. And that’s, that’s about what you do, or like you do other kinds of things as well, maybe even do functional medicine kind of work.

But they end up boxing you into that. So what happens is that they will never really think about you to refer because, or maybe they might not think of you as much to refer. The other reason is that may, maybe they’re concerned, even though they’ve They’ve heard that chiropractic could be good.

Maybe they just again think about it for certain kinds of conditions and situations, and they ever, they never even realized a certain types of things you could do can help their patient in with other kinds of health issues and, and situations. And sometimes they won’t refer. Also, if they are concerned about this one thing, So a lot of medical doctors, the conventional medical practitioners are concerned about lawsuits.

So if they’re not confident about safety and efficacy, And you know how it is. There’ve been some, some bad rep out there about chiropractic, even though it is safe, there’s still, there’s still things are people saying I’m an educated types of things that in, that goes around, even within the medical community, they, some are skeptical, right.

Even though there’s so much literature and science and, and many, many safe adjustments, many. Patients where you’ve seen yourself and see many, many chiropractors I’ve seen, it’s still, if there’s an inkling of concern about safety or efficacy, they’re likely not going to refer it because they’re concerned about lawsuits.

So the, so that’s one reason why the, you may not be getting referrals yet, or, or they’re not referring as much as you, you could be already. And another reason is. The, because of the, the top of mind awareness. So top of mind, awareness of being like it, if they’re, even if they know about you, if you’re not top of mind awareness, what happens is they get busy.

They, they’re busy seeing patients. They have other people trying to get their attention. They have vendors getting their attention to. Sales rep coming in to tell them about all kinds of things, drug reps, talking about things nurses talking about things, all kinds of things get CA that you can get a doctor’s attention or other medical doctor’s attention.

So if you’re not top of mind awareness, then it’s. They may not even think to refer to you. Like you might think that, that you had a good relationship and started, but then two days later, or a week later, they’ve already forgot. Wait, who’s that? W w what was that person’s name? And and the third reason is you may not be getting as many referrals.

It started off so far or, or yet as many as you would like is because they may not have that kind of a personal connection with you may not have as much of that personal connection click. Because most, most oftentimes think about the people you like referring to likely there’s a part of you that likes them.

So they might not. No you enough is enough to be comfortable yet or, or so then the goal is how do you actually, if, if you were to rate yourself on a scale of one through 10 of each of the three areas, how do you feel you’re doing right now on a scale of one through 10, when you think about perhaps one provider you would like to get more referrals from, or one provider you would like to start getting referrals from, with 10 being the highest.

And the goal is to look at how can you get that more to 10? And so when you one way to do that more readily is to educate the providers about what the clinical side of things. But the thing is it’s challenging to, to just have a conversation and, and get to know each other a bit more.

And then again, expect referrals and that’s that right? It’s, what’s more helpful. Is that you are able to educate them on some very specific things that would lead to the possibility of them giving you a referral, whether it is through a one-on-one conversation through zoom, whether it is stopping by their office and doing a.

Again, talking to them one-on-one or to a few doctors at once. Imagine having a few doctors in the office, referring patients to you, what would that look like for your practice? That’s leveraged when you, when you get that happening for just one office, it’s not I actually have, I’ve heard of, of a, there’s actually a chiropractic practice management group that I had heard of where they’re, they’re encouraging their chiropractor.

So write down a list of a hundred doctors or providers in the area. And I thought, oh my gosh is so it’s. It feels so it’s so draining. Just even thinking about that, having to reach out to a hundred providers, whereas for us, especially as introverted visionaries, our clients it’s all about how can you get the most out of the energy you’re putting in?

So you put less time and energy into it, especially as an introvert. I don’t have as much of this, this go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go all the time. Energy is. So then as far as the I mentioned is zoom meeting or a person or so you could speak to a couple of providers in, in their office, or you could also be doing a talk that is in front of a corporate doctors.

We’ve had clients who’ve done that in a group of 20 doctors or providers or 50 providers, and then educated them. And then also got ended up getting referrals from that. You just need to have a way. The way of knowing what to say, because it’s different than just educating, doing a lecture or clinical lecture in front of providers is still different than doing a lecture and not done then doing lecture.

But then, then educating them clinically also for the purposes of. Aspiring referrals. And then you also need to have a system in place again that supports those referrals as first referrals coming in the door. And then what what systems do you have in place that supports the continuation of those referrals coming in without you feeling like you have to be like bugging them too much or spending too much time doing that?

For what I decided to do is to give you access to a free template that you could literally use to be getting your first referrals from medical doctors and other practitioners. So click on the link below, it’s So I’m giving you that free scarf that you could use to help you with getting doctor referrals and other provider referrals, plus a free training on the system of getting referrals.

So we talked about a couple of elements from the system today, and we, we talked about. What are three ways to get more predator referrals and a free training. We’ll, we’ll take it further into what are some of the things to think about even beyond, getting these, these three ways of getting referrals from providers so that you can start getting more medical doctor referrals or other provider referrals and focus on seeing patients more, instead of wondering how you’re going to get more patients.

Otherwise it can feel too time consuming to do all this marketing and especially if marketing isn’t working. Feel free to go there, www dot, get more MD referrals, and we will see you next time.