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Would you love to attract more patients for your practice or for your associates, for yourself or your for your associates? And I, have you ever thought about how many people might not be coming to you yet because they don’t know about you and how you can help? So one way to speak that up, put you on the map in your area, is by educating people.

In a way that’s not just networking at one-on-one, and that is by doing talks. So what are four types of patient generating talks? We’re gonna get into that today. This is Chen Yen your six and seven figure practice makeover Mentor at introvertedvisionary.com. Your host for ChiroSecure show today. And what are the four types of patient generating talks that you can be doing so that you could choose one that you enjoy and start attracting a more consistent flow of patients this way?

These kinds of talks, by the way, they can, as I share with you, the four of them. They can either be paid ones or free ones. They could be ones that are in person. or virtual, if you. Don’t wanna leave the comfort of your own home. So that’s really wonderful. So the first type of a patient generating talk is one that is directly in front of the lay public audience for the purpose of attracting patients.

And so I. Do you have, this is where you could educate people on a particular topic that would be of interest. What is a good topic that would be engaging? What is the topic that would also be more likely to translate into the patients for your practice? One mistake that I sometimes see chiropractors make is making the topic a bit too broad or mainly about chiropractic or about, Pain, and it just feels like it’s a very Trent topic.

And so how can you make it an interesting and engaging topic that people wanna hear about? and do you have a good offer from your talk? So one mistake that some chiropractors make when doing talks with a desire to attract patients is not having a good offer from the talk. So either feeling like I educate them, so surely after it then they would be, if they’re interested, then they’ll just call me.

but it often doesn’t always work that way cuz people get busy. So what, how can you help educate them to the point where they feel like I’ve got to see you and then you have a good way of ha getting them interested in booking with you or whatever kind of next step that you would like them to take without even feeling like they’re being awkward or pushy about it.

And, What is a good offer is an offer just to come in for their, your, their first treatment their first adjustment, or is it something else? And then should you actually give some kind of a discount or that kind of a thing? And does it, what would be a, an. and an enticing offer. And it, and a good offer doesn’t have to be at a discount.

So what could it be instead? So these are some of the things to think about. And do you also have a talk that educates and also inspires new patients come from it because it’s a completely different kind of a skillset to just educate. versus educate and inspire new patients to come from it. So the second type of a patient generating talk is to do a talk in front.

Of providers for referrals. So have you ever thought about that? What if you could be receiving referrals from other kinds of practitioners, whether conventional medical practitioners, nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, medical doctors, PTs, massage therapist. Or other kinds of holistic practitioners, naturopathic doctors, acupuncturist, health coaches, functional medicine practitioners, they could be sending you referrals.

What if, actually, let’s just talk about medical doctors. Many medical doctors have thousands of patients in their practices, and they would refer their patients to you if they knew about you, and they also felt like you could help their patients. So imagine if. One provider sent you two or three referrals a week.

What if you had three providers send you one or two referrals a week? What would that do for your practice? And so from having worked in the insides of hospital setting, outpatient setting at the F D A and at Merck, I’ve seen what actually gets doctors to want to refer versus not, and can give you the shortcuts to that.

and this is where one way see one, one way of speeding up getting referrals from doctors is by doing a talk in front of them. Why? Because let’s look at what are the reasons why doctors may not be referring. One is that, and this is really great for you, for those of you who would love to be receiving referrals from doctors, more so if you draw a triangle and then on the top part of the triangle put trust in you as a.

Person and practitioner, and then on the bottom of the left of the triangle trust in your modality. So it’s not just about your modality as far as chiropractic or functional medicine or nutrition or anything else that you might be doing outside of chiropractic. It’s also if they believe that it’s safe and effective, because if it’s not, Even if you let them know about it, they may not refer.

Also, do they know what kind of situations? Because to refer, because many medical doctors just think of chiropractic as, oh, adjusting or cracking backs and or helping with pain, right? And you know that chiropractic can help with much more than that. So what do the doctors understand about that?

And then the third on the, in the triangle, the third point on the bottom right of the triangle, right? Trust, top of mind awareness. So how is your top of mind awareness for a provider you would love to be receiving more referrals from? So then you could rate yourself on a scale of one through 10 and each of these areas A, and the goal is to get it more to a 10.

And so these are some of the reasons why doctors may not be referring yet, even though you can absolutely help their patients. So what if you could speed up. each of these areas. And you could speed that up by doing a talk in front of the providers because they are able to be more educated about how exactly it could really help their patients, and they’re able to develop a connection with you much faster.

Also. Why is it that drug reps still are often sent to doctor’s offices to, to share about a particular drug? . I’ve worked in the insides of Merck before and I’ve seen this happen where it’s like whenever a drug rep goes to a doctor’s office, the. prescription, there’s a prescription spike, right?

And so it’s because of top of mind awareness, the doctor’s thinking about that drug because that drug rep told them about it. And you are not a drug rep, you’re not a salesperson. You are a, an equal. And at the same time, if you are able to educate more and be top of mind awareness, you are more likely to attract referrals from providers.

So this could be one-on-one, it could be done via Zoom. or in person, it could be for a clinic. So you could end up doing a talk in front of a clinic setting with several providers who could be referred you. It could be in a room full of providers. We had a client of ours speak in front of 70 providers, and she ended up getting 10 of them as her own patients, and then she also got referrals from that as well.

So there’s a whole range of what you could do to. to be speaking in front of providers that can help speed up attracting more patient referrals into from providers into your practice. So there and if that’s something that you have an interest in doing, then again, you just need to have one.

angle of a topic dialed in and that people would be in, the providers would be interested in, and then also have a way of what, in terms of what you’re saying, that translates into referrals. For example, one of our clients she used to speak in front of providers or share and educate, but.

Wouldn’t really get patients from it. And after we’d made some key tweaks in what she was saying, she started getting referrals from it. So it just feels so good to be recognized as someone who can be trusted as a provider and and receive referrals from medical doctors and other kinds of practitioners.

And these are some of the things that we help our clients with. The third type of patient generating talk is the A relationship building, a patient generating talk. So what would this look like? So this might look like you speaking in a tele summit, for example. And this is many times where there are many different speakers gathered in one tele summit.

And it could be about a particular topic, health issue, topic area. And then one of the benefits of a relationship building kind of a talk is this. So how and how is it relationship building, right? Because you could actually. And let me just share a little bit about one of the benefits of participating in a tele summit like this.

So many times there are speakers selected who have a very strong following, whether it’s in numbers or in engagement of following, or just some A couple speakers that are really well known and think of some of the top sp speakers, in your industry. Like you would just think of them first, right?

So those kinds of people might be in the summit, and then there are other speakers also in it, and you could be one of them. And one of the benefits of this is that they when you are speaking, you’re, you will also be speaking in front of the audience that the, those speakers. who are well recognized, they have been spending time and energy developing relationships, nurturing people who now follow them.

And now they might actually watch your watch what you are saying in your presentation. So that can help put you on the map. So that’s one benefit of doing. Something like that. Another benefit is that it can help you with developing relationships with the host and other speakers as well, and that could lead to additional opportunities for speaking.

Also, you can be. And collaboration as well. Also, you can check out where are those other speakers who are doing sub tell summits? Where are they speaking? Because many times speakers also speak in other places. So this could allow for those of you who are like, where do I speak? How do I find opportunities?

So this is one. One low paying fruit that you can look forward to, to also look for other speaking opportunities as well. And this could be especially good for you, those of you who also open up your practices to like, there’s a perhaps you are doing functional medicine and there is a virtual component to your work or and how you help people.

So this could be especially good for those of you who are in that situation, and even if you aren’t, it can be really good to help, again, position you as a go-to chiropractor, even if you just did one of these. And the relationship building can also lead to more opportunities, more patients for you and referrals for you as well.

The fourth type of. Patient generating talk is more of a brand building and awareness kind of a talk. So this is, I would say these are the kinds of things where maybe you are told you can’t sell, but and you can’t promote your services from your talk. But it is a great audience for you to be visible in front of.

Maybe this is a particular audience that you just feel like. Oh, the kinds of people who are going to be at it, they could, they’re just most likely going to be my ideal kinds of patients. So maybe you would love to do, or maybe it’s a huge audience as well and very align kind of an audience.

Very local, an audience or kind of audience that you would really like to have as patients. So you might consider doing a talk that is more brand building. , but this is usually not the main preference if you would like to be generating patients. But if you have, again, if you have an incredibly aligned audience, and then also you have a structure of how to still educate and inspire new patients to come from it.

Even if you’re told you can’t promote your services, there’s still a way of being able to do that. So by the end of it, people are wanting to know. How do I work with you and how do I get in touch with you? So those are the four types of patient generating talks. And if you would like to catch the free training on how to give one talk a month.

And get five, 10, even 26 new patients from just one talk a month, then you’re welcome to go to get Booked speaking.com/one talk and spell it out, o n e talk. So again, get booked speaking.com/one talk. So feel free to go there and. Check out the free training that can help you take this further about how to do that in such a way that translates into new patients for you.

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