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5 Steps to Successfully Marketing Video

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Welcome to ChiroSecure’s Facebook Live. I’m Dr. Sherry McAllister, the president of the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, and very excited that you’re about to join me. I know one thing, and that is August has gone by super fast and we’re growing. We’re growing as a foundation. And we’re growing with you.

We know we’re making progress in many ways, and this particular slide presentation is gonna help you grow more. It comes with best practices and best practices means when we reach out to our community with the right information at the right time, fabulous things happen. So we’re gonna go to the slides.

We’re gonna talk about five steps to successful video marketing, and I hope today that you jot a few things down and you think to yourself, okay, I haven’t been doing that. I’ll try that. Try. The first thing that the foundation is recommending is try. So as always, one of our big pieces is being able to look at this list.

Look at this list, ChiroSecure. We can’t thank you enough. This particular list is all the massively impressive and very gracious sponsors. So when you’re out on the road and you go to an expo that has chiropractic, Sponsors find some of them like Dynamic Chiropractic or quartermaster, so many standard process N C M I C, health U Ss A thank them because they’re helping us do some massively impressive things and I will show you what that looks like.

So hold on. First I need to help you with what are the most important pieces to video marketing. Now video marketing, or in fact, the marketing of crafted videos is actually an art form you wanna generate leads. Convert customers now for you. In our case, that’s our patients. We need them to be with us and we need to engage with them.

So you may be interested in utilizing video for your practice because you want to reach more people in your community. And that’s why from the foundation standpoint, we utilize videos to engage with consumers. To direct them, yes, to find you. We direct them to find a DC near them. So our goals aren’t just awareness driven, but we wanna push to conversion.

We want them to come and see you, and for you, you want them to ring your phone or make an electronic appointment. So that’s the critical piece. Now, as you can see, an average of . Video watching is going up year after year, so you look at it in a recent state of video marketing survey, the average hours of online video watching has increased year over year, and this may surprise you with this particular stat, but over 80 minutes a day.

Spent watching videos on mobile devices. So are you part of their 80 minutes a day? And I hope by the end of this month that you start to put into place some of your videos. Don’t be afraid. There’s lots of opportunity for you to to utilize materials that will help you the first step, however. Setting your goal, you’re not gonna go anywhere unless you begin at step one.

That is what do you want your goal to be? This is why your first step to having a successful video marketing strategy is actually to set your clinic goals. With the people in your clinic. So don’t leave anybody out because they’re there to help you. And if you’re looking to increase your profitability of your clinic, there’s no better way to brand awareness in your community and your outreach to your new patient base than doing videos.

All right, so on this particular slide, you’re gonna see top five goals of video marketing in 2022 from HubSpot. The highest may be to increase revenue, which that’s not a bad idea, right? But the reality is you also want to be able to have your product and service and branding be part of the goal and the equation.

So look at the list. Revenue sales, no-brainer. Branding awareness, absolutely advertising who you are and the services you do. I think that’s pretty critical. Improving customer’s understanding of what you do. Also very important. And last but not least, the customer service and retention. You know how hard it is to get a new patient.

Keep them and make sure your staff is with you a hundred percent of the time. ’cause that’s one of the pieces that really makes a difference. If your video is being well used and your staff is well trained. You are on the success train. Now here I want you to look at the step two, choose your Platform.

Now, this may seem very simple for some and very complicated for others. Choose the platform that you’re already on. So for us we’re on YouTube. And you can also do Facebook but establish for your practice one that you really are generating leads from, but you don’t wanna be all over the map because if you’re trying to do too much too fast, chances are you’re gonna do nothing well.

So choose the platform that is right for your clinic. And aim to populate it before generating another platform. All right, so step two, get that platform down and make sure that your staff knows what platform you’re using as well. Now, when you go to, what channels do video marketers plan to use in 2022, this is like the latest research.

Okay, so I’m giving you the best of the best. When you’re looking at this graph, you can see the channels video marketers plan to use. The top four being used there’s no surprise. YouTube is on the top. The next one, which surprises many. But I will tell you from my own personal experience when I have something very important to tell the world, I want LinkedIn to be notified.

So I put out video on LinkedIn to really reach out to my healthcare community to say, look what we’ve done as the foundation. And that actually does very well. You’ll also see Instagram another big part of it. And of course, as or if you haven’t been aware, Instagram and Facebook can populate with you as one.

So you choose the best. But no, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook are in fact your top two in your top four engagement issues. YouTube is what we classify as the ideal platform because you can begin with crafting YouTube shorts to upload them. I will show you what that means. YouTube shorts and Instagram reels.

We’ll show you what it all looks like so you don’t get confused. When you looking at short form content, you want to make sure you’re getting the most in your engagement. So now, Let’s talk about that. Step three, plan your video content. Now that you know what platform you wanna be on, and now that you want to be able to engage with your audience, the information that you want, now it’s time to really craft that content.

In your video library, we as the foundation for chiropractic progress want to help you. So we have a ton of commercials and guided videos available for your media center, and that means you just need to upload and you’re gonna be good to go. All right, so video is the key, and now you’re starting to think about your platform, your engagement, and your content.

So what is the optimal content? And this, when you think about your short form marketing videos, really it has to do with your audience. . So I’m going to ask you that you look at somewhere between the sweet spot of 30 to 60 seconds, and that really helps to engage the audience. When you get past 60 seconds, it gets a little long and people seem to lose interest because they’ve got

Their life to live, and they’re going on to something else. So establish the video content you’d like to utilize in your video marketing strategy and then aim to you towards your target audience within that 30 to 60 seconds. Now, just a quick disclaimer that if you’re planning on creating video content within your practice, you should ensure that you have spoken to your legal counsel or

Your insurer to make sure that you are following best practices. The last thing you want is to break HIPAA compliance or cause a problem for your clinic. So we wanna always make sure that you’re doing the best quality, highly effective video that doesn’t break any MAL P practice issues. ’cause really at the end of the day, that’s going to be a big piece of content delivery best.

Of class now, step four. Now you need to figure out how to schedule and promote, and you really want your whole clinic to be working towards that educational goal. So let’s just say for example, you take on September Drug Free Pain Management Awareness Month, which the foundation puts on every month.

Every September, every year, and we want people to recognize that we’re drug free. So you have content video, you are gonna get that content video together, but you want your whole practice to see that video is being supported. In your practice. So maybe you have handouts, maybe you have poster changes on your walls, maybe you do a video yourself that supports the other content that the foundation has.

So schedule it out. Now. One part of scheduling that makes your life super easy. We schedule ahead. So look here, it says which video promotion strategies are most effective? And it says, promoting your videos on social media platforms. That’s 63%. Adding your video to your website, 47%. If you just do those two, you’re kicking it.

Then you can run down the list running paid ads. Yes, in fact, you can do that. And I would highly encourage you if you’re starting to get good at videos and you love the foundation’s content and you’re utilizing it. Run your paid ads, optimizing the title, big part of it. Remember, this is five marketing strategies for your video.

It pulls people in, what are the top five things to do? And last, integrating your videos into your email campaigns. So remember, you want everything to be really tight when you get out there to do your video marketing. Nothing is worth doing if you’re not willing to grow. Nothing worth doing is worth it if you’re not willing to grow through the results.

I have always have a saying in the back of my mind is there’s no such thing as failure. There’s just a new learning opportunity. Because honestly, if you try new things, you’re growing and that’s positive. And if you try new things and you’re growing and it didn’t work out, that’s okay. You tried something new and someone out there saw your video.

Even if it happens to be your wife or your significant other or one of your best friends, it’s okay. Someone saw that video and you’re growing, but you have to analyze. So look at the success that you had, and then look at the leads or downloads that you got. Total video views. Once you determine what is successful for your practice, you can analyze all of these effective pieces and then what’s important to you.

So when you think about it in HubSpot, you can start to share your videos and you’ll receive some receive 5,000, 20,000. There’s others that are in the 50 to a hundred thousand views. I had a video view with Dr. Lou Portelli. I. And it was during last year’s September 18th, where we released our video on contain and eliminate.

We had 54,000 views on our YouTube. So you don’t know how fast it will grow. Can you imagine 54,000 in a day? That’s pretty great for your practice. So you want to start and recognizing and analyzing what that’s gonna look like when you analyze. Back to what I was saying about determining what success looks like for your practice.

These are the most important metrics to video marketers for measuring their video performance. So let’s just go through them. There’s an engagement that means likes and shares. There’s conversion rates. View count, click-through rate followers or new growth. We love that one at the foundation. How many people became followers because they watched our commercial?

How many people shared our commercial? The average view duration was also very important, which is why the foundation does different strategies, and I’ll show you what that means, but analyze the results of what you do with your video, which is the fifth and final step to video marketing strategy. Now, let me show you.

Work in progress. Okay, so on this next slide is our FIFA commercial. Now this is very exciting because we’re gonna be going on a very big platform to get our video out. So if you wanna get started to support a current F R C P campaign, we have branded new FIFA 32nd commercial to build awareness on chiropractic.

Now it’s airing. Currently August 20th. And it’s gonna go right through to the end of August. So this FIFA Women’s World Cup commercial is huge. One because it’s a true story. Two, because we have a professional athlete. And three, look at the branding. You have o l Rain and yes, in fact that’s a Nike logo.

That branding means trust. So when this goes out and you see the beautiful Olivia Athens and it talks about a true story, we wanna measure our downloads too. And we do it in different ways. So I wanna show you the commercial. So get ready to see the commercial and then get excited. ’cause you can use this as part of your video.

So here we go. Growing up, I was surrounded by famous athletes coming to my dad for chiropractic care. They would always tell me what a big difference it made in their career. This is true for me as well, from sprained ankles to a broken leg. Chiropractic care helps me recover faster to keep me on the field as a professional athlete.

It’s how I maintain my health, prevent injury, and optimize my performance. If you wanna play this game or any game, consistent chiropractic care can make a big difference.

Okay. Now, growing up I was surrounded by thi. Now the big key here is that’s a commercial for us, for the foundation to find a doctor and that find a doctor is you. They want to find you. So you can see how we at the foundation are marketing for you. Now you have to market for yourself, so you want to put in.

Opportunities for them to call you. Call you today because you are the doctor who’s gonna maximize and optimize their performance. Now, I told you that there’s different ways and different timeframes now. You just saw a 32nd commercial perfect for E S P N as an example. Now what about our Instagram?

Okay, the Instagram accounts. Typically we’ll do a reel. What is a reel? A reel is a very shorter form of a video that captures people’s attention as they’re flipping through. All right, on Instagram, and I wanna show you what a reel looks like for the upcoming FIFA World Games. And this is why we do different content timeframes.

So we catch different platforms and we want you to do the same. So let’s see what this reel looks like. I’m sprained ankles to a broken leg. Chiropractic care helps me recover faster to keep me on the field as a professional athlete, it’s how I maintain my health, prevent injury, and optimize my performance.

That’s the pretty cool part. That’s right. And I wanna share with you, the foundation is working double time to do the video part. All right, so here’s one of the pieces that we have going out this very month. Okay? 4.4 million people are gonna see the Mavis commercial. And you remember last month I shared with you the Mavis commercial.

It was also seen on C N N. This helps our older aging adults see the benefits of chiropractic care and hopefully, Take down some of the polypharmacy that they’re experiencing. Oftentimes when an elderly patient goes in to say, I have back pain, the first thing they get is a painkiller. That’s why drug-free Pain Management Awareness month in September is critical for your practice.

We do not want the first choice to be. A opiate, especially when our older aging adults have balance issues just naturally, the older we get, the less we have for balance. So let’s work together to get Mavis out there. Mavis is our rockstar to showcase that there’s a better solution, there’s a better way, and it’s you, your marketing to them, and everyone needs to hear the message of a drug free.

Campaign that chiropractors offer. So I wanna share with you now some fun things because it is always one of the things that makes your dollars count at the Foundation for Chiropractic progress. It’s our updates. We have some moving parts that are super fun and we’re updating as we go because there’s so much happening.

But let’s share this first. We have the August monthly Marketing Roadmap, which I know has become a big hit for many of you, and I thank you for your wonderful comments. It’s not only energizing to see that amount of emails that we get at the foundation thanking us . But it’s also beautiful. I was just recently in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with Louisiana Chiropractic Association, and what’s so beautiful is people are starting to finally understand why the foundation is making progress.

And a majority of them are starting to upgrade their membership from their state association, which is a group membership. Into a bronze membership and I told them it’s our anniversary year, so we couldn’t be more excited to offer a lot of our bonus updates. When you come become a bronze member and it’s a special price, it’s $180.

So please be aware that as we grow through, it’s our 20th anniversary, got this great document to say, where have we been? Do your dollars matter. And I take this very seriously. Every day I wake up and I say to myself, how can I make the foundation a better, bigger, bolder, braver impact around the world, not just the United States of America?

Every I. One needs a chiropractor. I hope you feel the same way. So look back at our history, find out where we’ve been and where we’re going because we can only do this together. And I thank you on a regular basis for being part of what we do. We’re united as a front and we’re marketing the benefits of chiropractic care everywhere we go.

So if you could spare a few dollars now, if you are not doing poorly right now. Could you make a contribution of even literally just a dollar, $10, $50 to enhance a life? . Free from pain meds. As I said, drug-free pain management awareness month of September. Let’s donate to ensure that there is a life that is pain-free and drug-free, that they’re not suffering in chronic pain, that they’re rich with understanding that benefits of the human frame.

Is that not what Hippocrates wanted us to do? Being there with chiropractic care, any dollar matters, and it’s as simple as going to f for August is our biggest month for fundraising, and if you come with. The foundation, you’re part of our family and you make a difference around the globe.

I wanna thank you and I cannot wait to be back with you to showcase our drug-free Pain Management awareness month in September.

Hi, my name is Heidi Haavik and I am delighted you are part of this silent auction for fundraising. My package that I’m offering is . Several 30 minute Zoom calls, one-on-one with me. You can ask me anything you like. We can discuss the latest research. We can discuss any of your ideas. Basically whatever you’d like for 30 minutes.

Look forward to seeing you soon. Bye.

Hey, Dr. Adam Del Todo here, giving a shout out from my home in North Idaho to my good friend, Dr. Sherry McAllister and the rest of the gang over at the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress. Just wanted to tell you what a great job you’re doing, helping to elevate this great profession to the highest level of professional standards, and I would like to do my part.

By donating one cranial facial release, balloon assisted cranial adjusting seminar above the neck baby. Tapping into that other 80% from above down first, so it’s a 39 90 $5 value. It’s a one-time charge. You can take as many seminars as you want after that for free. I hope this helps your cause. I support what you’re doing.

Keep up the good work. Love you guys.

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