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Aligned Performance: Achieving More Success in Your Practice

Chiropractors want to achieve more success in their practice. And by that we mean, accomplishing something that satisfy their being and not just on getting what they want for sake of, well, living. However, just like in any type of business, chiropractic practitioners face challenges day by day in their practice that many clinics tend to struggle to achieve success.

In the recent live event initiated by Dr. Stu Hoffman, the president of ChiroSecure together with Dr. Alok Trivedi who is an expert in the field of performance and has appeared in several popular TV programs, including CNN and GMA, useful insights were given particularly on what chiropractors can do to improve their performance as a business entity and as a person. The two put emphasis on aligned performance as the key to achieving success in the practice.

If you are one of those chiropractors who are looking for ways to improve in their practice, this post is for you.

So, first and foremost, what is “aligned performance”? In their discussion, it was defined as “a behavior modification system using neurology and psychology to maximize each individual’s performance.” It is an improvement strategy that “clears the emotional clutter stopping people from moving forward in their business and life.”

Below are some important insights from that live event – the gist of the discussion that you might find useful in your practice.

On working in other people’s paradigm for success

Many practitioners are stricken with a faulty consciousness, particularly on working in other people’s paradigm for success. Meaning, they tend to practice based on what others are telling them about the definition of success. As a result, they lose enthusiasm in doing their duties specifically when it is apparent that there is a big disparity as a result of comparing themselves from other people in their practice. The live event implies that one should follow his own standard based on his unique circumstance as practitioner.

On not valuing your profession and the service you offer

A number of chiropractors “don’t value enough what we do to convey the same message and the same value to our patients.” This is a red flag that chiropractors in their practice should be aware of. As a chiropractic practitioner, one should invest in themselves, respect themselves, and believe in themselves and in their practice. When you have faith in your practice, your patients will have faith in your service as well, and you attract more prospects to come into your clinic.

On being afraid of the challenges

Chiropractors should not be afraid of the challenges they encounter in their practice as these present an opportunity for growth. If you noticed that the number of patients who came to your clinic today was less than the day before, it should not discourage you. Instead on harboring resentment, you should regard the situation as an opportunity to understand why you were getting fewer patients. Be not afraid of challenges as they have benefits too for you to reap, and that is learning and coming up with new strategy that can refine your process for client acquisition.

On building confidence in themselves

Confidence in your practice plays an important role for your success in business. You have to take care of yourself. You have to remember that you ‘can’t take care other people unless you take care of yourself.” It all starts in understanding yourself. As Dr. Alok, in this own words, says “It’s congruency first. I’ve always found that it’s congruency first. When you get congruent, automatically what happens is you create more confidence. That confidence gets translated in yourself and your self belief goes up. If your self belief goes up, you’re able to translate that to a patient.

On understanding that the difference is not the service, it’s the provider

Why some chiropractors attract more patients and others do not? Some get good reviews and why the others not? Why there are those who generate more income while others not, though they are offering the same service? According to Dr. Alok, “the difference is not the service, it’s the provider. It is the consciousness of the provider.” All you have to do is to be confident and learn to love and appreciate yourself now and where you are. And from that, you’ll attract new patients.

To learn more about the importance of aligned performance in your practice, watch their whole video discussion here:

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