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Applying the KISS Principle in Your Life and Practice

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Well, hello everybody. And welcome to this ChiroSecure show. I want to thank Dr. Stu Hoffman, my good friend for being, uh, to make this happening and show as the name is say, se uh, applying the KISS principle. Actually my, uh, my goal today in this show is to, uh, inspire any new practitioner or practitioner, you know, to keep it simple. Okay. And to apply these chiropractic principles that we learned while we were in to go into school, it has never been a better time. And the time for us to shine, this is the moment, okay. There is a lot of drifted minds all over the war, looking for security every hour everywhere, you know, and they have no clue about who we are and what we are. And that’s, and that’s the reason why we went to school on the bottom of this screen.

As you see right now, I wrote down my, my map that you guys can see it. Okay. So this is about what we’re going to be talking about. Okay. And, uh, number one, you know, the, uh, big BJ, if you visit us Sarasota, they are, he’s all house. You’re going to see a lot of epigrams. Okay. And, uh, I remember I stay his, his, uh, room and there is one that is say, uh, do not take yourself too seriously, rule number one. And then the number, then it says, rule number two, do not forget rule number one. He believed in putting in posting all the time, little signs that you can read. And hopefully I will go back into your subconscious mind. Then there is another one that will say kiss. And then it defined kids by say, keep it simple, stupid, and believe it, or now, you know, we went to school, we go through all these education. I mean, they give you so much, but it’s so much simplicity in chiropractic. There’s so much simplicity. And there is nothing that we have to add to chiropractic and nothing that would have to subtract to chiropractic. But we, what we need to aim is to growing on faith and confidence on all these principles that we’ll learn in the school. And for that, it takes principle six, which is time by beginning of chiropractic was my beginning right now, I’m in my now of chiropractic.

And now I keep going into my destination of chiropractic. So as, as I, the way I see it, you know, I, my beginning, when I, I graduated in 1983, by my beginning, they started 1983, right? 19 79, 19 78. I didn’t know what chiropractic was. I didn’t know it existed, but it was suggested by Dr. Steve Hoffman and our 1978. And my lab change never told me anything. He just left that out. You know, actually what he did is he adjusted me. I, he left me alone. You know, Dr. Garcia used to say, find this on luxation adjusted and leave it alone based nothing to add, not into so strapped, but leave it alone to who, you know, and that’s the simplicity, not the simplicity is that who is that innate intelligence that is within every lab being without innate intelligence, there is no chiropractic.

So innate intelligence, that’s the work from the inside out. They set direction, which is called above down, inside out a D I O, which also can be translated with another word, which is which it means with God and with God, anything is possible in that. Great. Okay. So this simplicity to understand, and to be humble on this principle is what allows us to win. Okay, what am I saying this? Because I can, you know, I’m meeting all kinds of new chiropractors coming out of school. They coming out with a Ludo and lots of enthusiasm and then six months past the rock palace, and then to see them down, you know, and what’s happening is that, uh, they think that they need to add more. Instead of mastering. When you have learned, you went to school, you started the art, the science and the philosophy, you mass master those because by mastering, those is what makes you the greatest doctor. Okay. Uh, who, and what we are is that what we learn in the school, and we need to engrave those principles so we can be walking beans on representing the principles.


If you notice, you know, I mean, there is a lot of people that they need to learn what we do. A lot of people. Yeah. You see the 7 billion people in on the earth and they have no clue of what we do. The private thing. You know, the, the, the thinking is that we are another type of doctors that were treating. And the truth is that we don’t treat anything. We didn’t go to, you know, our big idea lies into the understanding. There is an innate intelligence within everyone that is on the control of everything. And that subluxations causes lack of function in the body. And we have the ability to find the subluxation to correct it. And to give that first chiropractic or scientific chiropractic, a specific adjustment that will make them go, wow,

I love

Given the first adjustment. It is amazing. And it usually, when it happens after right after my orientation, what I can teach him about what we do and what we don’t do, he makes it, it makes the, it makes an explosion, an explosion that you can feel it, you know, it’s a wow adjustment. So 7 billion people, our communities, you know, how, how many just think about, you know, in your community who would benefit from being subluxation free? You see a seal, if in fact, removing subluxations allow the body to regain function, what are the functions that we need to be? Right? Our immune system, our digestive system, everything is under control.

Uh, we have the capacity to find it, adjust it and leave it alone. Personally, when I went to school, one of my teacher was Dr. Clay Thompson and I bought into his vision. His vision was high volume practice. And he designed it a technique that it was designed for that. And then, you know, it just call my attention. And guess what? Another mentor of mine was Dr. Joel cruiser, who, who, I mean, if he was like, it was the icing on the cake, I was able to spend a year and a half of his practice and watching him and listening to him. I still listening to him, you know, and to see what it is, you know, to, to be a chiropractor, sharp enough, to cut into the multitudes, to have a practice where, you know, I mean, at the end of the day, if you look back and you say, how did it all happen? Who was running the show? I mean, with your five senses will not be able to, to really believe what went on.

You know, and since 83 that I graduated until now, it’s not over practice keeps moving. I’m moving, I’m moving. People coming from all over are attracted for what the simplicity of chiropractic. Okay. But to be able to deliver that simplicity of chiropractic, you must work with yourself and working with you, working with yourself is not different than eating fish. When you eat the fish, don’t eat the bones. So you need to work with this with your mind or your mind. Your mind is the greatest tool when you use it is the worst when it’s using you.

So that’s why BJ used to write in all his books, the grim books he used to talk about, I’m going to write this. Would we, instead of art, because he knew that the eye can be harmful, that we, now we have your conscious and your subconscious mind, your educated and your innate mind. So what happened is that, okay. See, when you understand this, you know, I mean, I don’t want you to test it. Okay. When you start deepening and submerging into this chiropractic principles, you become co-creators co-creators of what, whenever you want, whatever you want. I mean, use your imagination. You’ll see. You know, I mean, Dr. Sega was used to say before practice, he used to go from room to room, from room to room that the place was empty. Uh, he was seen in his eyes, his mind, his eyes before he opened full. And then what happened? You’ll see 3, 4, 500 people in one day. Okay. I mean, with somebody using his five senses, say, that’s crazy. No, it’s not crazy.

You crazy. If you’re not using your mind, are you allowing your mind to use you because it’s limited. So you must work into this right in here, you got to have dominion over it. Okay. What is the phrase that they say is that the master of your ship and the captain of your imagination or whatever. Okay. So the word don’t know. I mean, so the people are attracted to that. Why? Because they do have an innate intelligence. They do have a sixth sense. That is always, always sending vibrations out. Judge job is to have to work on your vibration, know them, your work, you know, it’s up to you. You are the cause you need to start thinking cause and effect no effects and costs. And there’s a work. So we have this beautiful chiropractic profession, this chiropractic philosophy that allows us to grow from above, down, inside out.

Okay. And the beautiful thing is that by being above, down, inside out, we do, we make it the war better because we’re removing everything. Now, the biggest thing that we can remove by understanding the above, down, inside out principle and using the case principle, okay. The most beautiful thing is that we can live a life without fear. And that was stated by my friend, Dr. Fred barge, or if you wrote that book, live a life without fear, which I recommend everyone, every chiropractor should read it. Okay. So chiropractor philosophy really entitles to live a life without fear.

So it’s up to every one of us to go inside and grow inside because believe me, your practice and your life is a reflection of what was going on in your inside. Okay. And there is nothing wrong to work in your inside, but there is a lot of rights to understand that you must work when you’re inside, especially now with all these is there. Do we find in this war? Okay. Our service is to, to be so old. So sharp that when you give that chiropractic adjustment, everyone in the office comes out without wow. And I love that know there’s a pain before I walked into my office. I, you know, I made sure that I remove everything from my head. You know, I pray for, to be in a directed. And I also, I use, I also send a wish, um, a wishes that every one that is is, is that an adjustment is going to be a while adjustment.

So we see people saying, wow, what is this? You know, the non-believers they become believers. Okay. And then you keep that for the rest of your life. From the beginning to the, now to the destination, that’s the whole journey. And you got to love the journey. You do love every time, every time. And it never gets old because in here we’ll keep teaching you every day. Like I say nothing to add nothing to subtract, but in a, when you are ready to receive is going to keep teaching you, it’s going to keep increasing your vision.

Okay. You’ll find out why you were picked to be a chiropractor, which is huge. So it’s, it’s totally up to us. You know how big we want to touch small. We wanted, you know, whatever you are right now is because that’s, uh, you are responsible. Okay. And what is so beautiful too, is that our service has no price. I’m talking about price. I’m talking about because how much is an adjustment? How much is that specific scientific chiropractic adjustment that care relieves pressure and allows the connection of your innate intelligence with every single cell of your body. Okay. And when can happen after that. So you as deliver the value of that principal, by being that principal and to be that principal, you must work for yourself. You work with your beliefs, you have to die the past. And you’ve got to renew your mind every day with joy, with passion, with enthusiasm, which means with God, with love to your fellow Marines, the golden rule is do to others. What you want to do to yourself, love others, the same way you want to be loved.

How can you go wrong? You know, how can you go wrong? Yeah. It’s a journey that we I’m going through. And like I say, it’s joyful. And I, we, to like, there’s so many students come now to school guys just grow, you know, keep watching, keep working on yourself to become a chiropractor. Okay. Love people. Just start loving people. How do you love people? Tell them what you do. Tell them who you are and what you believe a lot them where they are. They might be down. They may be up, Hey, this love them, where they are, because they are a result of what their belief. Why are you beliefs? Do you believe in this universal intelligence in this innate intelligence or that scour practice, do you really sound luxation that’s chiropractic, did you believe in these skills to remove that subluxation that’s chiropractic?

It’s an awesome thing, but it has to come from your inside. Yeah. Um, one of the things that when, um, you know, if you, if you are congruent to what we say right now, okay. No. I want to invite you to a dynamic essential meeting to IDG meetings that happens four times a year. Okay. The next one is in two weeks. I think it’s almost 12. Okay. And you can go into, online into live T, which is down on the, uh, I put it on down on the bottom. Okay. And register, coming to one of those meetings. Don’t miss any speakers and tape yourself into the principal and, and make your first step for it to help the world a better place to be.

Nothing is bigger than an idea whose time has come. And that is chiropractic. Okay. Science is proving our philosophy, but we need to be more artistics, more passionate into this principle, deliver that love that we have. And the rest is history is totally up to us. Totally up to us. We mean, we need to be responsible for all of these 7 billion people that are ignorant about this principle. If not us, then who they done responsibility, go have fun in your practice. Love your patients, make the adjustment and leave it alone. There’s nothing else. You can do nothing else, but just tell him you were better. I’ll see you next week. Bring your friends as the way I started.

And it hasn’t changed. Lots of, lot. Lots of laugh.

Okay. Um, in closing again, I want to invite you to come into the and, and get it going. You know, keep it simple, stop looking outside, going to your inside, keep it simple. Keep it simple. Love the one that is in front of you be present. Okay. So turning to life, the E I see you in a couple of weeks in Atlanta, and next week we’re going to have, as our guest Chen Yen, please tune in. And uh, if you guys need anything from me, there’s my, how do you contact me? Please do send them out. I’m more than happy to, to give, to love and to serve this wonderful profession that has given me everything that I’ve got. I love. And I appreciate you every one of you. And I’ll see you next time. Thank you.