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Are You Falling Short with Gen Z?

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Welcome ChiroSecure family. And thank you for joining me once again, with the Foundation for chiropractic progress. As you know, I’m Dr. Sherry McAllister. I am delighted to share what’s going to be happening. The future of chiropractic and what that means for your practice, because I will tell you one thing, there is a major differential between a Generation Z and a millennial.

And if you’re my age, you’ll see the difference. And I want to go through what that means. Why is it really important for your practice and how you’re going to go about actually connecting with that Generation so much to cover today? I hope you’re ready to take it all on. I know yesterday was president’s day long weekend, so I do hope that you had some time off to reflect on your own leadership in your practice and what it means to be community, healthcare providers, and our whole objective with the Foundation is to bring you with.

Bring you part of the family and make sure we make the progress. That is so very important. And as you know, before we always get started, the one thing that we have to do is be gracious. And here’s our fabulous corporate sponsors. 2021 was one of the greatest years for the Foundation. We are excited to elevate the profession so much higher to all of our key stakeholders, such as our consumers, our third-party payers, our legislators, our employees.

Hospital systems, what do they know? How are they utilizing us? And so many more organizations that are tapping us to share and fully grasp the benefits of chiropractic care. So obviously you want to thank our corporate sponsors and make sure they know how much we appreciate them. Let’s get right to the topic who is Generation Z.

And why do I care? Those are two very good questions. So let’s jump right in there. Some of the nation’s youngest to people and they’re born between 1997 and 2012. So there are approximately 10 to 25 years. Following millennials, which we know are 26 to 41 years old, they’re developing views on a range of issues and define them as a distinct group to consider when you create your marketing plans by let’s think back to contain and eliminate.

If you have not bought that book yet, I highly, encourage you to buy it. Dynamic chiropractic has it as an ebook, you can download it, contain and eliminate it’s by the legendary Dr. Lou Sportelli and Howard Wolinsky. And he goes through in the past. Why is that important? Listen, the people that were there during containing the limitate years are the people that see us differently because of the marketing that.

So, let me ask you this. If they were influenced by the marketing and they were told not to see a chiropractor in the AMA said we should wither on the vine. This is our term ladies and gentlemen chiropractic family. I’m telling you that the time is now to get these 10 to 20 five-year-olds to see your.

Of healthcare in the future. And that’s important. In fact, a series of new reports from the pew research center has found that this Generation is the most racially and ethnically diverse. So that means we’ve got to start working harder, to bring different diversity of these in, and it’s on track to be the best educated in the history of our population.

They actually grew up. Probably with cell phones in their hand, they live primarily in Metro areas rather than rural areas. And as I said before, technology plays a central. And natural girl in their lives. For me, cell phone goes down when I’m eating dinner. Look around you at a restaurant.

Those gen Z’s are not putting them down. And it’s part of their extension of their communication with their friends and family. So we need to be aware, what are they doing and why are they doing it? Let’s look at the stats. When you look at the research, gen Z is more likely to be enrolled in college and to have a college educated person.

Then even millennials. So we know the family unit is changing. The family unit really is embracing the economics of education and what that means as you can see on the graph, there are increases from gen Z in comparison to previous Generations for each category of degree. Now, gen Z is more familiar with the gender neutral word.

They there’s them pronouns compared to previous Generations is noted in this graph. Why is this important? If your marketing is not working to utilize the gender neutral, pronouns, they may be actually not seeing it as towards them. So we got to focus on that. You got to look at this in your marketing and maybe perhaps work with your staff to restructure your materials accordingly.

Now at the Foundation, we make a conscious effort to utilize they, them theirs in our materials, as well as not assuming gender in many instance. Such as he, she or him, her, unless stated by the individual, when we’re developing an opportunity to engage with the audience, we want to ensure that the verbiage is neutral and gener general.

For all of us, the stats I wanted to take. Note of insider intelligence has tracked gen Z characters. Traits values trends to develop this graph. This will help us market and understand the strategies needed to target this audience. And some of the consumer impact that comes with your marketing from 2020 to 2025.

This graph projection shows the digital buyers in black and that red that’s gen Z and what it makes up in the population in comparison. The growing increase in their capability to purchase online and make decisions online. We are seeing that they’re going to be consuming the majority, the number of us gen Z digital buyers wait for this is anticipated to surpass 41 million in 2022.

Okay. Let’s just take a moment to reflect on that, because that means if you’re not marketing to them and they’re purchasing, we are missing out on a huge legacy for chiropractic. Bring them in, bring them closer. Educate them. Now speaking of marketing. So how do we market to them? Let’s look at the six key elements of traditional marketing.

You got flyers, brochures, radio, TV, billboards, newspapers, and magazines. We’re all aware of them. We all know how they work. However, when you start looking at how we’re going to connect with them that’s a little bit. The Foundation creates content for and places, ads in all of them. But we also hit all of these key marketing tactics for that Generation preference.

So be aware that we’re helping you ensure that you care to this gen Z audience now looking at the gen Z and the future Generations. We have to be honest, traditional marketing is not quite as effective. As we would think in the past, millennials are still buying what we’re selling gen. C’s not so much.

So let’s talk about content creation as a group. They are visual technology, focused, connected, digitally social realist, and highly educated. Knowing what we know we need to adapt, or technically we’re going to get left by. Is this the AMS moment where we were there on the vine, or can we really connect with this gen Z so we can offer more?

Let’s actually figure out who a gen Z is. If you’re like me you might actually have to ask a teenager who is this? And why do I not know about them? I had asked my teenage sons who this is. So when you look at Jay, the Generation Z, while they’re in the tick tock, and they’re into YouTube influenced.

Here we have Charlie Demilio. She has 80 million fans on Tik TOK and 6 billion. Yes. I said billion with a, B likes on her platform before her social media career. Charlie was not famous, but she gained her a claim from utilizing social media to showcase. What’s your talent. She’s a tick dog, dance influencer.

Her and her family have actually recently launched a new show about their lives as her popularity grows largely in part because of gen Z. So if you’re not aware of who Charlie is, do what I did and ask a teenager. The Charlie cold foam drink is a drink that was developed at Dunkin donuts. That spotlights, the tick tock influencer.

And now this drink was actually created. So the fans of Charlie would be tempted to go to Duncan and order this special drink. This is the brand opportunity. My chiropractic friends, we need to get and utilize some of these key influencers of people that they trust. Now let’s talk about trust. This is a big deal when it comes to building trust with your brand, especially in healthcare.

Let’s look at the major brands, gen Z consumers trust as of June 20, 21. Most, if not all are technology and clothing focused. These are their favorite brands, Nike, apple, Amazon Adidas, and target to just name a few of their top. Gen Z is also more inclined to lean on the direction of local government, healthcare systems, education systems, and social media thought leaders versus government or politicians, big business and Hollywood.

Listen, they are not clearly wooed or swayed by the sparkling lights of Beverly Hills. What are we looking at? We’re looking at both the millennial and gen Z is here and how they’re transforming the healthcare market now. So it’s, very interesting as you look at this, according to a recent article in fierce healthcare, gen Z is a game changer for healthcare.

Why? Because of the radically different views from older populations regarding privacy trust and relationships in a digital world, one area Jensey is different is that they swap privacy for convenience. There are more inclined to share healthcare data. If there is a clear benefit to them. And when you’re looking at the convenience, this is paramount friends because a danger for providers is if they do not get convenience with you as a provider they’re going to go elsewhere.

This is in terms of scheduling appointments, online telehealth options, and having all healthcare. In one place Generation Z was born into the age of the internet. The healthcare passport will be uniquely and heavily involved in the future of this Generation. Like it or not. With that passport, there is no disconnect and there’s no need for communication or additional information to be passed between providers.

That may not sit well with you, but that’s how Generations C, Z sees it. Generations Z also wants the convenience of health. They also want to trust advisors who can guide them toward holistic health and wellness. Yes. That means you younger Generations have more awareness of a whole person wellness model and want input on their healthcare.

Decision-making they actually don’t want to just know about their acute medical concerns. But they also want to know about how it interplays with nutrition, fitness, sleep, and stress management. This is the Generation that’s doing the most in terms of balancing all of these pieces together with the highly educated parents that they have.

This is something that healthcare industry as a whole has not historically touched previously, but as an opportunity for our profession of chiropractic to capitalize on and focus. On what they really want need, which is that whole person health. And you’re going to be right there with them, never in the history of the world.

Has there been a more necessary need than now to focus on whole person health? So what young Generations expect from healthcare providers? Other important items to note here is that traditional marketing tactics the traditional healthcare model not so much appealing to Generation Z 45 to 55%.

Do not have a primary care physician. That’s a lot. And that’s very different than in the past. Like I mentioned, in the previous slide, they are turning to a convenient experience of providers that. On preventative care. Does that not make you smile? This, my friends is why Generation Z is so important to the chiropractic profession because they get us.

They weren’t slanted by the media. They weren’t boggled in the head over prices and barriers and all of those things. They’re open. They’re honest, they’re transparently looking for someone who is going to help them be the best version of them. That’s you providers that offer online scheduling options, robust social media campaigns.

They want to know who you are, what you do, why would they should go see you? They want to follow along with you. They want to brand your clinic. They want to know they can trust you and then you’ll win over the gen Z. So targeting gen Z. I think. You’re a friend of the FA the Foundation for chiropractic progress.

So utilize our infographics to engage them. We’re making them easy, natural chiropractic care that I want you to consider. Just consider. Tik TOK is a potential avenue. Do it tastefully. Do it well, have fun with it. If not take talk or K, I get it. Utilize more video content on your own website and your social media platforms, because they love videos.

They want to engage with you utilize influencers. This is something that Foundation has done for years in terms of celebrity and. And now in our adjusted reality podcast, you can actually share our patient friendly podcast episodes to reach your gen Z. Like the fittest man in the world. Rich Froning.

Trust me, that’s a big hit, especially for the gen Z CrossFitters. This will focus on the whole health content that we were talking about in building their respect. For our profession and trust us, we also want to make sure that what you do also leads back to your chiropractic office. And of course, all of your marketing materials are focused on gen Z, improve your brand reputation and build trust by professional, but also relatable gen Z healthcare experiences.

So that’s convening. But also just seeing a doctor face to face is great. And that’s why videos are so nice. Don’t be afraid. I know getting a video sometimes is not our favorite thing to do because we have our hands on our patients. But trust me, when you do it, you will be. And follow your social media platforms regularly, or have your staff do it because I think it’s really important.

When you think about your own branding, you got to engage and you, have to be out there showcasing what you’re doing and the importance of everything that you do. Speaking of importance. Let’s just flip gears for just a second and talk about what’s in 2022, if you’re a Foundation member and that first aligns, and it’s perfectly for that younger Generation, we were just talking about the younger, organic green whole person population, gen Z.

We’re launching this new campaign and it’s titled naturally chiropractic. It’s based on a Harris consumer poll that the Foundation issued. The survey revealed that more than half of our young adults would be more willing to choose a doctor of chiropractic for neck or back pain or just health than an MD based on the results and previous campaigns, we decided to promote the benefits of chiropractic as a natural.

It’s a very, big word. When you go into the search engine optimization columns to tap into and nurture consumers, they’re looking for, and they’re growing their preferences for all things, organic green and chemical free. Now, does that not sound like a chiropractic progress clinic out there and that’s you?

That is a organically. Green chemically free health care provider. Something that gen Z is already in tuned with, but we need to build on this from Generation to Generation. How are we going to do that? Thank you for asking that is going to be, we’re going to be launching. A release and it is going to be talking about the campaign’s objectives to focus on a creation of several new 15 and 32nd videos.

When you see that press release, read it through why? Because it’s going to tell you all about our naturally chiropractic campaign. The first one is an eight month pregnant new mom to be, and she is able to continue her life to the fullest. Thanks to chiropractic care. Here are a couple of pictures from the shoot, which feature our marketing director, Alexis Lee.

She is featured as an eight month pregnant first-time mom. And the video will show her scenes for working, doing prenatal yoga, and seeing her chiropractor as well as cooking ladies and gentlemen. I want you to know that I couldn’t be more proud of Alexis leg nose in so many, ways, and she’s about to give birth or your prayers are welcome.

And we want to see that brand new, fresh face into the chiropractor. Community soon. So stay tuned. I promise to bring you pictures of that new bundle of joy. Now let’s look at yoga therapy. We’re going to be placing an ad in yoga therapy today. This is a podcast that we did with DJ Townsville and it focuses on the benefits of chiropractic care and he is a fabulous former NFL.

Turned Yogi. He did an amazing job of actually diversifying the opportunities for men. Seeing what I learned from DJ was black men, they don’t do yoga, but really it’s a shame if they don’t, because what DJ Townsville says as a black man is that you need to get over. What you’re thinking as not cool and actually develop a relationship with stretching, flexibility and mobility.

It is a fabulous share. I hope you will. You will indulge in it. We’re going to be doing the ad there that you’ll see in yoga therapy today in, two months may end September journals. So the reason for placing these ads in the publication is to make the connection with certified yoga. Perhaps you want to build relationships with them in your community and the opportunity to put the patient at the center of care and help them build the bond that chiropractic and yoga can create to decrease stress well, who wouldn’t need that in today’s world to improve spinal alignment, we’re sitting more than we’re standing in many cases and to boost balance and enhance mobility.

All these a win-win. We have several new resources in our media center on our website. First off is our women’s health tip sheet. Listen, ladies out there and gentlemen, women’s health is one piece of what’s going to be coming up next month in March, 8th, international women’s day. Let’s celebrate women’s health just as we’re going to celebrate men’s health later in the year.

But I want you to know that we have tip sheets available and. Sneak peak. I want you to know, keep an eye out because we’re going to be launching a panel of spirited, chiropractors, and they’re important influences in the profession. And that panel discussion is coming soon. So stay tuned. I don’t want to break any more information.

I want you to stay tuned and know that there is a fantastic group of women coming together to showcase what. In chiropractic and the spirit they bring. So celebrate the whole month of women’s month tip sheets. E-books also childhood obesity. That’s a brand new one that we’re going to be launching in a pandemic effect.

And a lot of our youth need that health that help to, get off those extra pounds. And lastly, the strategies to support a healthy bone structure for aging adults. Now, one of the perks in our social media Foundation, Advantages is our social cover photos. Here’s a couple of examples of the images available, which be shared on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and LinkedIn.

We also have a dedicated webinars series specific for you doctor, which has the webinars scheduled out through October. So get your scheduling calendar out luck in these fan tasks. Seminars. They’re the best in the profession. They’re winners, they’re leaders are getting out there and they’re sharing best practices with you.

So thinking about you, wanting you to be the best you can be in your practice and in your community. We did not leave out our fabulous chiropractic assistants and staff. These are also scheduled out. So you can get your CA webinars series tailored for your office staff, get them on board. This will absolutely increase the engagement across your staff when they know more, they’ll share more.

And that makes you look fantastic. And we also want you to be a listener, listen to adjusted reality podcast. We actually are reaching more gen Z than. The podcast received over 30,000 downloads and has been streamed in 30 countries. So we recently launched episode three. So I want you to follow us, share these new episodes, give us feedback.

Actually, we adore you and if you’re going to be constructive, which I hope you will be in, not disruptive, please share with us. Who would you like to listen to? What would you like to see improved on those adjusted reality? Podcasts last but not least. We have our stakeholder report. How do you know we’re working for you?

I want you to pick up that stakeholder’s report, download it and look at what we achieved together last year. It has awards new campaigns, how we did in the video boards on I know pain, how many times we were featured on national television, all of that, and more because at the end of the day, you need a return on your investment with the Foundation for chiropractic progress.

And I can promise you we work day and night to make that investment happen. And speaking of investments, will you invest in. Will you take a moment to go on Amazon smile. If you’re looking for a note, effort way to support the Foundations campaign, please pick your charity of choice on Amazon. Smile is the Foundation for chiropractic education.

Although a minute. Every donation counts and there’s no out-of-pocket for you to contribute. Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase of the Foundation. Isn’t that remarkable way to support the entire profession. And you don’t have to do anything, but just go one or two clicks in Foundation for chiropractic education.

And we will educate the world together last but not least do not forget that we are here for you for the whole year. The sin. February. We have January behind us. Do not let March pass without you moving forward with your marketing plans. You want a tip sheet. There it is in front of you. How to prepare your marketing plans.

If you haven’t started it’s okay. You have to start somewhere today, give it to your staff, have them sit down with you and think about what is 2022 going to be. What’s the vision you have for your office? Who do you want to connect with? The Y is the Foundation for chiropractic progress is greatest question always.

We cannot think ChiroSecure enough for always having us month after month. Please do join us back here as always next month for another Foundation for chiropractic progress is update. But next to. Come back for ChiroSecure because they will be having another fantastic speaker. Dr. Mark student, you know him, you love him.

Come on back. Let’s share the energy, the excitement and the enthusiasm for chiropractic. Thanks for joining me to. Isn’t it time you joined the most powerful team of successful doctors and chiropractic and go for the gold. Simply go to www dot dot org slash package and get your customized practice success solution.