Are You in Chiropractic or is Chiropractic in You? – Part 1

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Hello everybody. And welcome to ChiroSecure weekly show. And it’s an honor for me to be a host today and, uh, and it has never been a better time right now to be a chiropractor to having your blood to be a chiropractor. And that’s why, that’s the reason why I have called his show today. The name of the show is really a, a question, which is, are you in chiropractic or is chiropractic in you? Okay. And, uh, I’ve been a chiropractor for 38 years. And when I say it has never been a question is because what I’ve seen right now, the reality of what’s going on right now is that the war is looking for a made up mind. Uh, we chiropractors should be to have a made up mind as far as what chiropractic is, because the word is yes is real crazy as you guys, I assume.

I know, you know, I mean, uh, they go in their salvation is like something from the outside in, and really, you know, our principles and our philosophy, which is so, I mean, then we going to get into that, you know, so important is that, uh, you know, we understand that everything comes from above, down, inside, out, but here, you know, like the whole world is, is, is, is, is praying from something from the outside in it’s like looking at yourself, looking every morning in the mirror and you see yourself, oh, it looks so bad. It looked so bad. And they go out and buy a new, a new mirror and, and thinking that, oh, I took care of the problem, you know, and we all know that it’s not about that. So, you know, the, uh, and what it is is that what is so hard, what is so crazy is that the word is, is listening to a big lie.

And the big lie is that, uh, is that there is something outside that is going to eat us. Right? And, and we have to step up and tell them about the bigness of the fellow within, you know, we gotta, you know, we gotta speak up. You cannot, you cannot keep your mouth shot. I mean, we’re respect, but we have to help them go, come up in their consciousness. Okay. And, uh, and if you listen to this show and hopefully you are, you know, I beg you to do some lectures too, not to play small and, and, and teach the word, you know, that they do have an innate intelligence. Okay. And that, uh, is being right now, attacked by all these noise outside, which is coming from the wrong information is coming from lies is coming from the, which, which is always bringing into people is, uh, fear.

And, um, and that will bring low resistance and, and all kinds of things. Okay. Everybody in the world right now, she’ll be, she’ll be getting adjusted. She’ll be getting check for subluxations. Everybody on the words to know that you can raise your level of everything. If you can just adjust the subluxation that you might have. Now, I say everybody, I mean, I still I’ve been checking people in my office and I still haven’t gotten any new people without subluxations. So they do need the care and who can, who can do the job. We gotta step up. Okay. And, uh, so how do we step up? We, you know, I mean, you can use, go to your office and say, Hey, I’m a chiropractor. And I’m going to take care of you, that’s it? No, you know, there is a preparation that the mass happened and the chiropractor, the chiropractor should take this so seriously where your mind is not drifting.

Okay. Your mind has to be anchored just like a bow has to be ankle. Just understand that the whole world is going through a storm right now. And we need to throw the anchor that anchor needs to be strong. And so you can hold the bottle. Okay. Otherwise you’re going to go all over the place. Okay. So we need to prepare ourselves. How do we prepare ourselves? No, by just going into CNN all the time. No, by just turning on the TV news all every night. No, by just allowing all negativity into your subconscious mind, you know, you cannot do that. Okay. You have to be disciplined. You got to be disciplined every day, every morning. So you, you plant the right seeds. So when you go and take care of your patient, your patient, I’m going to come to a body that is anchor.

When you are anchor, then you can be focused. And so well that you can just practice the locating and adjusting the subluxation and allow them to raise higher than where they are. That’s our whole basis on chiropractic, you know, but we need to do it. Guys. We need to do it is, is if it’s not us, then whoa, okay. Now we have programs like the dynamic essentials, where everybody should be going, everybody should be going to dynamic essential. Why? Because we gave her there with chiropractors will like minds, chiropractors that believe that we can save the world. I remember when I got out of school and actually in chiropractic school, I mean, doctor said, and Dr. Sega, Foos, all the, these speakers, we were brainwashed. It’s just students that we can really change the world, but what happened? You know, I will really change in the work.

How can we change the word if we don’t change ourselves? Okay. And the way to do it is by living the chiropractic life, the chiropractic principles. Okay. The way to do it is by loving everyone, by giving them the message. So we can rescue them from the darkness that they living at right now, waiting to see some, explore some experiment to really work. You know, when there has been a law at work for thousands of years, and that’s the law that we have to get hooked into it. Okay. Sorry, tastes work. What kind of work preparation, where is the preparation in your head? You gotta work on your head and you gotta work on your arms and your hands because that’s when you’re gonna produce the chiropractic adjustment. Okay. When I say working in your head, I cannot go into your office and this is your responsibility.

Okay. Going into, into it with a negative mind or thinking about something else, okay. You are responsible right now. You have to have responsibility and it’s up to you. It’s up to you for, for them to start coming into you. Okay? I mean, and the people will understand what we do as well. Our practice, which is too, is it’s as simple as to analyze the spine. Okay? Find this out. Luxation adjust to subluxation and leave the person alone. Okay. But you must teach them. You must do it. That they are doing their own healing, not you. That you know, that, you know, after you’re not after the disease, you’re after subluxations. So once you release it, there is the power then, which is the power that met you. That can heal you. Does it happen? Does it work? I’ve been practicing 38 years, high volume practice.

And I keep doing it. And people keep getting attracted for the message. Why? Because they know that that’s where it’s at. But now do you believe in that? Or what do you believe? Question your beliefs because your beliefs are going to allow thoughts to come in. I gotta allow emotions to come in. I got to allow success to come in all failure. Okay. Every chiropractor should, right now, she’ll be having success right now at the business way and the service way. Every which way? Why? Because it’s, the big idea is bigger than religion. Okay. Is bigger than law is the biggest idea that I ever know. Okay. Where do I learn that? From BJ Palmer, for Dr. Sid Williams from this book, if you can, if you guys can get this book and you can get it on a dynamic essentials. Okay. And if you can, they, they give it to you for free, but there’s a book that everybody should be reading it and she’ll know it.

Okay. And that’s really an inspiration. The doctor said had in this, during the Meadowlands D and I wish everyone to please get it. Okay. So as chiropractors, we really, you know, w w we must step up and it’s up to us to do it. Okay. Uh Hmm. So the next dynamic essential. So I would like you to, I would like you all to come in all going online and, and experience it. Okay. There is a reason for that. Okay. Uh, they call Dr. Sharon Williams, the defendant of chiropractic. Why? Because we can look into history and see, just because of him, how chiropractic is stay. They stay alive, but it’s up to us to keep it alive. You know, we gotta, we have to step up, step up is about to step up. Okay. Um, eh, something else that I wanted to say, okay.

Where did you come from? Where did your confidence come from? When you walked into your office, your confidence comes from, from the preparation that you did day before the week before the month before. So you asked that training. Now you got to train your mind, train your mind to go in there, because without your mind, if your mind is drifting again, you ain’t going to go too far. Okay. So you must train. You got to see me before you come into your office. You gotta see all the new people coming in. You got to see the, uh, doing the right adjustment, prepare yourself, visualize, use it. Okay. Have nothing but love when you walked in there. Watch what happens. Okay. This is, I mean, is it’s more than using your five senses. Sega falls used to say, let’s talk about the fourth dimension now that we thought we’ll listen in about the sixth sense, which is your imagination.

How are we using it? You know, are we imagining people coming into our offices? Are we imagining people getting well, well, you know, it’s time. It’s time to start using it. So those are all resources that we can get from innate intelligence. Okay. So if we plan seeds is amazing. You just plant the seed and then you don’t have to know how it’s going to happen, but it will happen, but plant the seed. Okay. You have to plant the seeds. It’s amazing to see people in my office that I used to take care of. Like this, uh, yesterday I had a patient, he was like, uh, three years old. And he remember, he, he, he was telling me about it. You know, like her mother was done that when they brought him in was, um, he, he, he was mute. He wasn’t talking. And Addie, now she sat on my, one of my talks on my lectures, which I was doing five times a week then.

And, uh, then she said, what the hell is this guy’s talking about? Okay. But anyway, but he brought his son who was mute and he got adjusted. And the next morning he went right behind his grandmother and say the word abuelita, which means grandmother. Right. And, uh, did I do that? No, but you know, that’s how powerful it is when you can turn on the bottle when you give an adjustment. So anyway, now that kid is coming in with other kids. Okay. And he tells everybody like that they’re miracles every day and it can happen in your office. Okay. How big is innate intelligence? As long as the person is alive. And it has an okay. And it has an innate intelligence, which they do. Okay. So they can do better. Okay. And if they have a subluxation and you remove the subluxation, they will do better.

And it’s just a law. It’s a wonderful, wonderful place where we are in chiropractic right now. The whole world is seeking is they’re looking they’re fray. They, they have the fear, you know, but the vision of the far, which is what BJ Palmer talk and Dr. Sidwell, William also Taurus. Now he, they look into a utopia war with, everybody will go to chiropractors, getting adjusted, and there will be 100% full power. You know, all performing at the, at the, at the higher level. Okay. The gels will be empty. No, there will be no words. And the churches were before and everybody will be in love. Right. So would that happen? Just imagine, imagine, you know, and you have the power, the power of what of your consciousness. Don’t let them tell you your consciousness. You, you consciousness speak up, tell them about the bigness of the fellow with them. Speak up. If not you who are there, you okay. So you have also your hands and you also have your consciousness to allow you to check, use your instrumentation, find this out, luxations adjust them and leave it alone.

That’s the best love. Then you can give them and it’s not even your love. You just have to pass it on. Okay. So in this time, okay, it’s a time for us to shine. We cannot shine. If we are hiding under the bed, we got to come out. We got to come out. We got to love people. We got to let him know that we care. Okay. And then we wonder families to come in. Okay. We want to fill up the schools, produce more chiropractors, allow, you know, speak to the schools so they can get more philosophy. The schools, they need more philosophy. Okay. Now medicine now the study of disease. Okay. Pallas study life biology, the study of life. You know, let’s study the innate intelligence. Let’s love people. You know, let’s tell them, I mean, this it’s, I mean, we, we really play very big in this time of life and please go to your communities and, and speak up.

Don’t get complicated. Okay. It’s very simple. Power flows from above, down, inside out. Subluxation is a squeeze on the spinal cord and nerves. It doesn’t allow the power to flow properly because disease, because in coordination, this harmony, it cause loss of clarity. And you can help people. You can help people yesterday. I had another testimonial. This guy from Venezuela, you know, he just got his first adjustment. And then his tell him, um, my CA you know, listen, I didn’t know how huge was this. He said that the whole night he was getting up and, and, you know, going to the bathroom, you know what it was, you know, but he say he, the, he feels like something exuberant inside of him. Okay. And the only thing that he did was he got adjusted. He got adjusted. He removed, we removed the subluxation and we left it alone.

Okay. So guys, please take the responsibility. Okay. Train, if you need hell, if you like, uh, if you wanna S you would like to call me or write me. You can write me. My email is Okay. Or you can call me at (305) 968-0818. We must serve as Bob Dylan said, you have to serve somebody, choose who you’re serving. We must serve. Okay. And there is a limited potential on nurse. Okay. And I wish everybody, the best for tomorrow is a brand new day. Start clear, go out there with, you know, with all that power, all that energy to turn on people’s life. Okay. And hug everybody. I love everybody. And I hope you guys can make it to the next D E, which is going to be a novelist. Okay. And, uh, just, you’re going to be in Maurice on the principle. People are going to love you and, uh, and nothing, you know, but we wish success for you the best for you. Okay. And, um, and I think that, uh, again, there’s never been a better time to be a chiropractor next week. Next user I will be on again. Okay. So hopefully you guys will, you know, I can connect with you guys and be,

Thank you.