Are You in Chiropractic or is Chiropractic in You? Part 2

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Well, hello, everyone. Welcome to ChiroSecure show, Is Chiropractic in You or Are You in Chiropractic? First of all, want to thank, uh, ChiroSecure and Dr. Stu Hoffman for make this show possible for the invitation where I can be here and just share my experiences and share my, um, uh, my walks on life in the chiropractic profession, as I have been an owner of my, of my practice for over 38 years. And, uh, and I must say that before, when I star my, my journey, it was, I wish, you know, and to see, and to look back and to see what happened, which is the wishes coming true, you know, by former experience, I’m able to share, um, we, all of you and I hope, I really hope that, um, we have a lot of students that really they’re going to be out of the school very soon and they can infuse with, uh, this, this, uh, this show and they can use it for the practice.

Okay. As I remember when I began in practicing in 1983, I was fortunate enough to, to practice with Dr. Joe Corso, who was my mentor, who taught me a lot, you know, and I he’s still in my life. He’s still, you know, I still think about him all the time, even when I’m practicing, because, uh, he was like, uh, the, the picture perfect of a chiropractor that had chiropractic in him. It was his, every word. He spoke, every, everything that she was doing, it was using, uh, BJ Palmer’s principles of above, down, inside out, you know? And, uh, but anyway, you know, it’s, it’s, it has, it is, it is a great journey and I’m still in it and, and it’s still, uh, playing the game. I’m still in the learning. And, um, but what I just want you to know is that chiropractic, there has never been a better time now to be a chiropractor. Okay. And, uh, what I did for today’s show, I prepared those two, uh, two slides, and maybe we can have slide number one.

Right. And I, and it’s line number one, which say, do you get regular chiropractic checkups? Okay. What does that mean? Okay. Um, if we’re talking about, I don’t know, starting your practice, which I believe you start your practice every day, every day is a new day in practice. Okay. And, uh, just put that in your, in your head for a minute. Okay. And, um, so what I’d, I asked a question, which is, do you get regular chiropractic checkups? You know, what is the reason, why are you, um, are you checking out people, you know, uh, what do you go see your chiropractor? I’m asking you the chiropractor. Okay. Or maybe your patients, they have been educated. Okay. And as you can see on a number one, we have to remove subluxation. Okay. And that’s what we do. Okay. That’s one little part of what we do, but it’s a big part.

I think the biggest part of what we do okay. Of what we know is the big idea. I will get there in a minute. Okay. But you know, you, who wants to be with a subluxation? Nobody. Okay. At subluxation. I mean, you gotta be checked because there’s no way, you know, whether you’re subluxated or no by symptoms. So it is important that you have on the schedule to get yourself, check checkups, if it’s that, what you’re going to be teaching your patients. Okay. I still have, my first patient is 96 years old. Imagine that. Okay. Um, so there is, uh, you know, you must teach since they number one, get a habit of teaching your patients, that what you do is you remove subluxations. Okay. And that’s, that’s something you need that no one else can do it, but as a practice now, how do we know you’re moving subluxations, where you went to school and you went to school and I’m proud of you where you were exposed to so many techniques by Gunster Thompson, toggle opera.

So we go, I mean, so many, I don’t want to start, you know, and see to so many, so many, uh, techniques that you should be applying every time you have your patients. Okay. And create in that way you start. And the same, the same way. You know, I go every week, at least once or twice a week to my friend, Dr. Danna chair, and he checks me and I checked him, I would so cool. Is that I feel he has Thompson tables. I do have counsel tables and we check each other without Tom’s my analysis. We get clear. Okay. And as we are clear, you know, which is number two. Okay. W also we, well, then the reason why we can check is to optimize our beans an hour, you know? Um, what is our beam where mental, physical, and spiritual. Okay. Okay. Now that’s where we get checked.

That’s where we get adjusted. Right. But the adjustment, like I said, they sound like Sage and it’s a small part. The big part is the, any D I O principle that BJ Palmer told us. Okay. And that’s what God all, that’s why we still in practice right now because the first chiropractors, okay. They needed to believe in something unbelievably, the first hire predict adjustment. It was not for a sore back or sciatic nerve, as you all know, but they believed on the a D I O principle. That was the big idea. Okay. Because by the end of, I mean, the big idea is that life flows from above, down, inside ourselves and out to the world above, down, inside our mind and expressing our mind then out to the work. Okay. And that principle is been there for, I mean, for ages.

Okay. So by doing that, you know, and that’s UN you know, the th the first chiropractice who even went to jail, because they were practicing chiropractor, they would say, you would, you have to admit that you’re practicing medicine without a license. And they would prefer to go to jail than to say that they were doing something that it was not okay. But look at the depth of what’s what it is to be a chiropractor. You know, that BJ talk about that’s number four. You know, the reason what you get checked and adjusted, if you have to know, is to reunite men, the physical man would discourage or men. Wow. Look at how huge it is. You know, are looking at some DJs book. I was, uh, you know, he’s talking about when separation occur between the physical and the spiritual, and it was laid out by a Greek philosopher, 500 BC, uh, his name was talus, T H E L E S.

I, he stated that the spirit of the spiritual part of the person shall be given to the priest and the physical part of the person shall be given to the physicians. But what do we say? We say that with a chiropractic adjustment, we’ll reunite, we make a whole, because chiropractic is, is a holistic, is it worse to make the person whole look at how huge, I wonder how many people right now on this age, where they so much stress so much restless, you know, know that they can get checked to chiropractic, um, have a better life. Okay. And number five, what I put down is to do the best that you can be. Okay. So I mean, who doesn’t want to be that they can be, and when do you stop being the best that you can be? You don’t, you keep on keeping on, right?

So, you know, why are you, you know, what’s the reason that most, a lot of chiropractors don’t get themselves checked rambler, maybe perhaps their mind, right? That their mind is you’re stripped in different ways. They’re too busy that they’re not understanding the important is to live your life from the inside out. They don’t understand the importance to, to understand that in order for the outside to be better, you must change your inside. And if there is interference in your inside, there is no way you can change the outside. You know, if you see yourself ugly, the way you’re dressing by looking at this mirror, by going to Walmart and buying a new mirror is not going to change it. Okay. You must make the change inside. And I’ll tell you, when you made that change inside, which you started in your mind, and then it goes to your mind, okay.

And then just press it out. Then the beautiful things happening. Okay. Because relieve it, or now we have the answer for humanity. If they can understand our principles, the above, down, inside out principle right now, humanity is so tired of stress because they can understand something that don’t see, you know, it’s going to eat them. It’s going to kill them. You know, they’ve been brainwashed about the sickness to think about sickness, instead of having the understanding of the resistance and the power and the life that resides within us. And he can make, it can make a big change. If that person is obedient to that principle from the inside. So being obedient to that, to those principles that we have inside is a must. Okay. As chiropractors, you know, who doesn’t have to bizarre to have a better practice, to serve more people, okay. To, to have a bigger business, we all do. Okay. Why? Because we have those desires, but now we must apply. We must apply these principles because all of this, everything will manifest according to how you are in your enzyme. One of the things that Dr. Cruz used to say to me, the size of your practice, or you being a chiropractor doesn’t mean that you have a diploma behind you. Okay. Because there’s a lot of people, they might have a diploma, but they don’t think like, are predators.

Yes or no. Okay. They’re still looking from the outside. They are still being controlled from outside things. Instead of working this principle, being obedience to these principles that we’ll have in the inside. Okay. Now in the second slide, we’ll have the second slide. Okay. We have the second slide, which is with your community. I mean, who would benefit by understanding all this and how, um, you know, how could we grow our practices, be magnets in our community. Okay. I’ll tell you. I have, you know, the beginning of my practice, see my practice went through so many phases, but if I can tell you, don’t ask me how I effect one of the reasons, you know, what it was very instrumental for me to, to have a successful practice. Is they number one and keep on keeping on all the time. It was attending dynamic essentials when I was going into school. Okay. When I was going to school in chiropractic school at life college back then, I don’t remember. Um, I’m talking about in the beginning of the eighties. Okay. They used to say, but, uh, they used to say all the time that, um, when you start your practice, it will take you two to four years to get out of that.

And you know what, by going to D E and watching all these chiropractors that, you know, some of them that were bigger than me. So then there was smaller than me. Some of them, they spoke English, speak English, you know? I mean, they had them all, but they were all talking about success that we’re not talking about starving. Okay. And, and I I’m by just watching them, you know, and seeing them, you know, these are different people, you know, chiropractor, we’re different. We’re not better, but we’re different. And we have a service to humanity. And let me tell you, human is looking for us. They can live on the lie. They believe in right now. That’s why they feel so stressed out.

Okay. So by going to these, the meetings, you know, I mean, it was just normal for me to sell my practice. And within a month, you know, have a, where I was seeing 300 people a week. How did I start it? I started going out and back then I was going to show up and I’m alone with my two nieces. One, one of them is a chiropractor in Greece right now in this. Hello, Nikki, if you’re watching this show, Paulita hello. Okay. And I remember going to, uh, this, there was a gathering of a lot of people and I would bring my spine. I will bring my table. Okay. Um, flyers about what I’m located and I invite him. Okay. I start my practice. If there’s a students listening to this show, when I start my practice, I had no money. I borrow money. I mean, I pay him.

I mean, actually the landlord gave me like three months free rent. Okay. And, uh, so just, you know, just, I walk by faith. I know by sight, I just move in. You know, I started doing it. I stopped checking people. I stopped without a CA within a week, I needed a CA. Then I did another CA then start growing, you know? And I started with one table and three adjusting rooms. Okay. Within two weeks I got three tables. Then I started making more tables. Why? Because there was, I mean, there was an urgency within me. Okay. And that I had the big idea that what I, what I did to my patients, what I did, how I talked to them, how I give my lectures, you know, it was in order to make a change in their life for the better, it was, it was part of the, to do the best.

Okay. So, but I realized, like I say, on these stages, you know, when, when they did my first patient is, you know, I, I was learning from them. You know, I, I tell you, I never had a practice that I depend on insurance companies or in car accident, come, now, it was just, listen, this is the principle, you know, and this is what you need, chiropractic care, you and your family forever. Okay. So I, what I, what I started learning is that the world is being programmed to sickness, beliefs, to believe they have to leave on sickness, which means that there is dark germs that they’re out there ready to attack you and eat you.


Amazingly, you know, we kind of practice. We don’t say we don’t deny that there are germs. They’re viruses. They’re part of nature. But we have the big idea. What’s the big idea that we have a resistance scores. I’ll send three full Gulf wars. They’re coming from the inside out. That is defending you all the time. That was your innate intelligence and needs to be turned down. Because if he’s not on now, you’re in trouble. Okay. You are in this harmony. Okay. So, so we need to work on, on those kinds of principles, because if you ask your patients, when they start coming in for the first time you see, they got on tons of medications. Okay. Why they take in thousands of medications, because they’ve been brainwashed. That that’s the way to be.

Okay. And we all know that the third leading cause of death right now is medications prescribed live on medications. And they’re almost coming to be number two, the past cancer there probably are, but we just don’t, you know, they don’t put it on the, um, uh, on the, on the media. Okay. So they do have some sickness, beliefs. Okay. So what do we do? We start giving them some cure beliefs, okay. To make them understand that no one can cure them, but themselves, that within themselves, they have an innate intelligence. They have the bigness of the fellow within which, who, who, which needs to be as clear as possible. That’s the reason why we check for subluxations. That’s the reason we adjust them when they need it. So they can be the, the, the maximum expression of the beans. Okay. So cure beliefs, you know, and who is curing you, nature.

Nature is curing you all these, you got all this principle that we’re talking about, that we need to be obedient. Okay. Everyone is always there. Okay. And it’s not going to adapt to us. We need to adapt to it. Okay? It’s like gravity, gravity will not adapt to you. You need to adapt to it at your best possible. You need to have a consciousness. You need to be conscious. I will have that. Consciousness is a gas gift, but many of us will not use it. Okay. For example, these people, they, they choosing to take the bad thing. That’s out of consciousness. You know, how do you take something that you don’t even know what it has? Are they telling you that it’s going to cure you, but not, they don’t even tell you it’s going to cure you. They’re just telling you, Hey, you know, just put it in there.

Let’s see what happens in this pyramid. Why? Cause that’s what they taken away, their consciousness and the same way they can take away our chiropractic consciousness. If we’re not aware, we must be aware of awareness, awareness of this principle. And that’s the reason why, if you guys are listening to this, you want to get them far. You want to serve community. You want to grow your business. Your practice come to the dynamic essentially is called four times a year in Atlanta and immerse yourself on this principle and be out and serve people. Love people is an amazing thing. This is the greatest thing. Okay. Now, number three, we have limited beliefs right now. Limited belief. You can use that for everything. Okay. How big is your practice? It’s as big as you believe. Okay. How do you make it better? It says you make it better as what you think is better. Okay. So, so, you know, we do have, I remember when we learned about this, but it believes is that one of the examples that they gave us, look at how they train an elephant. Okay. To, to be on the surface. When they’re very little, they changed the elephant and they’re making walk around a tree. Okay. Uh, as the elephant is grow, would that change when they cut the chain that elephant? I always think that that is what he has to do.

That’s a limited belief, but here we have an own limiting belief about innate intelligence, right? And that innate intelligence part of this university, the elegance is so huge. Just look at the space, look at the stores now how big you want it. You want it. Imagine that’s how big you can have it. Yeah. If you start practicing with purpose. So you must use that. I mean, there’s a reason when you have an imagination, there’s a reason what you can visualize. Go find the one model animal that can visualize or can think that we do. I guess we’re the only ones because we wrote the book. I don’t know. I don’t know if they say the other ones, but we have that gift. Why not using it? If you can imagine, you can have it. Right, right. But you must serve and be obedient to this principle, which doctor Dr.

C Williams called the dynamic essential. When you become humble and obedient to the will of God is an amazing thing. And that’s why, you know, I mean, you guys need to come back to the E. I gave them fire and go out and serve the war that they need us big time victim. Okay. Now, freedom beliefs. Those are your freedom beliefs. Okay? Not the putting all these things together, you know, to understand it, your, your freedom believes we need to teach that to your patients. Do freedom. Belief is hope. Freedom believes is faith. Freedom. Belief is the on-scene God invisible, but it’s everywhere. Freedom believe is that, that I can make it happen.

Okay. And you, we, we, you know, that’s an above, down, inside out that it will give you the understanding. Okay? So we must, we must empower our patients because freedom believes they believed their fears. It empowers the mean, the own limited beliefs, the limited beliefs. Those are, those are believed that this empowers, we don’t want that. We don’t want it. And you know what, every time they, they keep, you know, like it’s, it’s, if you, we all have those limited beliefs, okay, I will keep it right here. Now ahead. So become a gardener. If you’re a gardener going into your garden and get rid of the weeds the same way every day, going through your head and get rid of the weed, you need to prune it. Okay. As you start getting rid of that weed, all those negativities, all those, all those, if not all those indecisions, all those fears that it slows you down, they stop you from being your best that you can be, you cut it, remove it, get rid of them.

And as you do that, you’re going to see more fruits coming into here. You’ll you get to see your practice different every day. Okay? Every day you see, wow, you’re going to see that on seeing God invisible, God, that is everywhere. You know, working with you for you all the time. But it takes work. It takes preparation that gardener, it took him work to do that. Okay. So again, I value everyone to come into dynamic essential. So I hope to see you guys there. I not going to be speaking there on Saturday and nine o’clock in the morning, so I can’t wait to see you there. Okay. So putting all these things together, you know, are you in chiropractic or is chiropractic in? You just remember, you know, wherever you see outside. Okay. That you don’t like it. You have, you can change it from the inside.

That’s where your power comes from. Okay. And that’s chiropractic. Okay. I just want you to understand that and I’ll want to help you in this as much as I can. I want to help you to believe in your dream, to believe in what you want to create. Okay. And you guys have my email anytime you get in touch with me. Okay. And I hope to see you guys a D E and keep, uh, keep on keeping on, and don’t forget to turn down next, next Tuesday because Chen Yen will be on the stage. And I think she’s that she’s a wonderful chiropractor. And I appreciate that she’s serving our community too. Okay. Uh, has been a great show for me. It’s been, um, I mean, nothing greater than to serve and serve my profession. Um, um, help everybody so we can keep on keeping on as Dr. BJ Palmer would say, thank you so much. And I’ll see you in the next one.