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Are you set up for virtual services? – Janice Hughes

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Disclaimer: The following is an actual transcript. We do our best to make sure the transcript is as accurate as possible, however, it may contain spelling or grammatical errors.Hello, and welcome to another growth without risk show. My name is Dr. Janice Hughes and I’m excited and honored to be one of the hosts for growth without risk. I really am excited to chat today about something that I think is incredibly important right now, which is, are you potentially ready to be virtual? Now? I say that I realized that as chiropractors, we focus on fee for service, you know, and, and when I say that we deliver that service with our hands on, not at any point, suggesting that we completely get away from that. What I want to talk about is some lessons that we’ve learned during this crazy pandemic. And some of you were forced to have your office closed. I think if anything, it’s really brought up that conversation that a lot of people start to have related to. Do you have any other streams of income?

Now, some of you listening, they focused on functional medicine and have an entire division within your facility. Some of you are licensed in acupuncture. So I know one of the things through the growth, you know, sort of the ChiroSecure or this Growth Without Risk network is we have a lot of different styles of practitioners. A lot of this is helping you start to think about yourself, running a business, running a health center, running a clinic that potentially has multiple streams of income. Now, when I say that, I don’t want to overwhelm people. You know, some of you really strong philosophical chiropractors. I was one of those. It was at least beginning a little bit with what are some of the other kinds of products or services that you use? Can you share those with your community? It’s almost like having you, first of all, understand that we’re not asking you to not be the amazing chiropractor you are.

If anything, I want you to become the health connection for the patient. The public wants this, the public let’s face. It is now doing a lot of online ordering of supplements. Well, you and I both know a lot of those are really inferior quality. I would love if you’re ready, that many of you start to think about sharing with your community, the things that you use, the products, the services, the things that you yourself and your family utilize. That’s a great place to start. Now. I like to call these different business units. So thinking in terms of a bit of an organizational design for your entire clinic, you can have your chiropractic stream or your chiropractic business unit, but for some of you that have these other services, I like you to think in terms of what are those business units. Can you think about it like this organizational design and then for 2021, not just setting chiropractic goals or service goals, you know, for you and your team, could it be that if you don’t have any of these other products or services that you think about adding one additional thing into the clinic, some of you actually, our trainers have done personal training background.

Some of you come from the PT, you know, a physical therapy background. I know an incredible chiropractor that began to move and create an entire business unit related to the rehab side of the practice. So it’s critical as we begin to do that, that we think from a business perspective, don’t just build all of the visits in under that same stream, you know, set goals, set targets within this other category. So I want to give you a couple of simple examples, things that we could create a little bit more virtual services. Now, some functional medicine is that really easy fit, turning around and, you know, doing some consultations, even whether they’re in your clinic or virtually, how would you do a questionnaire? How could you start to ask people about other categories of their health and their wellbeing? You know, if you could do that, if you could come up with a questionnaire for that, you could deliver those kinds of things in a Zoot format.

I know that through the pandemic, some practitioners learned to do a report of findings. If you had had a patient come in, right at the very beginning of this, you know, pandemic, you could then deliver the results x-rays results, you know, in a virtual format, starting to think about, could you give some level of guidance? Could you give some of that background and material and information to a patient in a format other than in-person, you know, some of you have gotten very savvy and created some eBooks materials that we always called those, you know, sort of lead generators, but these could be built right into your care plans that you actually share with the patients. And you could do that and coach them and guide them through that. The other facet, I know that there’s a lot of companies out there that offer through their supplements, um, weight loss, weight, weight design, you know, in a health format.

If that’s something that you said, wait a minute, I either have in the clinic and, or I’d like to bring in, start thinking in terms of how would you develop an expand that a lot of times when you have these different business units, it’s almost think about, take a piece of paper and turn it sideways. And then, you know, draw some lines and chiropractic would obviously be one of those business units, setting some goals, setting how you can increase the services that you deliver there, but this idea of a track or a business unit of virtual, what could some virtual services be? Could you subcontract through some of the stress with a counselor or a psychologist? It could be a part of your growing health center, your facility, some of you have acupuncture. That’s not quite as easy, and yet you can modify acupuncture, little easier to do social distancing and or slightly longer visits.

Could you develop an expand that, like I said, if you pick weight loss as an example, what are the companies, do you yourself like certain products? Would you like to put that together through a typical nutraceutical company? Would you like to use one of the existing programs or platforms that are out there? All of these things are good. I don’t, I don’t have a recommendation for you, which company I’m going to suggest though, that you just start to think in terms of, could you put together a webinar as an example, could you then deliver packages that the products that you recommend for cleanses detoxes? You know, again, I’d avoid right now, the, the word immunity, we know we’d all love to boost immune systems, but that really is a trigger word, you know, but could you do these ideas of detoxes that are delivered through a webinar format and then products and services that you deliver?

The key is going to be, if you have nothing right now, besides your hands-on adjusting, is there something you love that you could begin to explore bringing that in as part of your existing care plans, you have your existing database. What are patients asking for? What are they searching for? I know that with the great companies out there that there’s really stronger services, stronger products available. Some of you are probably in States where you actually can’t go into the nutritional realm. That may be more than rehabilitative services. You know, again, subcontracting those, you know, services into your clinic. So a lot of this is you keep hearing me talk about becoming that business owner, becoming the person that drives the business behind your practice, versus it just being the hands-on adjusting so that these sorts of things, number one, add to your bottom line. They provide wonderful care, wonderful services for patients and can some of those literally become in a virtual format.

I think it’s really imperative. You know, we are not psychologists that suddenly began to, you know, turn around and do consultations through zoom. I don’t see that many of us, many of our profession are really set up or designed that well, if you do functional medicine, I think that is a much easier fit into that zoom or virtual format. But I still think it really is imperative. It behooves us as chiropractors to begin to think of those kinds of additional programs or services start with what you’re passionate about. Like I said, passion fuels this. You can’t do this just to say, Oh, I’m going to add something out of fear. If you’re excited, if you would love to add something new, I think that would be fantastic. Then you build, wow, how will I research that? Bring that in. Does it make sense, an example for some of you already using products or product lines, is could you private label that could that come, you know, into a whole new set of business parameters or protocols in 2021, that you private label that, and you figure out some of those lead generators or eBooks or things that help to describe for people how they could have a checklist, you know, a health checklist to determine, you know, again, which programs, which products that you could then consult with them.

You know, also showing how high quality these are compared to something that your patients are buying off the shelf. I know it’s time for us to get incredibly creative. I love chiropractic. I never see us getting away from our hands-on piece. I would just love to ensure that no matter what, you know, where we’re often, if we’re not careful at the expense of the fears of other people. And I think that’s what we’ve learned this year, you know, is that so often we don’t get to control or make those decisions. Obviously the great news is most practices are open. Lots are thriving. The ones that are thriving tend to be ones that they are the health resource for those patients. They’re a health resource within their community. They are exploring products or services that they love. I’m not asking you to start doing things that don’t feel really great.

I think fueling from that passion place, using those products and services, having your existing patients use them and think about developing that into a facet of your business. I think that’s a wonderful way for us to expand and then to always not feel quite at the mercy of what happens based on state mandates, mask mandates, all those things that are in some cases negatively impacting the way we feel about our practices. So a lot of this is number one mindset, you know, love what you do, figure out products, services, other things that you already utilize and start to consider it like a business unit. So you can see that I’ve given you several different kinds of examples. And I just want to review those, you know, it’s the nutrition piece. Some of you that’s a really easy fit. Others. You can’t do that in your state.

You know, I’m also not suggesting that you need to think about going out and becoming a functional medicine expert. If that’s not what you love, you know, it could be things like rehabilitative services, you know, remember muscle work, whether that’s official, physio-therapy functional movement, there’s fabulous functional movement programs that a lot of people can take certifications in. There’s also amazing brain based neurology work. That’s a really strong fit, particularly for some really great philosophical chiropractors. And I’m not saying that you need to go to the route of becoming a diplomat or, you know, really advanced degrees that you could do things like there’s a fabulous brain certification program that I saw. And you know, it’s all about posture. And then delivering, I’ll call it like webinars and information sessions to patients. And obviously you charge for those kinds of things. So I’m not here to tell you what I’m actually here to inspire you.

My hope is to inspire you, to look for products, services, ideas of things that you love, that you can add to the patients that you can use in the format you’re in now adds an extra revenue, a revenue stream, but more importantly, it’s things that are not only dependent on your doors being open. That’s why I think webinars programs, some of the detox, you know, taking a look at those sorts of things I think could be incredibly valuable. So it’s been an honor to talk about this. I’m absolutely happy to answer questions, be connected in any way possible. I’d just like to thank ChiroSecure Dr. Hoffman and his entire team for including me engaging me in things like the topics for growth, without risk. I think practice management, practice, coaching, business ideas. I think it’s really imperative that we keep moving in this direction. So thank you so much for joining. I look forward to your questions and insights and I’m happy to help any of you even just in a conversation to support the ChiroSecure network, have a wonderful day

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