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Back Pain: The Hallmark of Chiropractic

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Welcome, ChiroSecure Foundation family. I am truly grateful that you decided to spend a very short amount of time with me today knowing that your holiday plans are very busy. But I wanna start with the end in mind today. If you could give your practice and your community the greatest gift for 2023, what would it?

And I’m serious, what would it be that would make 2023 the best year your clinic and your community has ever had? And I say that with the end in mind because when I end today, I am going to share with you an answer that I think is irresistible. I hope that when you come to the end of this presentation, you ask yourself, is this the opportunity?

Of my clinic career is this the opportunity to get millions of Americans out of low back pain? And that’s why we start today with the topic of back pain. And as we’re in the holiday season and who better has the holiday hallmark on movies than holiday hallmark movies? That’s the the fun of thinking of when you have the shift.

In owning a marketplace, it really is. It’s back pain in the hallmark of chiropractic because so many millions of people have come to chiropractic on that very one thing. So we dedicate the end of the year. To what we know best, and although we’re awesome at taking care of the entire person, the wellness care that is out there, we also have to reflect on where we’ve come from.

And we know that back pain is in fact the number one disability in the world. So let’s end the year with a hopeful, positive, passionate way to help people avoid low back. And to enable the education for the communities to be able to know who to go when they do have back pain. And as we could not do these presentations.

We could not make the impact in our communities without these fantastic corporate sponsors. ChiroSecure, you are just an incredible sponsor and we’re very grateful to Cairo. As we said, we know that 80% of adults are going to, at some point in their lives, suffer with low back pain. Where are they gonna go and.

Who are they gonna talk to when it happens? And one of the things that often grabs my attention is when you start looking at educational opportunities. Where are they? A vast majority of them are during your nightly news where the pharmaceutical companies have captured the attention of the audience with, if you have low back pain, here’s five pain relievers that you can.

that’s where we wanna stand up chiropractic, because it’s that non-farm option that so many people don’t think of as a first line approach. But what we know in the research is incredibly important. And unfortunately, when you do start with the wrong option first. . You can go from an acute episode to a very unfortunate chronic episode because you just didn’t have the first step.

Right now, the National Institute of Health has put out information to our audience, consumers suffering with low back pain. And they put them as acute, subacute, and chronic. And we need to be able to ensure that our community recognizes that at any point in their back pain, that chiropractic a safe, effective, non-pharmacological approach is the best answer.

We are the people to help them find the solution because, 90% of finding. The answer to a problem is to identify exactly what that problem is. 10% is just the easy part. So as the audience that I’m talking to you today and how much we fundamentally love, care, and want to bring forth true health to our communities, we identify what the problem is, and there is David Elton’s work, which is just phenomenal work.

If you haven’t seen the latest med Rx. Information. He has four retrospective studies that came out on low back pain. Listen, we, chiropractors are on the top tier of every one of the gauged information pieces that he has put out. Lowest fragmentation of care, which means if you start with a chiropractor, You’re gonna end with a chiropractor.

You’re not gonna bounce around to the physical therapist, to the occupational therapist, to the naturopath, to the physical therapist, and then back over your primary care. No, the information is out. It’s real. It’s a million data points. How do you argue with that satisfaction rates? Highest of all? And also the cost of care, which when you think about the gross national product that is offered in the United States of America, our healthcare system is one of the most expensive in the world.

And to offset that, we know we have to do better. We have to have better, we have to show better, and we need these 65 million Americans. That are reporting a recent episode of back Pain to find you chiropractic care hands. The solution to help you relieve back pain. And we go through these, not because you don’t already know these.

I want to bring the opportunity to your community by putting out these infographics and many actually don’t even know. In fact, there is a study that even surprised me that is by Yun, and it’s in Pub Med, and it talks about that 90%. Of nurses, 90% of nurses report having low back pain. Those are our angels in practice.

They need help and they need our help. And when a nurse knows where to go for fast. Drug free care. She’s gonna share it with the people that she loves, she cares about or he cares about. And that’s an important aspect. Our nurses need our care. Our firefighters need our care. Our professional athletes need our care.

And if you are seeding the education of your community, letting them know how much we do to combat, prevent, and care for low back pain, we’re gonna be in a much better place. I also want you to be visually aware that on our foundation for Chiropractic YouTube channel, we have 32nd videos that you can post to educate your community on a drug-free healthy lifestyle.

And I love this one because it is a family of four and it talks about being active, being really healthy and strong during the holiday season, and being able to really combat. Issues in a non-pharmacological way. Many of you out there already have our roadmaps, but if you haven’t seen our roadmap for this month, don’t despair.

Here we are. Here it is week by week. What are these roadmaps are every month, the foundational lines. It’s marketing with its PR theme, and as in December, we’re focusing on low back pain because often time in the winter. We tend to do a little more during the holidays, maybe putting up lights, maybe slipping on some dark ice, shoveling if you’re in certain parts of the country.

But we do more. And when we do more, sometimes our body doesn’t participate like we want it to. And that’s why we focus on low back pink because it’s so common. And especially in the winter months. These are easy to. You click the opportunity that you wanna take advantage of in that week. And there, bingo.

Don’t forget your staff because we have something for them every month. The CA can implement to help you reach more patients in your practice. And remember, if you’re not a member of the foundation, don’t worry. We got you. F four You can see which package works best for you. We can go through that a little bit later today, but don’t forget this one.

This is chiropractic, a safe and cost effective approach. I bring this up because when you get to in this ebook, Page 16 and 17, this is where you wanna talk to healthcare providers in your neighborhood. It is no better time than the holidays when they’re winding down and they wanna be able to celebrate than to meet we with you.

Bring them to Starbucks or a coffee shop near you and bring. A couple of sheets of paper with you so you can share with them how you’re going to collaborate. Remember, collaborating with the healthcare providers in your neighborhood can be as simple as going to LinkedIn, grabbing one of Dr. Sherry McAllister’s LinkedIn articles that you can edit.

You can literally copy or just share and get them involved in the care that you give in your neighborhood. Let them know that you’re there and then this particular research is just nice for them to be aware of. And speaking of, aware of this as Seen Prevention Magazine. It’s how to improve Spinal. You could have this in a yoga therapist office in your neighborhood.

It could be giving out to the nurses in that you speak to at a specific clinic that’s next to your office. Anywhere you go, you can share that chiropractic care is a. Safe, effective drug-free approach. And this particular one really does focus on all the things that we’re really needing during the holiday.

Does it not nutrition? Okay. We might have more cookies than we really wanted to, but we did it posture while we’re bending over, cooking, bending, twisting, pushing, pulling. , all of the Christmas events that are gonna be happening with presents and cooking and getting out into nature maybe and having some fun skiing or snowboarding.

Just remember, chiropractic is there with them, whether it’s sleep or stretching and exercise and flexibility. Chiropractic care is where you want them to be aware. Now this is the perfect opportunity to get chiropractic care into the live in a fun, relatable way, adjusted reality. We dropped three episodes.

Have you listened to them yet? We have Power Up Your Endurance. What a perfect way to start the new year out with someone who is a hundred mile runner in a really experienced. Individual on endurance and what it takes to be at the top of your game. Zach Bitter is just a fun listen and a really special guy.

What about Mr. Universe? When you go from total sickness and disease to getting right into becoming Mr. Universe and having a lifestyle that really does exemplify the excellence in caring for you and caring for your community, but don’t. Like many of us we’re juggling and we’re juggling like crazy octopus on a treadmill, gifty and right is really helpful.

For those that are suffering or that just need an idea of how do you keep it all together? That’s episode seven. It is a great holiday. Listen, find time to share those episodes with your patients because it is a fun, relatable way to bring chiropractic into their life, and it’s another option for your youth because Gen Z loves podcasts.

If you haven’t listened to them yourself, give yourself the gift of an adjusted. Reality this season. Now, updates are always important because I need you to see the value proposition that the foundation brings to you. Don’t invest in something that is not showing a return. And if you want a return on your money, ask yourself this.

Do you know of a marketing. In chiropractic that has won a tele award, a video award, and now. A most impressive, and this is your award, so be proud. A most impressive mar com award. That’s right. We are a 2022 mar com award winner. Recently in this award is for strategic communications and special event category for our chiro, having received 6,000 entries from over 45 c.

Markcom is an international creative competition for marketing and communications professionals. So my fellow foundation, ChiroSecure family, congratulations, you won a Gold Markcom award. And that was for Caron. Remember, we got 85,000 views. We raised over 175,000 in that three short day window, and they took notice of that.

The Markham Awards took notice of our achievement, and that’s impressive in and of itself. So if you want to know who got platinum I think it’s important to hear we were in the same competition as Pepsi, and yes, they got the Platinum Award. Pepsi got it for their. Collaborative work with Netflix and Lays potato chips on their Stranger Things campaign.

So if that doesn’t tell you the competition caliber that the foundation is producing a return on investment for your dollars, I don’t know how to impress you further because this is 2022. In a nutshell, 60 Billboards. Throughout the United States garnering 21 million impressions. Media coverage, we’ve got you there.

Listen, media coverage only matters when we see who’s picking it up. 21 million impressions for secured in top tier media. That’s important. Our ads outside of the billboards reached hundreds of thousands and we distributed 26 press releases, picked up in 1200 media outlets. Finally, our social media platforms generated over 85,000 just for athon alone and.

We reached over a million users as time moved on and we got our ads out. This is your achievement. I want you to be proud. If you’re donating to the foundation, then you are investing your dollars and you’re investing wisely. Now, remember, I started this whole procedure today with talking to you about what is the greatest gift you can give your clinic This.

what would it mean and how would you reach your community? And I’ll tell you what, if there was a better investment, tell me who it is and how they’re doing it. Because I wanna know, the foundation is right there with you. We are going to give you. The opportunity we’ve never, ever done at the foundation before.

Today’s the day, write it down, F four First time we’re entering into our 20 year birthday celebration in 2023, and I want to bring you with me. We have 200 bronze memberships and once they’re gone. This is a special offer, a $60 donation. Today, you receive the. Ebook 15 Innovative Marketing Ideas to Grow your Chiropractic Practice.

We built this with Review Wave and a number of different corporate sponsors on how they generate leads, how they impact their community. So trust me, it is chalked full of important information You want your clinic to have. This is a business write-off, ladies and gentlemen, foundation family ChiroSecure, and at the end of the year, the time is now to invest for 2023.

You wanna do $120 donation investment, then you’ll get a download of. 32nd commercials that we’re launching in 2023. The first one starts with our January topic, which is older adults, and we want to push through the entire year with information avail impact your practice and the education of your community.

First time ever, a $300 bronze membership is now yours for $180. You invest with the $180 donation. Today, you will become a bronze member of the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress. You’ll receive that 15 innovative marketing ideas to grow your chiropractic practice ebook. The 32nd adults videos that we’re launching next year, and we’re gonna keep adding to them.

So invest today, do a great service to your community by educating them through using. The education, the science, and the award-winning marketing team that is a nonprofit. So your dollars come in and they go, maybe they’re placing a billboard, maybe they’re printing eBooks, maybe they’re going to our round tables to present chiropractic to Fortune 500 groups.

Invest. In 2023, put your dollars where they’re meant to be. And I wanna round out this year with two more things. Number one, your practice grows because you’re passionate and you’re the expert. Your practice grows because you educate them. And together we’re gonna make 2023, the tipping point for chiropractic.

We’re gonna mobilize the entire profession to be out of their. So watch, learn, listen, but join me. There’s no greater passion than to help someone who’s hurting or to improve someone’s performance, or to just give them back their quality of life than joining with the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress and educating them on the safe, effective ways that you change people’s lives.

A very merry Christmas to all of you out there. Happy Hanukkah, happy holidays, and Happy New Year. Start the new year, right? Be the best you can be in 2023. Put a smile on your face. Enjoy the holidays. Find fun. Find your passion this holiday season with some r and r. You deserve it. Give yourselves some rest and relaxation and let’s take.

2023 together and make sure we can optimize chiropractic for millions of people around the globe. Thank you so much. I look forward to being back with you in January, 2023.

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