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Highlights on ChiroSecure Live Event about Chiropractors’ Presence on Broadcast Media (Tips & Managing Pitfalls)

In one of the recent ChiroSecure Live Events by Dr. Stu Hoffman, Chiropractic Malpractice Insurance expert and the president of ChiroSecure, he highlights the significant role of broadcast media in the advancement of the chiropractic profession and in promoting public perception towards the profession and the industry as a whole. Reaching a great number of viewers (some even reach million) even in just a few minutes can change the public idea about the chiropractic role for one’s holistic health and well-being. However, he also put emphasis on some of the challenges that chiropractors may face once they decide to appear on TV programs (e.g. when the are invited for an interview). That is because chiropractors might find themselves in a difficult situation particularly when tough questions are thrown at them and they are caught off-guard.

It is important, as Dr. Stu, points out, that chiropractors know their craft and they should come well-prepared when they appear on TV or other broadcast media.

The following tips can help:

You have to have integrity. Before appearing on TV for an interview, make sure that a chiropractor knows his/her craft so that whatever questions asked regarding their practice and the services they offer, one is able offer enlightenment. A chiropractor should stand his ground by making them understand that chiropractic service provides benefits and to eliminate misconceptions.

You have to have good communication skills. It is not just about being expert in the chiropractic profession, but being able to put the message across the audience effectively. A chiropractor appearing on broadcast program should be able to convey the message well. The audience must understand that chiropractic benefits them a lot for their holistic health. It is all about making good connection.

 The importance of pre-game, game time, and post game. Pre game is what you do in order to get your foot in the door and make it happen. Game time is what you’ve got to do whenever you’re on TV and make the most out of that opportunity without stepping on anybody’s toes, because there are a lot of ‘landmines’ there. Details matter and you’ve got to make sure that you follow their process.

Building good relationships. Chiropractors should be able to build a good relationship not only with the reporters and anchors, but also with the audience. You have to be professional so that you know how to handle the response of those questions given to you.

Be educational (no need to be defensive). Chiropractic doctors need to handle questions professionally by being educational. Meaning, you just present the facts and need not to be defensive. Take note that when you’re coming off a ‘defensive mode’ and if you put yourself in an awkward position, then all of a sudden the opportunity for you to connect is gone.

Getting on TV is awesome for chiropractors, though it can be scary for them, as the impact it can have is so big for this profession. Thus, one should know exactly how to deal with it and he/she will reap the benefit of the perception of community, the impact on practice, and the alliances created with other people. Whether it is the other types of doctors in your community, they respect what a chiropractor has to say and they also send their patients to him/her.

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