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Book New Patients with an Automated Webinar – Chen Yen

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Are you looking for new quality patient leads, but you’re field limited by in-person marketing or you used to do talks, uh, but to, to generate new patients. But now you aren’t able to figure out how to navigate this thing, because I, you know, perhaps you aren’t, you feel like you can’t do it in front of people in person. So you’re totally in the right place. The solution to that is an automated webinar. So we’ll talk about that today. And this is Chen Yen, 6 and 7 figure practice make-over mentor and your host Jay for ChiroSecure show. So welcome. And so you, you know, if you have ever considered this, um, before, or maybe you haven’t yet one great avenue to generate patient leads is through getting something automated, because do you ever feel like you always need to be marketing, do always feel like it would be nice to just be able to focus on helping patients instead of having to, to worry about constantly marketing.

So the, how do you actually set it up so that it works for you? I got some, uh, comments, um, say before the saying that, uh, it, you know, I’ve heard, I’ve heard of doing that, but I’ve heard it doesn’t work for chiropractors. And so let’s talk a little bit about this because the reason why it doesn’t work is because the people who don’t have it working well, it’s not set up in such a way that brings in those leads, but there are clients of ours who are bringing in leads from new patient leads and, um, I’ll leave in another stream of income through automated webinars. So what is it about theirs that is working well? So, um, let me share with you a couple of, of the biggest myths and mistakes so that you can avoid making them. And then, uh, as far as the number one is a common mistake I see is focusing on building the funnels.

So if you’ve heard of automated webinars before you, you might think you might know something about, um, building a funnel, right? So what is a funnel? A funnel is just a, a path for people to take to then ending up, um, doing that end goal outcome. You would like them to take. So for many of you, it’s a new patient lead, for example, or it might be booking that initial exam with you. That might be an end goal outcome for some of you, for others. It might actually be the, uh, maybe you offer products or certain types of equipment that people can buy. Or maybe you, you have a functional more of a functional medicine side to your practice as a chiropractor. And so you can, you offer supplements or other kinds of things that, that people can pay and benefit from. So have you ever thought about that, that you could set up one webinar that’s automated that leads people into understanding more about what you could offer there.

And then it also leads people to even click the button and pay and purchase whatever it is that you’re offering. So that’s the, the overall concept of this, as far as getting an automated webinar in place that would inspire new patients to, or clients to come from it now. Um, so what I mentioned is that one of the most common mistakes that many chiropractors make when they like the idea of saying, have something that is automated to generate patients or bring in clients, is focusing on, oh, I need to hire someone, or I need to figure out, um, click funnels and these kinds of things to figure out how to build a funnel properly. And once I get that thing built out, then this should work because that’s the kind of thing I’ve heard before only to find themselves disappointed that it seems to take a lot of time creating this thing.

And then, then after creating it, then wondering, wait, why is it not working? So let me share with you what the, um, biggest issue is related to that is not focusing instead on what’s the most important thing that actually brings patients or clients in, what is it? It is what you’re saying in that webinar itself that not only educates and inspires new patients or clients to come from it, and for, um, most chiropractors is not a natural skillset. You know, you’re, uh, many of you went to school to help people with the clinical side of things, but not necessarily to, to, uh, you know, educate through a webinar because it’s, it’s a very different skillset. It’s one thing to, to educate and do kind of a lectures kind of thing, right? It’s another to educate and inspire new patients or, or clients to come from it without feeling like you’re being awkward or pushy.

Um, so the most important thing, if you want to get one thing created, not like 10 of them, but just one, imagine having one webinar that brings in five new patient leads each time it runs, or even 10 new patient leads or 26 new patient leads, or even if they brought in one new patient lead, when it runs automated, what would that do for your practice? Right. You could be sleepy, you could be eating, it could be spending time with your kids. You could be, um, just relaxing on vacation and then you check your inbox. Oh, cool. We got a new patient booking or, oh, cool. Um, here’s some money that just showed up in my inbox. How would that feel? So then the, so if you want that, then focus on most importantly on what, you know, what is it that, what are, what’s the, the right angle of a topic to talk about?

So let’s talk about the three main keys to an automated webinars that convert Burks. Number one is, do you have the right angle or topic that is engaging and interesting and inspires new patients or clients to come from it? So one of the biggest mistakes I often see when it comes to even just in person talk titles, but also webinar titles are titles that end up talking about, uh, chiropractic or, or, um, like a trite topic, like back pain, knee pain, without it bring up anything about how it might be, bring in a fresh perspective that might be new to someone or interesting. So what’s what, for example, what’s a challenge with a title that has something topic or title that has something like the like chiropractic in it. Well, not everyone, uh, is ready, you know, is knows that chiropractic is going to be helpful for them.

So if, if they see that then, uh, you know, only likely the people who are already interested in chiropractic wait, would check out that webinar. So that’s one, one challenge. Another challenge is maybe sometimes people might think, oh, I already know, you know, I already know about chiropractic and then they’re not going to check it out. So that is one reason why for most part, it may not be that make the most sense for you to include, for example, chiropractic and in a title. Another, uh, thing about the title itself is that if it is a topic like back pain and knee pain, well, what, what is the issue with the title that includes that? So if it’s, it’s a V it’s a more of a general topic like that, just think about how many talks are out there, or how many webinars are out there about that topic.

There are a lot of different, um, whether it’s in-person talks or online kinds of talks that center about that topic. Right? So, so what would make someone take the time out of their day to, to decide, okay, I’m going to check this topic out. And, um, so think about what is a fresh perspective that you can already bring up within the title that would inspire whoever is seeing the title to, to be wanting to come. So, number one is choosing the right angle of a topic that is engaging and interesting. Also most importantly to that, it not only educates, but it’s very in alignment with your ideal patients or clients you’re wanting to attract. So if you, for example, another mistake I often see is talking about, um, let’s say, let’s say you are a chiropractor who doesn’t really focus on having nutrition kinds of things within your practice, but you just like in terms of your offerings, right.

But you want to talk about nutrition. And so then maybe you talk about lifestyle change in your, your automated webinar, but that is still a little bit more removed from the main topic of what you would like people to do, which is book a chiropractic appointment with you, right. And adjustment. So, so then if, if it’s like that, then, then that may not be the best topic for you to choose. So that’s one example of where, you know, we need to look for alignment in terms of what would be a topic that would be most likely to attract your, your ideal patients or clients into your, your practice. Because we don’t necessarily just want a lot of people attending only. We want people who are our most qualified or in terms of who’s most interested. When, when do you say, when do you want most of the most interested and likely to, um, wants to book an appointment or take you up on what you have to offer?

So, okay. So those are, that’s the first step. I mean, the first, the first key, the second step is to then have getting it in front of the right audience. So this is another place where a lot of chiropractors make the mistake of when wanting to have an automated webinar, um, going that generates new patients on autopilot for clients on autopilot. Is autopiloting it too soon. So why is this a mistake? Because if you create something and then you don’t, you haven’t tested, whether it’s working, it’s not been proven to convert into new patient bookings or whatever’s that you’re offering them. Then if you get an a, in front of more, a bigger audience, it’s still not going to convert likely. Right. So regardless of how we get people coming to the webinar, if it’s not converting, then it still isn’t converting. So this is a very common mistake.

Many chiropractors make when wanting to get an automated webinar are going to generate new patient leads. So here is where, um, it segues, but, but, okay, so I’ll talk briefly about what, where do you actually find people to show up? Right? So the, there there’s free ways, and then there’s paid ways. So freeways, how many of you love any of the freeways? Right. Um, freeway is, uh, can be that it’s shared with someone who has a community of their own. So it might be perhaps another practitioner who has a community of their own. Even for example, I had a client of ours who said a nurse practitioner has agreed to share her webinar in front of her patient base. And so, so then, um, you know, this is that’s one way of a free approach where you don’t have to pay to get eyeballs on your webinars, get people listening to your webinar.

And then, uh, an example of a paid way is up. So there’s several free and several paid ways. I just wanted to give you a sense of this here. So, um, paid ways could be running ads to it, for example, whether through, through Facebook ads or YouTube ads, or, you know, an Instagram, things like that, right. Or even, even putting things in, um, like online in certain places like event and things like that to, to drive traffic to your webinar. So, but again, you know, this is where it’s often premature that a lot of chiropractors make this mistake where it’s, they jumped straight to paid avenues, for example, um, because they feel like they don’t want to have to, you know, they, they feel like it’ll just work or, you know, they should work. So then, then it would just, uh, uh, get it, get it going to more people, but tip, wait until it let’s get it converting first.

And this is where it segues into the third key thing that you’ll need. And, uh, and also talk about some, some other, uh, cause I promised that key elements that an automated webinar funnel needs. So the funnel itself, there, there’s a few things that you’ll need to make it working smoothly to optimize the number of leads. So cause would you like to have, have the number of leads be optimized? So, but in terms of the third, um, key, uh, third step that I was talking about is then is to have a compelling talk or webinar. So is your webinar compelling? Is it engaging? Does it inspire new bookings without being pushy or salesy? And this is a skillset too, that we just need to fine tune, right? So, because most of you, for most of you, this is not a natural skillset. And, um, one of the concerns I’ve heard from chiropractors before is that they’ve, they’ve, um, either done some training before on this and they found it to be too aggressive or pushy and it just didn’t feel right for them.

And so, uh, for example, with our clients, one of the comments they’ve made to us is that, um, with our, our approach has struck when their structure and that allows them to feel authentic when they are, um, using the framework, then it, it feels good. And it’s also more likely to bring in new patients who resonate with you. So let’s talk a little bit because I promised that I would bring up what are some of the essentials that are needed in, in an automated funnel for it to work well. So let me just share that briefly. So one thing that can make a big difference because in an automated webinar, the cool part is the little tweaks that we make, the little tweaks that we make connection with a huge difference in terms of increasing the number of patients you get from it, or the, the money you make from an automated webinar.

And so one thing we didn’t talk about actually yet is that I have you ever thought about the things that you say over and over again, and you feel like a broken record to your patients, right? What if you could put that together in something like an online course that, um, people can learn from and benefit from about that particular health topic and it could even be automated, right? So that’s actually another thing you could, could make available, um, from an automated webinar. So I just thought about that. I wanted to share, share that that tidbit hot tip with you. And let’s, let’s now talk about what I was going to mention as far as a few key essentials that are needed in an automated webinar, if you would like to bring in anywhere between five to 26 new patients a month, um, from your automated webinars.

So the one thing is what are your show up rates? So what are typical show up rates for, for an automated webinar? So they’re usually want to automate for typical webinars, the show up rate, what do you think it is? Go ahead and type in the comment section or type in the chat below. What do you think is the typical show up rate for webinars? Is it five? Is it 25? Let’s see, what is it? Right. So, so it’s actually 20 to 30% show up rate is considered good for a webinar. So now on our campus, when, when our clients work with us, we, we even are able to get like on, like, we tested this about what can you increase show rates to even up to 50% or more, right. So that’s a huge difference, isn’t it? And what can you do to cause that’s, that’s like if you had 20% show up rate and then you had 50% show up rate, instead that’s like double the number of new patient leads or double the number of, of income you can make from your webinar when you make that fine tune tweak.

So one tip is how do you get people to show up to it more is what do you send to people before the, the webinar itself? You know, what kind of reminders are we sending for? Most people are pretty busy these days. Would you agree that most of the time, you don’t always check your emails very much, like read all your emails, um, if that’s the case type in your chat. Yes. You know, or, or in the comment right now. Yes. Don’t usually check all emails, right? So, uh, that’s the case for, for most people, but if you can have email reminders that remind them, it’s going to help bump up the, the show rate. For example, we work with our clients, there’s a series of email templates that we have them plug into and, uh, that we don’t have to reinvent the wheel and, and helps us show rates.

Okay. So then the, the second important key is also this, which is people might take you up on what you’re offering from the webinar or book an appointment with you from the automated webinar itself. And then, so there also is a decent number of people that will likely take you up on it after the webinar. So some will take you up on what you’re offering during the webinar, and then there’s a decent number after that, that would decent percentage that would actually take you up on it after the webinar. But when the stake, a lot of chiropractors make is just, just, uh, do that automated webinar. And then there’s not a good, um, way, good path after the webinar to inspire new patients or clients to come from it. So what is that, uh, what do you, what can help with that rate? So you could send, for example, email series that helps with that.

Um, and so how many in the email series, what would be most effective? It really depends on what your topic is and what you’re, um, planning on offering. So, um, so yeah, so that’s, those are a few keys, by the way. If, if you want help with having more, uh, like getting this going on an automated way, then you can go to introverted and you can click on the free session button there and request a session. We’d be happy to give you insight on how, how, um, you get this going in your practice. Right? And so now, as far as the, those are the main tips that I wanted to share with you today. So in summary, they, we talked about how one of the biggest mistakes that many chiropractors make when getting an automated webinar going on two for the purpose of also wanting to educate and attract new patients from it is automating it too soon.

And, um, you know, one of the things that’s really cool about automating though, is that once we get the styled in, it can be working for you over and over and over and over again for you. And you only had to create it once, right? So why not instead of having two posts on, so feel like you have to be posting on social media everyday, or hiring somebody to post on social media every day. And that’s still not necessarily bringing in as many leads as it could be, or, or doing other kinds of, or feeling so limited right now, because you used to maybe do things more in person and you feel like your hands are tied because you can’t do that as much right now, then this is a great avenue for you to get going. Also, if you have, um, other practitioners as part of the practice, other docs, uh, other kinds of, of, um, providers as part of the practice, then this can be a great avenue to help them fill up their practices so that they can be busier and also be helping people when you’re not there.

And the clinic is making money when you’re not there. So if you would like access to the full free training about this, you know, how to book five to 26 new patients, um, from one automated webinar, then just click on the link. I’m going to pop it in, in the comment below, and you can check out the, the full free training. So now stay tuned for our guests. And next week our show host is Kim Hoang and, um, can come home and, um, look forward to checking that out next week and till next time. So see you soon. And by the way, if you needed that, that link, it’s and