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Bridging the Gap: How to Connect with Active Military & Veterans

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All right. Thank you very much for joining us today on ChiroSecure’s, Facebook live. I’m Dr. Sherry McAllister, the president of the foundation for chiropractic progress. And so delighted that you’re here with us to have this presentation. It’s a very special presentation. This week is Thanksgiving week. I want to give thanks to the men and women across the nation that are defending our freedom. As we all know, freedom is not free. And for those that serve chiropractors across the nation, or going to serve you, the foundation has taken upon herself to make the entire month of November all about how to connect with active military and veterans. We think this isn’t a very important audience to serve and today’s presentation. I promise you, if you stick with me, you will understand how to connect with them and how to connect with the sensitive audience that supports our men and women that are serving our military and our veterans.

So stick with me. We’ve got a fun field presentation that I know you’re going to see as relevant and important to your practice. Now, before we get started, one of the keys to success is always, how do we ensure that we can thank our sponsors. We do that by bringing them with us on the road. And as you can see right here, right now, this is the group that is making it possible for us to give this information to you, making it possible, to take chiropractic across the nation. So let’s give, thanks to those that are able to sponsor the foundation so I can assist you in making it easier and easier to make progress. Now, one of the big keys coming up is we have a new paper out and what’s that new paper all about? Well, it’s making inroads with the military community and it begins with having the tools and materials to do so.

We have a brand new paper right here, and it’s titled the future of wellness. How chiropractic care is helping improve the lives of veterans. This paper can be shared on your social media pages, your website, or through email distribution, as well as printed out and utilized to your practices. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page pages. This is a big part of actually connecting with your community is giving them the resources that really do matter. Now, the best part about seeing this is some of the stats in here might be startling. Listen, when we start talking about veterans and those that serve, they’re coming back from their deployment with post traumatic stress disorder, severe anxiety, oftentimes moderate to severe depression. And now it’s going to be our opportunity to have these conversations with them and know that we understand that many of them will be suffering from chronic pain in his chiropractors.

We’re here to serve. So this paper will be a added opportunity to just connect with those that are serving or have served in the community that you serve next step. Well, we’ve got a nice surprise for you. It’s the next white paper. So you can see we’ve been very busy at the foundation. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that we’re constantly building resources for you that actually add importance and relevance to what you do in practice. So it’s no good if we don’t share sharing is in fact caring. It’s caring about the profession as a whole, and it’s caring that your patients and who they have contact with this particular white paper is about changing the way patients will look at things. So the things they look at change, why is chiropractic sought out by millions of Americans? Just that question alone is going to start stimulating people to think, you know what?

I’ve never seen a chiropractor and wait for it because at the end of this presentation or very close to it, I’m going to share with you how much of an impact you and I are making on the chiropractic profession. Why Americans are searching for chiropractic more now, epically than ever. So stay tuned. I want to point this paper out because it, it looks at the adjustment. Now we all do that every day. The problem is we’re not doing the best job of getting it out to our patients. Being able to show how the adjustment aligns with, for example, bridging the gap to reach our active military and veterans. And it’s pointing to the scientific evidence on how chiropractic is helping our nation’s finest. It’s being able to keep these pieces together and be able to help really explain what a chiropractic adjustment is for those that have never had one.

It’s important to get this type of information out into the big picture. As we can see here, there’s a call-out box. And what that call-out box is all about is really learning about. And I quote the United States department of defense recently funded three clinical trials. They concluded that chiropractic care improves strength and endurance and decreases pain measures for active duty service members with low back pain. Now, listen, if we don’t showcase the research, what good is it? Whether it’s a healthcare professional in our neighborhood, who’s never heard of the verdict study. Who’s never seen our outcomes on patient satisfaction on the quality of care on pain reduction. They would never know. So seven and a half million dollars gets put to use. When we do things like this, when we actually call it out for what it is, keeping them aware and marketing to them.

The outcomes that we have is a very, very important piece. It also gives us credibility to let them know that our best practices are being put forth because of the research that’s being done. You’ll see the Lancet quoted in there and the world health organization bulletin all of these doctors. I know you’ve already read, but we need to be able to share those pieces of information to our community. So they feel inspired and want to continue to utilize chiropractic for themselves, their loved ones and their colleagues. Now coming up one of the pieces on how to share these new papers, here’s a brief overview on how to share these new papers. And it starts with sharing the links with your patients. I want you to share them in an email or a social media channels, such as LinkedIn or Facebook. The next piece of this is giving your patients a call to action in those communications so that they are feeling inspired to share with others.

If they don’t know what to do the paper, they may not do anything other than indulge themselves. Well, then it lays flat. But if you give them a call to action to share it with those that they care about, then they’re inspired to put it on their own Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, whatever medium that they feel, even just emailing it to a friend or family member, give them the call to action. Next, utilize the paper as tools to ignite conversations locally. And in your state, these papers create opportunities to start being able to develop rapport, to start being able to even educate those in the legislation. And most importantly, it creates a buzz in the profession and it’s building the awareness of how chiropractic role in veterans care and active duty is a critical component. Now, next up is our infographics love infographics. I know you all do too.

So let’s take a brief look at two of these. Another means of outreach is being able to share these really short bite-sized pieces of information packed full of interesting pieces that our patients can share with others. And as we go through aligning with today’s presentation theme, these infographics were really focused on chiropractic care for veterans and also finding relief from chiropractic. After serving, we have several others on our website, focused on how chiropractic can help our military. You just need to visit FRCP dot or best practices for sharing. These include posting to your social media pages, such as your Facebook and Twitter, uploading as a resource on your own website and printing out and sharing in the clinic, or maybe there’s a clinical presentation that you would like to give to the community. This file can be also shared as a handout or dropped into a PowerPoint presentation for a lunch and learn all sorts of opportunities for you to be successful in making sure that you’re allowing the public to see the benefits of chiropractic care.

As we go through this one is really nice because this is our one pager. This is chock-full for you. We’ve got this page, um, resource chiropractic care for veterans. What it does is it highlights the role of a doctor of chiropractic in veterans care. This resource will provide an excellent opportunity to make inroads with what relevant groups in your area, as a continued opportunity to spark conversations on how valuable care is to our military. Remember I talked to you about veterans and veteran care, but do be completely aware that the men and women that have served or serving are being supported by loved ones. And when you make opportunities and conversations come to life, you’re supporting the supporters. And that’s where we start to flourish is we’re not just thinking about what we do for the military, but we’re thinking about how we support those that are making for our country and we’re helping them as well.

So keep that in mind as we go through and, and ask yourself if we’re, if we’re giving these conversations real value, next up love the advertisements. And here, for example, is one that fantastic advertisement that you can place anywhere. That’s going to showcase a huge piece to how chiropractic care fits into the veterans world. Now, as we know, retired Brigadier general, Becky Halsted is a very big advocate and she came to chiropractic many years ago because of Carolina’s Lily’s yeah. And her plight to help others. I think this ad really showcases how we can literally save lives. As I talked to you earlier, coming back with depression can be very severe and opening conversations where there is multiple issues that are going on and unraveling and helping them with the resources that are necessary is critical in this ad chiropractic care saved. My life was placed is a color ad in USTs special edition for military.

And it positions her experience in the military and how meeting a chiropractor changed her life, going for several medications to proper nutrition doctors. This is what we do best. We have these conversations with our patients about nutrition and chiropractic adjustments. General Halsted is a huge advocate, and I am personally delighted to have her as one of our ambassadors to the foundation. She continues to share her experience on the road as a motivational speaker. So thank you, general Brigadier, Rebecca Halstead. We are so grateful for all that you have done for the United States, as well as chiropractic here, a poster. This is a very special opportunity to showcase our medal of honor recipients. Here is Clinton row Misha, and he’s featured in this post to receiving the re the medal of honor for 2013, for his acts of gallantry during operation enduring freedom in Afghanistan, the I trust chiropractic care poster is something that can be printed in your local print shop staples Kinko’s wherever is close to you, and you can place this in your clinic.

You can have it placed in special places like the legions that surround your area or utilized in community presentations. And it’s another way to give thanks, but also to showcase how these brave men and women coming back with injuries are benefiting through the use of chiropractic care. And when you’re with the foundation for chiropractic progress, you have options. Um, this is a digital format. You can actually put it in an upcoming newsletter, but I want you to keep in mind when you enroll as a gold member with the foundation, you actually have the ability to customize the resources, including this poster. You simply add in your practice logo and contact information, and it makes it more relevant to your community. Now let’s talk about videos here. I just want to remind you, we have a plethora of videos for you to run. I found out this presentation today.

We also have a ton of videos that you can find on our YouTube channel, that directly align on how you can bridge that gap to reach the ears and the minds of those that have served or enlisted or are currently serving when they come back. Here’s a snapshot of a couple. You have full access to share with your patients. This is Thanksgiving week and I am giving. So here you have it. The links to access your YouTube channel is on this slide. You can also go to YouTube general page and type in the foundation for chiropractic progress, and you’ll be able to pull up our account. And that will make you very happy because you’ll be able to see all of the videos available for you to use next. How about VA billing and collections? I know a lot of you think how to do the villi, the VA billing, and, um, how to make sure that I’m getting paid for the services that I provide.

Well, last week we actually had Cathy Weidener. Most of us know her as Kathy mills, Chang from KMC university, and she presented a webinar focused on VA billing and collections and chiropractic. Now this information is changing constantly. So having a week old version of the most latest greatest information to share with your office staff is key to tune into this webinar. Very simple. Again, I’m giving, I’m going to give you the video and the webinar link just above there. So you can share it with your staff. We have several other presentations focused on veterans care and active military information that also may be of interest to you and your practice coming up. What does it look for? VA outreach and VA outreach is a, an area that gives you more resources to focus. Son. There’s a couple more on this page. I thought I would just help navigate you on where you can get the information.

So the links are below the VA is a couple of these guides. Um, the first one on the left is a fact sheet on how to become a VA community provider on the right. This is a screenshot of the landing page created for those within the community care network of providers. I included both links on this slide, so you can access all of this material. It’s just getting to know what it takes, and then being able to step up and be that provider. So very important information there. Now, this is my favorite part of the presentation. It’s actually what the foundation’s updates are. And I love this part because this is where I told you things are Epic right now. And what do I mean by that? That we have huge news to share. In our October analytics we have in 25,000 hits to our national find a doctor directory.

I know for me, it was mind blowing because I don’t know anywhere. You can go to get 25,000 new people coming to chiropractic care. That means consumers are accessing our directory to find chiropractors near them. Maybe they’ve access to you. All members of the foundation receive a listing to this directory, which has promoted in all of our national outreach. Gold members receive fee shared profiles in the directory with top spot listings. So when a patient searches for a doctor of chiropractic near them, gold members appear first. So what I’m asking you is to get your gold in 2021, when the Olympics are broadcast asked because millions of Americans, kids are going to be looking for a doctor of chiropractic moving on to their digital marketing campaign. This is a fun opportunity to share with you. Now, this is how we got those 25,000 hits. We placed digital native ad campaigns for 30 days, ways to reach consumers and native.

For those that don’t know is an ad that appears within relevant content. So let’s say for example, you’re reading an article about back pain. For example, our chiropractic ad would appear within it. It’s a very natural connection for the readers to want to follow our call to action. We received over 2 million impressions. You can see that in the top corner, there 2 million, 172,000. That’s a pretty good deal for that advertisement. This campaign has nearly 13,000 clicks to our find a doctor directory included with our regular monthly reach our directory. And that is how we reached 25,000 in one month of new consumers, looking for you in your area, 25,000 reach to the directory in one month’s time is an impressive amount, but that’s just getting started. We’re looking to grow and grow more. We want new people clicking through our website every single day, the more the merrier. And I’m sure you would agree with me in looking for a DC for the first time is a critical component. We want them to be looking at really good information and making sure they’re comfortable with seeing a DC. Now, if you’re not a member of the foundation is your marketing firm making this type of progress for you.

If they’re not ask yourself where you should be, and I sincerely hope you’ll join the foundation family here is the 15 second video that we played for that. Yeah,

Health optimizing, no drugs are approved to find a doctor of chiropractic visit www dot [inaudible] dot org slash find a doctor.

All right, ladies and gentlemen, that means that as we go through, one of the key perspectives is they’re looking for you everywhere. We go marketing you as an asset to the best in chiropractic. And that’s a big piece to really ensuring that our nation sees our very best. Remember that 95% more effective when you use a video to get to your audience. And that’s more effective than just sharing words on a screen. So this is a grand way. If you didn’t see this before, I want you to be able to go to our YouTube site and you’ll be able to download that particular ad in, in post it on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, help us move the dial, help more people, see what we do. And another piece of what we did here is in the prevention magazine. Now you may not have seen this, but I think it’s fantastic that we’re in the November issue of prevention magazine.

And it’s a full page ad on how to improve spinal health. It highlights nutrition, posture, sleep, and of course chiropractic as we’re in a pandemic, the moments are real. The people are afraid of getting sick. So we want them to focus on being well. And that’s what chiropractic has always done so effectively over the past 125 years, this ad in prevention magazine leads to our find the doctor directory, which means we’re having more people click again and seeing doctor profile in our doctor find a doctor link. And some doctors may have this prevention magazine in there in their office if they don’t that’s okay, you can download the, um, article or the ad right here and share it, share it in your, in your newsletter that you send out to your patients and encourage them to buy the prevention magazine cause it’s chock full of good things.

And it actually has a chiropractic add an article in it. So it’s a, win-win all the way around. Now, speaking of when, as I mentioned, this has been in fact, a very tough year for so many. I can’t even believe December is here. Um, and it’s right around the corner for those of us that have lost their jobs in 2020 due to the pandemic. I think during the week of Thanksgiving, we need to have that moment of giving, prioritize our goals, the foundation, and you working together to help our community. However, they need healing. Especially during these tough times, by holding a holiday toy drive, you can give the gift of love to those in need in your community. I’m going to ask you, I’m actually, I’m going to implore you stretched just a little bit. It’s not been an easy year for many. It may not have been even a year easy year for you, but the foundation is here to help you, help your community.

Share the gift of love. Have the Thanksgiving that really makes a difference. And you can implement this right away. It gives you all the tips and opportunities to run a successful toy drive. And I ask that you really think about those youth and families during this very difficult time. That may just need a little extra care. We have this full implementation toolkit available for you in the link. Remember I’m giving away this is all Thanksgiving giving. So that’s really one of the key components. And before I end today, it has been an extraordinary year and you’ve stuck with us. ChiroSecure has been an absolutely fantastic sponsor of the foundation. We couldn’t do it without them. And as we joined together as individuals, colleagues, I call you my family because I believe in all you do. It is an honor to serve those veterans that serve Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on our blessings. You are a blessing to the foundation and the patients you serve. I want to wish you and your loved ones, a very happy, healthy Thanksgiving. Please join me next month. For some more holiday cheer, keeping it light and bright and fun. Keeping this foundation part of your clinic and making sure you get the resources to promote this fantastic profession. Thank you so very much. Happy Thanksgiving. See you next month.

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