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Building Longevity in an ‘Elementary School’ practice!

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Now here’s today’s host Dr. Monica Buerger.

Hello everybody. And welcome to ChiroSecure show. Look to the children. Thank you again for Kira secure, allowing to give us this

Platform to share such incredible information. I am your host today, Dr. Monica Buerger from intersect for life. And I am on pins and needles, super excited. My guest today. Um, uh, probably the most thing that I just absolutely adore about this incredible woman is that she allows everybody to be themselves. And she, um, befriended me for just who I am with all my flaws and everything. And she does that to everybody. So while I was preparing for, um, introducing her this morning, I thought I coined another term, a new term. Maybe I did. Maybe I did, but floss, entity. Oh, I said that, right, because she is so authentic and it’s okay if you have flaws and she is going to drop some amazing Pearl bombs, um, just how to build your legacy, how to stand out in your practice in your community and just be amazing because you are amazing. So the, I have the amazing Dr. Krysti Wick with us today. Hello, Krysti.

I’m so excited to be here. I had to write down philosophy. That’s gonna live on for sure. It’s a little bit, but I could give a lot of bit. So Krysti is a chiropractor, a speaker she’s, um, a mentor. She is a practice growth expert. This woman increased her practice over 500% between 2013 and 2018, over 500%. She just I’m salivating because she just moved into an, a beautiful, amazing new office. I’ve seen pictures of it and I haven’t got to see it in person, but I am going to see it in March. And I’m super, super excited, but we met in person. So a lot of speakers when we’re on the road, we hear about each other and we see each other on social media and blah, blah, blah, blah. But a lot of times we don’t get to meet, but laugh about it.

We were talking before we went live. It was about a year ago this weekend, right? Yeah. We, we met up in Oregon at dr. Paul reads, Cairo Fest. And if you’ve never been, unfortunately it got shut down this year because of every hole 2020 has been shut down. Right. Krysti. But I have to tell the story because I got there and I hadn’t checked in yet, um, and gotten my tag and as a speaker and so forth. And you were speaking Friday morning, you were the first Bricker. That’s right. You kicked the vent off. So anyway, I didn’t want to miss her, her her talk. So I ran down and I don’t have my badge or anything, my credentials and I’m at the front door and they have people look, making sure you’re, you’re paying to your member. Right. And so I said, I, I did two women Paul’s assistance at the door.

I said, told him. I said, I swear, I’m legit. Okay. I’m actually speaking tomorrow, but I didn’t get my step yet. And I want to hear dr. Krysti wick. And they’re like, I got, I swear. And they go, okay, what are you speaking on? I told them. So anyway, I made it. And, um, it was amazing, an amazing talk. And then we met after that and she’s just amazing. So she has a program, um, the illuminated squad and they are illuminated, believe me, the, this group, I don’t know. They’re just so authentic and amazing. And they’re doing awesome things in practice and absolutely rave about you as a mentor. And I must admit, I’ve heard a secret that they, um, they can you to Rachel Holly.

Yes. A few people in chiropractic have said that, so,

Okay. But, okay. Confession here, confession time, whatever confession is anyway. So I’m not good with names. So, but I, um, I had to Google Rachel Hollis, but I know the name of her book. Okay. It’s girl, put your makeup on

Girl, wash your face,

Wash your face. Okay. Some close. I’ve heard about the book before I wanted to read it, but I actually, I’ve been doing too many left brain neuroscience readings. I need to switch over to my white brain a little bit, but that is a huge honor for you to be akin to somebody that magnificent and that’s who you are. And I love your background and your wallpaper. And I just loved you so well,

Right back at you. This is like, I love it. So, so, um, but you have

A lot of wisdom to share and I, the reason I wanted you on for many reasons, but one of the things is especially now with this whole paradigm shift that we’re in globally. Um, I think as a profession, we’re kind of in a shift as well with an, with an actually an prime opportunity to share our messages and our story, and maybe rebrand ourselves because I feel more than ever. Now, the world is going to need our message, but I think it’s also important that in practice, so you don’t burn out and so that you really shine. And I think that’s a better energetic exchange with the patient. And well is you, you figure out your niche, you figure out what resonates with you, what fires you up and you had done that. So magnificently, so I’m going to pick your brain.

Well, yeah, well things and I totally agree with that. I think in our profession, we have been inundated a little bit with lookalike syndrome. Um, we see all of, all of these things around us that we, that look really palatable. They look really great. And so we just try on all of these things and oftentimes most of us don’t have the wherewithal to really ask if it fits and to really just spend some time thinking about how we feel trying that practice model on, or trying that niche on if you will. Um, and I can speak about that firsthand because I did that. I did that for a very large percentage of my practice. And while the numbers looked good on paper, like obviously Monica shared what those numbers were. Um, I wasn’t, I wasn’t that ha the numbers left me feeling empty. And, um, it really got to a point where I was so convinced that, you know, these certain types of practices where exactly that was the only way for chiropractic to be, um, that I just kept trying on these things and, and just making them fit when they did it.

And so really looking for your niche, I think is paramount because I’m a firm believer that we’re having however many thousands of chiropractors there are in the U S um, you know, on the planet, whatever it is, that’s how many different versions of practice there should be, in my opinion. Um, there’s certainly going to be systems and procedures and, you know, really specific things that might cross over from office to office, but in last year, making it, you, your practice, your business is a living, breathing thing, in my opinion. And so unless you’re caring for it and truly allowing it to be an extension of you, you are going to get burnt out and your energy is going to be in jeopardy, because what we do is can be energetically, extraordinarily draining. If you aren’t conscious and thoughtful and strategic about who you were put on this planet to serve.

And that’s something that I had to get really clear about. And the beauty now is, you know, I’ve kind of dabbled in it all. You know, I’ve gone through periods of time in my practice where I saw, you know, more of an older population, I’ve gone through periods of time in my practice where, you know, close to half, my practice was neurodevelopment, developmental challenge children. Like it was like, I was inundated with that gone through periods of time where I had mostly prenatal, uh, newborns. So I’ve kind of had it all. And that is what led me to where I am today, which is what I’m really passionate about, which is, you know, creating a group practice. So I have two fantastic associates that are the heart and soul of this place. Um, and we all have certain things that we really love the most, and that allows us to have this beautiful living, breathing family practice with an extra emphasis on loving families.

And so we really love, you know, those elementary kids. And I’m sure a lot of this comes from right now, two of the three of us, you know, our children are in elementary school, so we are living and breathing it. And we market to moms. That’s our number one priority when it comes to marketing. And so we just have found those young families with kids in elementary school are really what we focus on from a marketing aspect. But then with the three of us, you know, we all kind of have different things that we love within that niche as kind of a sub niche. Like, like I firmly believe that every pregnant woman should have care, you know, a preconception obviously all the way through, but to be completely Frank, I don’t like, that’s not my jam. I wouldn’t love to see, you know, prenatal women all day long, but the other two love it. And so, you know, it really just works well for us that we can cover all the bases within that young family elementary school type, um, umbrella niche, and we can live and breathe our true passion and serve that whole family in the process. And that’s beautiful.

And what I think is so great is, um, is recognizing that and being okay with that. I know, I know you and I talked a little bit about it, cause I do see a lot of neurodevelopment challenged children and that’s my gig. But even, even with all those that I mentored always said, please, don’t try to be like me. Don’t base your practice off of mine. Find out, you know, what, what is it inspires you? And not only can we burn out, but our health can suffer too. Um, our physical health conception and our mental health can suffer if we’re constantly stressed out because we’re not living a floss and floss. And ventek

That, one’s a tongue twister,

That’s a tongue twister, but so you, um, so how can you give the audience, like, um, how did you be okay with, or find your niche? Or you said how you found your niche, you went through multiple and we’ve done that. And I love that lookalike syndrome trying on

Different outfits, so to speak. That is great. A great, um, analogy.

Was there anything that you did or you can say how, okay. Now I’m okay with that. I’m okay with that. Um, and we should be as a profession, we should be okay with, if that’s not our BRC, our bag of chips, like, um, I don’t do work comp or PI or things like that. I sit in up the street and I’m totally cool

Leads with that because I feel,

I feel I have enough I’m okay. I’m not, I I’m wealthy enough with that paradigm that I see. Um, so we put you on the spot. How can we help them be okay with being okay?

Yeah. I, this is so huge because as she mentioned, you know, I, it took a lot of trial error for me and I would love to save every young chiropractor on the planet from that trial and error. And I think there’s many ways that you can do that. I think number one, one of the easiest things you can do when you’re young in practice is go immerse yourself in different styles of practice, go shadow as much as you can. This is something that I really wish I would have done in school so that I could see how my energy fit into the energy of that type of niche and just really tune into my body and my intuition and just ask myself how it felt to be there. And I think that is really just, you have all the answers inside if you’re willing to just get quiet and listen.

And that’s really, in my mind, my gift on this world is just helping women remember who they’ve always been. And so for me, it took a lot of trial and error to really remember. And I think if I would have spent some more time in other atmospheres, it would have been much easier for me to laser in on what felt right earlier. So I think that’s number one. And then number two is I think in chiropractic, especially we start to remove who we are personally from who we are professionally. And we really have this pressure in my opinion, to show up and be the doctor and serve the masses, right? It’s our job to give love serve, and, you know, everyone that has a spine needs us. And so we better show up and be that professional who cares for them. And personally, I can tell you that I am so clear about, you know, what type of people fit into my energetic circle.

Like I know who I should be close to and who maybe energetically just doesn’t fit with me. That’s not good or bad. It’s just reality. And so when I started to marry who I am personally with who I am professionally, and really just got clear that like, that’s not two different people, that’s the same, this, the same person. Um, it really just allowed me to show up to practice and be myself and be really okay with knowing if their energy, as a patient fits with my energy, they’re going to get the best chiropractic experience. If their energy does not fit with my energy. If I choose to take that patient on, I’m actually doing chiropractic a disservice in my opinion. And so I just got really clear on how to use that, you know, personal integrity and intuition to my favor in practice. And as you said, you know, Monica just refer them to someone that I feel is going to give them what the best fit is and the best chiropractic experience, because the more we can seek out those energetic connections, the better results the patient’s going to receive.

And now we actually did create a chiropractic advocate. That’s going to go out and spread the message in the right way. Whereas if I would have take on that patient, you know, PI and work comp is a great example of Lanka. Cause we don’t do that either. In fact, right now we don’t even accept any Medicare patients, we just refer them. And so when I, when I have gone against that gut instinct in the past, it’s never been good for the patient. It’s never been good for us as a practice. So, um, I think you just have to give yourself permission to marry those two things together, your personal side and professional side, and just make it easier, just listen to your gut and follow what it’s leading you to. Absolutely. And, and I always say, that’s why I just love you. I mean, you just true. And I think, especially like you mentioned for the young chiropractors, it’s okay to be okay and be yourself. Um,

And that becomes what I kind of refer to it,

The walking billboard that’s how don’t you think?

I think that’s how we build our legacy. That’s how we, the practice will build itself if we’re just

Ventek to what drives it.

And it’s okay. Not to be,

Be an expert or be, you know,

I have, I have docs that I mentor and they are

Amazing with newborns babies and so forth where I see, you know, I see the oldest child when they’re ready to have some developmental struggles

And it’s okay to be where you’re at, but you hit the, I mean, if you are listening to this,

Any phase in your practice, this is a gold mine because personally

Just my personal spin on things, I think with the cupboard crisis that we’re experiencing, um, we’ve all been a little bit more tapped out emotionally and energetically and so forth. And we need to keep ourselves kind of grounded in footage. So we don’t burn out and now going forward and kind of rebranding rebuilding she’s hit the nail on the head. I think that is absolute gold. So if you’re listening to this, by the way, Krysti, what I’m dropping us, yours

Or, um,

Website email, what, where can they find more about your

Sure. Um, my website is the illuminated and you can find more information there. And then as far as social, um, Instagram is where I prefer to hang out. So just at dr. Krysti, but my name is spelled super goofy. Kry STI. I’m sure you have the same thing. You’re always saying K not C and your name, right? My dear. So yeah, you can always shoot me a message on Instagram. So yeah, the illuminated squad and dr. Kristy K R Y STI. But

Yeah, and if you’re burned out, if you’re starting out and if you’re in the middle of the road, this is incredibly

Important information. Um, and setting up, like you said, a

Overall facility that serves a great population of people, but within that you have different docs that are doing their thing and loving it. Um, so, okay. Picking your brain we’re, we’re, we’re getting information for free hair. You got, um, how then how then did you create a brand so to speak within your community?

Yeah. Um, really when my brand took off, it was because I got really clear on who we were marketing to, and that was moms, um, young moms with kids that are still in the house. So we are always thinking about her, um, you know, different years past, we’ve given her a name we’ve, you know, she’s had a car like all, you know, all the different things about who this person is, but I practiced in a very small community. So my town was only 30,000 people. Um, it’s relatively rural and I really don’t have the luxury of getting too narrow within that mom niche, which a lot of marketers will tell you to do. Um, that’s why I went down that road of giving her a name and she wears this and whatnot. But what I really found was if we could get clear on the different types of moms that exists within our small community, we can truly develop our message to speak to her needs, speak to what she’s experiencing in the world right now, and try to solve that for her.

And so my brand really was established in our practice, um, because we got laser focused on the different needs that moms were having here right here. And I think that is so key for any of you listening. If you practice in West bend Wisconsin, where I practice versus Idaho, where, you know, like versus California, like your demographic is very unique to you and you need to do the work to really figure out the pulse of what happens in your community and then speak to those needs, speak to those requests. Um, really just get in the head of those people that, you know, you were put on this earth to serve and help them see chiropractic as the option for them. Um, and so that’s how we built our brand. We just stopped. We started talking to moms and we never stopped. We just talked to moms and that’s honestly what, what we do in all of our marketing.

Um, and so we are now just, we’re the first choice when someone needs a family chiropractor, when a mom is having stress issues and is looking for natural solutions, our name is brought up in local Facebook groups over and over and over and over again because that’s how we market with our message over and over and over and over again. And we don’t, we don’t choose to beat a different drum that month because it happens to be, you know, such and such awareness month. Like we’re talking to moms about stress every month, every day, every year. So I think consistency is really, you know, clarity on who you’re speaking to and then consistency with continuing to speak to that specific niche, um, is the key to really building a long lasting brand.

So a couple of questions off of that, um, I told you, I’m not going to let you off easy because he’s got too much information to get. Okay. You said getting a pulse on your demographics. So that’s one question. How, how can you give some of these docs, um, some ways to get a pulse on that. And then do you belong to some of these, um, social media groups and, uh, like chime in to conversations or

A question? Good question. Yeah, I will hit it. So the, as far as getting the pulse on your local demographic, you need to be out in the community. And I know that that is such like broad scope advice that you’ve heard forever, but in my life that looked like when I moved to this area, I knew no one, um, I, you know, my husband and I chose this place because it was close to somewhat close to where we both grew up, but we didn’t know a soul. And so I joined nonprofit boards. I did tons of volunteer work. I went into the schools, ended, um, different volunteer, um, pieces. I reached out to all kinds of, you know, companies to go and do talks. Like I was fully immersed in all in, and I haven’t stopped that the entire, nearly 13 years that I’ve been in practice.

And I think that is so imperative that you can’t just live in a place and, you know, decide to start a practice there. You really do need to contribute to the community in order to figure out what the community’s about. And especially if you’re going somewhere that you did not, you weren’t born and raised. This is extra important. In fact, when I first moved to this area, it was, it’s very saturated there. We have a lot of chiropractors for the small place that I live. And one chiropractor specifically said to me, you’ll never be successful here because you didn’t grow up here. And so I think it’s really, really important. Yeah, it’s really important because everyone kind of has their boundaries and their safe zone. You must, um, just throw yourself in the water and do your best to, to create relationships. Um, this is coming from an introvert who doesn’t love doing that, but it’s super important.

And then the, as far as the Facebook groups, I, I love this question. I’m so glad you asked this question. Um, I’m a firm believer that you should not expose yourself to something that could potentially drain your energy. And so, yes. So in my particular instance, so again, this is just my opinion, my progress. Um, we specifically have a, a local moms group that is very, very large. Um, this is, you know, one of the biggest places where we’re consistently recommended, but what I found, um, for the short time that I was in that group is, you know, lots of texts, lots of requests, lots of, you know, people want, they want me to be their doctor on Facebook and that’s not going to happen. And I also am so clear about what my practice stands for, how we operate, you know, I’m, I’m a super type, a like all the details are very me that you, I know I can’t control people’s perception.

And so when I did start to see, you know, perceptual things about how we operate and how I choose to run my practice, that’s draining to me. And to be honest, I don’t, I don’t need that. I I’ve, I know what we stand for. I know my team’s heart and soul. I know that we’re always doing our very best for every person that steps through our doors. And so I don’t need to do a bunch of market research by, you know, seeing, you know, potentially Medicaid patients that we no longer serve being upset because, you know, we have a business to run and we have to be at a certain place. And I had to make the business decision that we don’t accept Medicaid. You know, that’s just an example. Um, but there’s a real life example for all of you. I’m truly an open book. And so I am a firm believer if you take on those feelings, if you’re an empath, if you, you know, have some boundaries, you do not need to be in these groups, you do not need to be recommending chiropractic. Like that’s, in my opinion, if I do my job well, I’ve created an army in my community to go out and do that for me. Um, and that’s what I prefer because I need those boundaries to stay healthy myself.

That is huge. I mean, that is gold. You guys, that is so such huge, uh, wisdom right there. I mean, this is all so amazing wisdom because it, it is, especially for you and newer docs, listen to that and listen to it over and over again, what she just said. That’s amazing. So, okay. Um, couple more quick questions because our pick your brain. Hey, what about the Papa’s? Do you see daddy’s and many your practice and B, have you seen any new concerns or questions with this recent Cobin from patients with this recent Kobe crisis we’re in?

Yeah. So, um, I literally have to write them down cause I’ll forget.

Should, um, our answer is, it depends. So we definitely see dads. Um, so 40% of our practice is children. I am going to take a stab and say probably another, you know, 45 ish percent are women. So you know, that small percentage, um, men. Sure. But if we have a dad that, you know, let’s say he just has an acute episode, he’s only interested in resolving that acute episode. We may refer him to another chiropractor. Um, so really we prefer to see those young families that are all in for this is part of their natural health approach. Like they truly want to design their health and their family their way. And so if dad is on board for that and wants to really look at his stress and look at the big picture, yeah. Then we’re all about it. We would love to see him.

Um, but we’re not afraid to say, you know, if, if dad sprains his ankle while he’s running and is literally just looking to resolve an injury, we may refer him to another chiropractor in our town that is about that. Cause that’s not necessarily our, our thing. So it’s super dependent on, um, the dad. Um, and then COVID, Oh my gosh. I feel like, so here’s the thing. If any of you have been listening to anyone in chiropractic that says COBIT has not impacted their practice at all, um, you need to run far away from that person because COBIT has impacted all of us. And I think it is, it’s crazy to say that it hasn’t at least touched something in your practice. Um, I don’t care if you’re the best educator on the planet, you’re still gonna have some people in your practice that are fearful and that’s just the nature of society and communities.

So of course, you know, COVID has impacted our practice. We have a high volume practice, so we have lots of personalities to account for. Um, but honestly I’m at this beautiful place. Of course I’m the same as all of you, I’m over the masks, I’m over the fear, I’m over the loss of free I’m over at all. But I really can lay my head down on my pillow at night and be really grateful for this crisis that we are in because it has provided so much clarity for me. And it has provided, um, such an opportunity for my team to get closer than ever. Like, I really think that we are just more clear than we’ve ever been on what we’re here to do. And we are so confident that it’s okay to educate the people that are ready and it’s not our job to beat our head against the wall with the people that are just going to hold on relentlessly to their fear.

Like, I don’t think it’s my personal job right now to try to go shift everyone’s paradigm because there’s just too much fear. There’s way too much brainstem stuff going on right now for me to try to crack that code. And I mean, I I’m no Monica Berger, so I definitely can’t like throw them the science. Um, so I’m really grateful to COVID, um, for giving us the opportunity to just be like even more ourselves and even more clear than we’ve ever been. Um, and because of that, you know, our practice is breaking records. That August was August just now was a record breaker for us. Um, in every category we have new patients literally just coming out of our ears right now, um, because they’re ready and we’re ready to help those that are ready. So yeah, of course there’s all the normal cleaning and yeah, all the things that all of you are doing too. So,

But see, this is this. If you’re listening to this, this woman has carved out such an amazing road to building the practice of your dreams. I’m not kidding you when you’re authentic and you’re clear and you’re okay with being you and your message. You don’t have to put yourself in this energetic crap storm. I’ll watch my language and be so, um, you know, just so sucked up and your energy taken by these Facebook pages by trying to convince people otherwise, blah, blah, blah,

Blah, blah, blah. Um,

This is really how you’re going to have. This is how you’re going to build longevity. If you want to build longevity and a legacy, this is how you’re going to do it. It really, really is. So I’m going to ask you one more kind of earth question, um, are you see, because you have it, yeah.

Family practice paradigm, you know, are you seeing

More concern or conversation around the big B word? Uh, and especially in relation to the COVID

V right. We, I would say the only patients that have mentioned that particular phenomenon are, are women that are like over 50. So I’m really happy and pleased with our, our little bubble that we have created in our community because the vast majority of our young families are coming in and they are telling us like over my dead body, would I do that? And I think it’s stupid. You know, we certainly still have lots of families in our practice who vaccinate on the schedule. But I think this particular instance, they’re really, really starting to pick up some of those seeds that we’ve planted over the years and put them together, um, for themselves and just say like, Oh, you know, this, the quick nature of this, and obviously the toxic load and whatnot, I think they’re just really they’re thinking for themselves, which is as a provider, like that’s all I ever want. I am not here to tell a patient whether or not to do anything. I think they need to do their own research and make their own decision. And the same goes for this particular instance, I might net lock like their decision, but it’s not my job to judge them and shown them because it might not be mine. So

That is a huge, another huge message. Because when you do go down that rabbit hole, again, our energy gets sucked by trying to visit, and it’s it a million percent evident that you have educated them. Well, you’ve, you’ve built the energy, the belief you’ve educated them along the way, and this is

Of chiropractic or in her practice is a chiropractic dream.

Um, and so, uh, kudos to you and kudos to you for not giving into that, whoever that person was that said, you will never, never build a successful practice because you, you weren’t, uh, you know,

Are you from here? So, um,

So, um, it looks like we might have a little bit more wiggle room time because I’m known for, well, I got to do this fun thing for Krysti’s group on Tuesday. Right. And I always say, I love to over promise under promise over deliver. Anyway. So can you give a quick tidbit about how, um, how to best structure some agreements with associates so you can build that kind of

Sure. Absolutely. Um, from the outside looking in, I would bet that a very large percentage of my practice does not know that I am the owner. So I think really the, yeah, I think the first, yeah, yeah. I mean, some of them do don’t get me wrong. And sometimes I talk about being, being the boss in, like I’m throwing myself under the bus sarcastic way. Um, but I, I really, I did this wrong in initially. So, you know, the first hire I ever did, you know, years ago it didn’t work out because I, I was burnt out. I was frustrated. I was seeing way more than I could. I was desperate. And I just was like, I need a warm body to come in here and give some adjustments. And so really the number one thing to make an associate relationship work is thought and strategy, and like, who do you want to go? This is so hilarious. Who do you want to grow old with? I’m dead serious. Like I like my primary associate, that’s been here for five years. Like I literally joke that like, we’re going to have grapes next to each other.

No, no, no. That’s so weird and creepy, but like, she is like my best friend on the plate. Like we have just created this beautiful, um, working relationship personal really like, so I really think it takes a lot of thought and strategy of who are you as a person who are you as a practitioner? Who are you as a leader? And then what is going to not only compliment that, but amplify that. I mean, she makes me better every day. Um, you know, she’s who I would want my family to see if I was not a provider. In fact, like she is my husband’s primary care. So what I did is then I just recreated that with our second associate. And I actually interviewed 30 people for my third associate over the course of several years, because nobody wants to live in West bend Wisconsin.

Um, so I really just think it takes thought and strategy and intention and being willing to be patient. So, you know, don’t build your practice to a place where you’re desperate, make sure that you see that girls trend and you start putting feelers out ASAP so that you can structure things in a way that’s going to be palatable for both parties. And then as far as the actual structure, um, I’m a big proponent of a base salary plus a bonus percentage. So both of my associates have profit sharing. Um, so basically they’re, intrepreneurs like they have the ability if they work harder, they make more money. Um, and so I am not a big proponent of like strictly commission. We also all see everyone. So that’s a huge in my mind, that’s a huge way to build a long standing group of docs is not have, well, this person has this many patients, this person has this many patients. I’m bonused off of how many people I personally see like that fractures your team right off the bat. Um, we all see everyone and that allows us to take vacation and live our lives and for two of us to be young moms. And so I think it’s really important for you to ask yourself, what would you want if you weren’t the owner and structure in that way?

Yeah. That’s a huge point. And I’m going to add one caveat to that. I think also because I know you, and I think it’s also putting your ego aside and being okay with somebody else being in your space and maybe somebody else teaching you something along the way and be okay with that,

For sure. Because you’re awesome like that. Oh, thank you. It took many years of practice, you know, the first time you’re a longstanding patient asks to be adjusted by your associate. It still hurts. So just still stick and it’s okay because we can’t be all things to all people. No, we have to be okay with that and, and, and look at the things that we are good at and, and be okay with that as well. And I think that’s where you absolutely shine.

And again, if you are listening to this, um, this is, this is such huge, incredible information that, that this woman shared with you today because we should all take note, um, because this is what’s going to build what I say, you know, be the pace,

Oh, not the race card. This gives us a lifelong of being in practice, rather than going, going, going, going, and hurt, getting yourself hurt or burned out. And that’s where you don’t want to be. You want to have that luxury of building a practice where you can be there as long as you want. Yeah.

And, and have this amazing, um, life-giving career over a long period of time. And that’s where he,

You are a girlfriend. Wow. Well, thank you. I’m right back at you. I just think I thank you for doing things to Carol secure

In you, but you’re my one of my top three favorite female docs to just think you rock your lane and you deliver the science. And I just think it’s such a beautiful thing in chiropractic for all of us to own, you know, who we are and what we do. Um, so we can actually serve in a diverse weight. So, so thank you so much for being here. If you guys, they elimination illumination squad nominated, illuminated squat, the illuminated squad. Check it out. Dr. Kristie K R Y S T I, and again, thank you so much. I know you’ve got a crazy busy practice, but, um, just for sharing, I mean, you shared phenomenal gold and, and we really appreciate that. Um, so hopefully we can hang out again sometime down the road and thank you to ChiroSecure. Make sure you check out dr. Erik Kowalke the first, third, Thursday of October of October. Yes. I know where I’m at. Um, and I’m going to be back in October, October is national sensory awareness month. So I’m going to do a little shindig, um, to help you, um, just remember how important chiropractic areas with regard to, um, sensory motor modulation and what that, um, how that can change a person’s life. So catch me on the third, Thursday, and again, Krysti, I love you to pieces and we’ll see everybody next month.

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