Business Insurance For Chiropractors – A Primer

Every company that wants protection from liability or malpractice complaints understands the importance of getting insurance. Therefore, business insurance for chiropractors should be part of your must-haves list if you run a chiropractic clinic. It is important to note, however, that not all insurance packages are created equal; you have to carefully pick that one that fits the unique requirements of your business. In other words, choose that insurer that provides insurance tailored to the protection your chiropractic business needs.

We recommend that you give time to sit down with your prospective insurance provider to discuss it thoroughly and come up with a package custom-designed for your requirement. In doing so, you avoid paying for something that might be unnecessary.

As your primer, know that business insurance for chiropractors can provide protection to cover: (1) property and (2) liability risks.

For property risks, your insurance can make your business protected from:

  • Building or property damage
  • Lost or damaged documents
  • Destroyed billing records for reasons such as fire
  • Discrepancies in your received checks

For liability risks, your insurance can protect your business from:

  • Injury lawsuit
  • Wrongful termination lawsuit
  • Customer data loss or theft

Finding the right company

Searching for the right company that offers business insurance for chiropractors can be tedious for beginners. But here are some insights you might find helpful as you list down your criteria for selection.

Industry experience – choose one with experience as a chiropractic insurance provider (it makes sense to choose one with decades of industry experience rather than relatively new insurance providers)

Coverage – what are the inclusions of the package? Are the inclusions worth it relative to the price? How does one insurance package differ from that of another provider? (put them side by side and compare)

Insurance claim payout – how many insurance claims payouts have your prospective companies granted over the years? (you can ask for their annual data). In doing so, you will have an idea of whether or not they can deliver their promise.

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