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Can You Still Build A Practice Without Social Media?

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Hello, everyone. Welcome to empowering women in chiropractic. My name is Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp excited today to talk about a topic that is very talked about often when it comes to us a business owner. So can you be out of the loop on social media and still build a success? We’ll practice.

And I was myself, an early adopter of Twitter, a little boy, 13, 14 years ago. I love social media and what it brings us in terms of accessibility. So like to share my thoughts with you because the answer to this question. Brings me to my second slide here in that is, it depends. It really does depend.

So I want to walk you through questions to ask yourself and do an inventory right now of what you’re doing. I know myself, I’ve done a lot of different things throughout the years, and then. Somehow stops some of those strategies when it comes to social media. So let’s pause and, really give it a good assessment of what’s happening for your social media, into your practice.

First of all we have to define success and depending how long you’ve been in practice. Of course, as a chiropractor, we want to serve as many people as possible and make an impact in our community. But I think it’s important that we define success and in general also in life, what brings you fulfillment?

What makes you happy? It’s not just about bottom line or the revenue. And sometime we have to, assess how much we’re loving. When we’re with patients, as opposed to completely just focusing on the numbers because numbers are important. Of course. But we have to really be clear with our definition of success.

I think another big question to ask ourselves is where are you in your practice right now? So I’m approaching I guess, 26 years. And I think I want to say I’ve done it all for. Dinner with the doctors, a wellness expo, mobile screening and all of that stuff. And I think, things are obviously changing and social media gives access to just about everyone to put their message out there.

For the practitioners that have been in practice for as long as I have maybe you’re at a different stage right now. But I really still believe that there’s a minimum requirements that we need to be out there to have your brand up there and a good image of who you are and what your clinic represents in your community.

Now, if you’re a new grad fantastic, because you don’t have to necessarily go to the mall all weekend and stand and talk to people, not to say. It’s not good to do, but it just gives you different tools that, 25 years ago we did not have. So I think you have to ask yourself the question, where are you in your practice right now?

And what makes more sense in term of where you’re spending your time, energy and your money as well. And I think another question to ask ourselves is what are your main sources of new patients right now? So I know when we have new patients coming into the practice, we have ask who referred you. I have to say that, a large amount of our patients, our referral, which I’m sure is probably the case for you guys.

When people look for you, when you have an amazing online presence and a good website, it just gives you that extra credibility that, they’re not having a hard time finding you. So depending on again what your source of new patient is, you can customize and see, We’re getting 80% of our patients in term of referral.

So which is great. So the other 20%, what time do you want to spend on reaching out to a new audience versus putting your time and energy into your processes in the clinic? Yeah. The thing that I think is important because like I said, I think I’ve done it all when it comes to Facebook advertising and all of that stuff.

Are you clear on who you want to attract? Because I know throughout the years I’ve done campaigns to attract different types of patient in term of what symptoms they had and so forth. And I remember doing one specifically that just did not attract. People for me and to my practice. And I found out, instead of being energized to work with these people and just got heavy and I’m like, this is not my happy place.

So whatever your marketing experts is telling you. With, we’ll work to bring patients into your practice. You really have to be clear on who it is that you want to work with. And of course, as chiropractor where a marketer’s nightmare, because they say, who do you want to help? And we always say everyone, but it doesn’t work that way.

So what I’m saying is you don’t want to be too broad, but you really want to make sure that you’re talking to the audience that you want to. So I wrote down here the year is 2022. So that being said I believe that there are some basic online tools and a certain amount of presence that we need to have online.

So modern websites I know, a year and a half ago. Went down to the run back to the drawing board and just read it my entire website. It was painful. It was long, but I was happy after it was done because you just keep building over top. And sometime you’re like, okay, if I’m a stranger getting onto my website, what do I see here?

And is it giving me the right feel and the right amount of confidence in the person I might talking to the person that I want. Attract easy online booking is a must. I cannot say that strongly enough, if you don’t have online booking, yet you have to figure out your platform, your software, that to make it possible.

I know myself. Eight years ago, I asked my provider when they were thinking of doing it, then I didn’t like the answer. So I finagle something with other technology that we’re still using to Disney, even though my provider now has online booking a good system and we want to make it accessible for people and easy for them to book on.

I think it’s also important to have a system to get Google reviews. There’s different providers out there, a big fan of review wave there’s other companies out there that will help you with that. And if you don’t have that at keys app, some sort of system in the office, that it is what your text confirmation or email, just to make sure that your nurture getting re reviews because.

That is the first thing I think people are looking at now, your number of reviews and the star system compared to your competitor, people are shopping before they come to see you, which is not a bad thing. Because then, like I said, you’re going to attract a right. I’m a big fan of Google my business in term of what it can bring to the equation.

I know they just changed the name not too long ago. But my team and I are really diligent at making Google happy when it comes to contributing current. Regular blog posts again, and blog posts that are, I’m the author of the book hack your health habits. I also have another brand Dr.

Nathalie, which is more lifestyle health recommendation, but when it comes to the. You have to focus on what people are going to be searching for. So it might be a bit boring for us, but it is the neck pain back pain, the headaches and so forth. So I have discovered we can’t go too fancy on two different topics to make it irrelevant of what the person is going to look for.

There’s tons of tools on online now or. And the Google search, whatever you think. And the sentence will get we’ll get filled in and there’s other platforms that do that as well. So consistencies is key there. Google ads obviously a good one to have Facebook and Instagram. As well, I think are some of the basic ones that you want to put content on.

And I know like just a couple of days ago, I we posted our blog for the clinic and I just boosted it a little bit to give it a little bit more traction. And with Facebook, Instagram, you can target your area more effectively. And then I put tick talk with with a question, mark. And again, it depends where.

You’re in your practice. If I was a young practitioner, dang, I’m beyond that thing, like crazy. I have a tic doc channel, but it’s more for my Dr. Nally as an author. But again, there are tools now for the younger practitioners that may not have to big budget to market, to be out there and give people tips on whatever is congruent with your way of practice.

Now next. I think we have to also and I go back to success here. So it’s one thing for us to have patients coming in, but there are many things that we need to make sure that are happening for us to be successful. So we do need business system, and I believe I, I spoke about that a while back, but I’m all about systems.

I’m all about training my team to. Inside of those systems. So we make sure that we, we hit the the goals with every patient that comes in into our practice. So booking qualified leads starts with with the phone call. So again, if it is a warm lead versus someone’s shopping, like it’s so important that your staff knows how to answer.

So you put your criteria with the staff. So we have three criteria that my staff knows that. A patient needs to have those three criteria before we can book them yet. If not, we broke them for a phone consultation. I get on the phone and I can see if there’s a fifth and if I can help them, same thing with the and the day one and the D two processes.

I think it’s important as chiropractors. I just said that this week, Off oftentimes unfortunately we’re the last resort for many people. And I think us doing a awesome job at educating people of what’s going on, I think is so crucial. Especially now some doctors are still not seeing, not chiropractors, but other practitioners are not seeing patients face to face and people really feel.

On heard and that no one is listening. So I think we have such a huge advantage being neat to knee and touching these patients. So a conversion, again, making sure that you have the right step in place that your team is trained for it. And then retention as well. And I have to say that retention.

With what has happened in the last two years, I’ve been a little bit more challenging cause we, would promote getting adjusted to maximize your immune system function and so forth. So that’s been a little bit more challenging, but yet I know that in the thick of things things have gone down with that, but now it’s ramping back up and the more I communicate the long-term.

And the benefits of chiropractic care. I think people are even more receptive to it, ongoing education. You have your patients for a small amount of time in your office. So what else could you do to leverage what you know? So I have. Tons of educational campaign and buckets that I like to put my patients.

And if they have, let’s say gut issue or inflammation issue and so forth. I kind of joke with my patients that, okay, tell me what you need, because I can overwhelm the heck out of you with all the information that I have to support you. So let’s work together and, I’m just trying to.

Content to them. First of all, the content that’s relevant to them and drip, the content in small amounts, and then staff training, always key for our team to be on the same page as we are now other consideration for our social media. And I’m just gonna rapid fire on this, but I think we can all understand that video.

Is just much stronger than a static post, but the question is, do you like being in front of the camera? And that’s another thing I’ve talked to a colleague and it just don’t like being in front of the camera somehow. So you have to figure out what strategy will work well for you. But that being said, I know we use Canva for graphics quite a bit.

Then you can literally make videos with graphics. So again, we just have to be creative. The other question to ask ourselves too, is, do you have a preset social media calendar? I find that this is so helpful knowing ahead of time, what you’re going to, what your blog is going to be about, what your Google, my business posts are going to be about what your social media posts are going to be about.

And I’m all about. And I’ll talk about that in a further down point. To reuse my content in many ways. So I try to, put the work into the content for the bigger picture. And then how else can we leverage all this clear on SEO keywords and what kind of people you want to attract?

As I mentioned I somehow love working with people with headaches and migraines. I just, I am so pleased with the changes that it can make in our lives. So this is something that we do, regular campaign. I have a quiz, all of the things to try to focus on helping these folks. And then also potentially if you have someone on your team that you could leverage and place in charge, if you have younger staff members that are going and just love that kind of stuff, just sit down with that.

Structure it organized and then let them create stuff. And then you still need to approve obviously just to make sure that the message is correct, but it’s if it’s not your happy place, then just delegate to someone on your team. Just make sure that you keep an eye on. The other set of question two is using publishing tools to make life easier.

Now I know Facebook has its calendar and all of that, but we use a tool I’ve used buffer I’ve used, I think right now we’re using later. So it’s just a good way to have your calendar and know exactly what’s coming and it’s pretty expensive. But again, you probably don’t even need that.

I are repurposing the content multiple times. This is something that I just talked about, but let’s say it’s summer gardening, season gardening, season, low back pain. Okay. What can you do with what a blog on this and giving people tools and tips and just leveraging it many different ways. One of the things that I do as well is I batch my video shoot.

So actually doing this afternoon, I have a team member coming to my house because it’s not just for the clinic, but for my book and so forth. And we’ve got a list of potentially 15 videos that we’re going to do today. And then. We just take their content and then just make sure that we answered it in the calendar.

I find it so much easier to do this. Now. That’s just me. I know some people are quite easy to just, Hey, just hop on and chat. You have to go with your personality. But I find with me, I make a list of topics and tools or whatever I want to talk about. And then just go to town. Then she has the content and then we can start creating the written content as well.

That will go with it. Are you also giving your patient a reason to follow you on social? This is something I’ve done recently. I literally put a sign. Beside my adjustment tables and it says connect with Dr. Natalie yet at Dr. Natalie on Instagram and so forth. And I’m amazed how many people didn’t know I was on Instagram and didn’t know that I was doing all of those things.

And some of them. Our commenting and I slowed down a few weeks ago on populating the videos and people are not in the, you’re not posting as much. I really enjoy, you testing products or whatever it is. So it’s fun. And it’s right there and people can literally go and follow.

Giving them a reason also is delivering good content, delivering information that will be valuable to them. So when they come in to the clinic and if you have, let’s say vitamins, or you sell orthotics or whatever you’re pushing the information through to social. They can go and read on your website and on their own.

But then when they’re coming back, they have done their research. So it feels comfortable for them to, either, ask you about the pillow or whatever else you might have in your office. So as you can see, I go back to full circle here as can you be out of the loop on social media and still build a successful practice?

And I’ll still finish with the same statement that it depends. And I think. It can be overwhelming sometime when we’re looking at other clinics and what they’re doing and go, oh my goodness. I’m not doing enough of that. And I think at the end of the day, I like to think of marketing as many plates that we’re spinning and it’s good to have.

Awesome online a social media strategy to attract patients, but we can’t forget the other pieces of the puzzle where they, the education, the conversion and the retention. So that’s why it’s super important to monitor our process. So I know for me, Into some waves, if you want us spending more time on social than others.

But I think at the end of the day, as I said, there are some basic minimum requirements that you want to have a good presence. And like I said, for the people that are being referred to you by friends and family, that they go, oh my goodness, I can’t find her. Or I can’t find him. Or my goodness, her website looks like it’s out of the seventies.

So I think it’s important that we have. A good brand and a brand that is representative of who we are. So hopefully I made you think, and I made you do that pause to assess where are you right now? Because when you’ve been in practice for a long time, or I used to do this, I used to do this okay. We can’t keep going or doing everything, but it’s not a bad thing sometime to just sit back and say, okay, why did we stop doing this?

Is it because it didn’t work? What else could we do? Or who else? Could we put in charge of that to have better results and create some engagement in our community. So hopefully you enjoyed today’s show empowering women in chiropractic. And again, thank you so much to ChiroSecure for putting on dos shows.

I’m always excited to get on and talk to colleagues and listening to the other shows as well. Awesome to see the great things that people are doing out there. So again, Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp, and thank you very much for tuning in today.

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