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Capturing Your Community’s Attention

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Welcome ChiroSecure family and friends. I’m so excited that you’ve joined me once again within this audience is amazing. And you’ve been with us now for many years, and you’ve been really steadfast in all that you do. You are an action orientated audience in. That’s why I love coming back every month to bring you something that will make a difference.

And today it will impact. Make a difference. And the reason why is we need to capture community attention and that community attention is really to optimize you. How do we improve their overall. We need to do it by in fact, getting their community attention. And so I’m going to make it easy for you today.

Yes. You’re going to have homework, but trust me, it’s fun homework. And you can work with your staff to really be able to put these pieces in place. So it makes sense. And the reason why you’re going to win is because your community is going to win. So let’s kick off with starting with the slides on who and what we really are all about.

Who are we really all about? It’s about our sponsors. We want to thank all of you, especially for joining us today and our proud corporate sponsors, because without them it’d be a much harder job to get you the resources and assets. You need to be the very best in your community. Now let’s start with, how do you optimize your community health?

And that’s going to be through new toolkits because a healthy community. Is in fact a happy one. And if you capture their attention, you can change their lives. How do you do that? We have resources for you how to implement and what in fact to implement because in today’s marketing, you have to catch to them right now where they’re at.

So these toolkits are going to help. One, in fact, is focused on improved sleep. And I can tell you, I could use that one, the next one, follow an anti-inflammatory diet who couldn’t use that. Sometimes ice cream can be your best friend and you don’t want it to be. So we’re working together as a team to really improve your communities.

And bone structures for those that are aging of fact, all of us are aging. It’s a true story. You will be older by the time this presentation ends. So let’s help our community improve their bone structure. The very popular one that might actually surprise you is the benefits of an adjustment. And that was a big one on LinkedIn.

So if you haven’t gone to my LinkedIn site, I would encourage you because you’ll be amazed by the comments that were made on that LinkedIn post on what is an adjustment and what are the benefits to an adjustment. So we have all these toolkits for you. The last one. Oh, it’s an important one. It is in fact mental.

How are chiropractors supporting the patient in their mental health journey. And as I say that, here in fact, is the toolkit that I just talked about. It’s improved sleep and sleep posture, because many of those out there don’t think about the other eight hours. Or maybe even five. No, I’m not talking about the one behind the desk.

I’m talking about the ergonomics that occur when our patients are sleeping, what is their sleep posture with many Americans actually not getting the appropriate amount of rest, which leads to increased food cravings, increased anxiety. And increased depression. So when we’re talking about mental health, this is in fact, a critical piece in chiropractic care.

As we know, can benefit with sharing sleep, posture tips, but also supporting better sleep with chiropractic care. So well, we’ll push that aside and we’ll move to that healthy diet. This tip sheet walks you through not only what food to focus on to improve your diet. But also the signs and symptoms patients may not be aware of that is showing on going inflammation.

All of these resources, as you guessed, are made, ready to use on our website, it’s actually found in our media center. And I know most of you now, and I gratefully thank you. Most of you now are part of the foundation. You saw it, you heard it, and you believed in the future, the legacy of the chiropractic profession by supporting the foundation for chiropractic.

And if you’re not a member yet what’s stopping you today from joining. I’m going to let that question sit there because many marketing companies are out there, but they’re not supporting the entire profession from a career in chiropractic to the patient outreach and every state association that. So you can find these lovely resources in our media center.

And remember, I did talk recently about supporting a healthy, strong structure. As we age, we all know our bone structures can weaken and we must prevent that if. Falls occur. This tip sheet encourages our aging adults to get moving with weight, bearing exercise, nutritional recommendations, to utilize as we mature.

And of course, seeing you for the benefits of chiropractic care for balance, flexibility, and maintaining strict. Now I did mention we had a very big hit on what happens during a chiropractic adjustment. They may actually be afraid to ask, but what actually really happens, this resource gets into the specifics with the sound associated with the adjusted.

It’s commonplace for us, but it’s not for the patient and or the patient. Who’s looking for another option. So we want to spread this information on what actually happens during a, an adjustment, and it can be shared. However you wish on your website, in your office on a, in a plastic holder or an, a patient newsletter, because the more they know the better choices they will make.

And speaking of choices, Here’s one. We didn’t get choices in the pandemic and the social isolation that occurred in the unfortunate mental health issues that are currently brewing in America. In fact, nearly 50 million Americans suffer from mental illness. Depression anxiety. All of these were worse than during the pandemic and the social isolation, which of course, we’ll talk a little bit about later in this presentation.

So what we’ve done is we’ve crafted several resources. As many individuals that are suffering with mental health issues also struggle with substance use disorder, one in three to be specific. Yeah, I’m going to repeat that one in three are really struggling individuals that abuse substances may have began doing.

So with a prescribed open. 187 people are being lost to opioid abuse in the chiropractic profession. Doesn’t fact play a significant role in this. We can support our patients. We can be, can coordinate with the guidelines, which we know now 30% of our healthcare professionals are unfortunately not following the guidelines.

And those are 30% of the nation that’s may unfortunately move from a. Something that we can treat easily and resolve to a chronic situation. So let’s be very aware of these mental health resources available for your practice. And as we know that mental health was thrust into the spotlight during the pandemic last month, we actually conducted and showcased that nearly half of us adults report that they’ve experienced.

Physical pain and that they believe it was worse than due to mental or emotional pain. That’s the hairs poll that we put together. And that’s what we learned through that Harris poll. This is why mental health really matters. Even before the pandemic, there was a nationwide health crisis of physical pain and his mental health struggles, and it will continue so will physical pain.

So making them aware of. Is a big piece and that’s why we’re always creating new content for you that you can use to just educate your community about the resources that are available here. In fact, or three more that can, you can find in our media center, you can download them and. If you’re interested, you can share them on your website.

They include the tech, neck sports performance, and chiropractic influence on the wellness in the workplace. And unfortunately, the workplace is suffering and we want to be able to meet them where they’re at and take them where they need to go. And that’s why you being in charge and making it simple, making it easy, but doing your part in an action orientated.

Creates a better world for everyone today. Let’s talk about creating that better world at the foundation. We’re very proud to sponsor and be sponsored by a number of different organizations during drug-free pain management awareness month. But that is not all. We also want to bring everybody together.

Everyone. And what does that look like? It’s ChiroThon, this is the last announcement you’re going to hear before. ChiroThon and today’s the day. What do I mean by that? On the bottom of the screen the first thing you need to do after listening to this fantastic is if your Facebook lives.

It’s to in fact, register first, you register yourself much like the airlines that say first, put your oxygen mask on and then you can help someone else. Once you’ve registered. Now you’ve opened the door to everything. You can share that registration, and you can ensure that your community sees you as the inviter, which is always good.

Who doesn’t want to come to. I will tell you, I want to come to this party. Actually I’ll be there. So join me for ChiroThon. It is a live and a virtual event so everyone can celebrate this fabulous profession, elevate their education. Yes, you can be a chiropractor in, learn more. I’ll tell you why.

Just a woman and we want to support. Fantastic profession. And how we’re going to do that is to engage in ChiroThon. This is in fact, our way to live stream and be in person and make everybody feel included. Cause that my friends is one way to increase mental health is companionship and they will have fantastic companionship, no better place than look at these fabulous speakers as you go through.

And you look at them, you have mark Victor Hansen, he’s going to inspire your patients, your community, your family, your loved ones, your spouse, your mother, your father, whoever it may be. I know that there’ll be a moment in ChiroThon, especially on our opening night that their heart will be touched and they will consider who’s in their circle of friends and family that may need the chiropractor and experience the benefits.

So don’t leave anyone out, including yourself. Today’s the day at four To register. You must register. If you’re coming live, you still need to download that ticket because you won’t give in. If you’re joining us virtual, it will ping you on when it’s happening. Now. Listen, I know from my chiropractic friends in California and on the west coast, that yes, it’s a little early on a Thursday, cause that will be starts at 5:00 PM Eastern standard time.

That’s okay, because you’re going to give yourself the gift of a celebration. On Thursday, August 25th. You’re going to take some time off. I’m giving you permission to allow yourself to enjoy ChiroThon. If you’re on the west coast, you’re going to take some time off at two o’clock in the afternoon, and just have fun from two to four pops and popcorn, open it up to your whole staff, but do please enjoy this event because it is in fact for everyone and we have fantastic 30 minute vignettes throughout the entire weekend.

Guest author speakers and the NFL fabulous player. We have a multiplicity of things that your patient will learn that are up to date research backed, and more importantly, inspiring your patient to get chiropractic. So first and foremost, share the love and to do that well, in fact, you need to invite everyone, to come and enjoy it.

Now, if you’re coming live kudos to you at FCA, because it is the world’s largest gathering of chiropractic. I’m going to say that again, FCA is the world’s largest gathering of chiropractors. So don’t miss it here. If you haven’t made your registration for FCA still time to do it. But if you’re coming out of the airport from Orlando, guess what?

You’re going to see, improve your health with natural chiropractic care. That’s a billboard that in fact, just launched August 1st. So we’re celebrating with FCA and we can’t thank FCA enough for being such a fabulous host for this wonderful event. But if you happen to live in Ohio Ohio’s going big.

Look at the number of billboards they’re going to be putting out in August, September in a variety of billboards in October as well. This is how we grow awareness. It doesn’t matter where in the world. Awareness happens. And it can be from a billboard. It can be from a social media posting, but stick together with me and we’ll make a difference.

I promise you no one gets left out. Everyone becomes important in this endeavor to help people. Sometimes they’re in pain and they’re really at rock bottom, such as our drug-free pain management awareness month. And sometimes they just need a little bit of help with their posture or maybe their sleep position.

You never know where someone is and you get to be playing in that role, the road. How simple is this drug-free pain management awareness month is coming near you. And remember we have proclamations that you can set out to your local media to tell them that this is an awareness month where we’re reaching out because so many in fact are having an unfortunate.

Event in their lives or they’ve lost someone because of the use of opiates. So draft this proclamation and get it out. You can customize it. You can get, the stats are already done for you. All you need to do is fill in the blanks. Can we make it any easier? And if there’s something we’re not doing tag us, let us know what we can do more for you because our job is to help you be action-orientated with.

So we get the easy part. You get the action part. So moving through September drug-free pain management awareness month has lots of information for. Sign up for these webinars. Why? Because they’re the latest information. One particular that stands out for me right now is four secrets to drug-free pain management.

What are those secrets for your patients? What about post COVID and the call to action? Addressing the opioid and mental health crisis. Let’s dig in to these next ones and sign up for them. And. We never leave your CA out, help them learn, help them be educated and inspired. So look at these ones and consider which ones you think your CA should be joining.

If not all of them, I think they’re all fantastic. And I think it’s a way to really bond together by making time, when you make time together, you build a better future for your staff, for your family and for your community. Mother, Theresa was once said, if you want to change the way. Start with your home.

And that means you would spend time with your loved ones, just like you’re going to spend time with your staff doing these CA webinars and. If you do need more staff we’re going to be working with a lot of people across the country. That is the virtual job fair. So if you need help in your office and you need a chiropractic assistance, come in, someone to help adjust with you or an associate.

That’s really what job here is all about. So after ChiroThon, you’ll be loaded down with the job fair. Come join us. If you have a job that you want to be filled, let us know if you are looking for a job in Europe right now, and perhaps you want to move and you’re thinking about it, but you don’t know if there’s a job available.

Join us at the Cairo at the virtual job. Fair. It’ll be exciting. It’ll be inspirational. And we’ve got lots of jobs that are going to be ready to be released last but not least adjusted reality has. It’s season three, hard to believe. And I can’t. Thank you enough. We are blown away by the support that we have had with adjusted reality, a podcast series trusted by the adjusted and it’s for everyone.

And it’s there to gently weave in the chiropractic message through celebrities, thought leaders and healthcare providers. And we have amazing lineup for you coming up in season four. This one right here with Dr. Lou Sportelli is a legacy. This is an evergreen podcast that everyone needs to hear. Your patients need to know what happened in the past.

In a delicate, but well-versed way, like only Dr. Lou Sportelli can do, they also need to know what’s happening in the present with their healthcare. And then of course, what does the future look like? So join me as we get to the celebration of our chiropractic birthday and that we’ll be launching. This podcast to celebrate our birthday, September 15th.

We want to make this the biggest listen to healthcare podcast ever, but we’ll need you action orientated audience to make that happen. Look, I gave you many homework assignments today, but I’m going to go through them one by one. Number one, register for ChiroThon. That’s a must. Number two, share it with everyone and anyone.

Don’t leave someone out because you don’t think they’re interested. Give them a choice. Number two, I want to ensure that you pop some popcorn in enjoy that Thursday night kickoff, August 25th, 5:00 PM. Eastern standard time. Then number three, engage those tool kits that we’re giving to you together. We make a difference.

I’m excited to be with you. I’m always grateful to be on ChiroSecure and all the fabulous people that run ChiroSecure. It is a blessing and we hope to see you again, back here. On our next ChiroSecure Facebook live where there’ll be another exciting guest next Tuesday. So don’t miss it. We enjoy your company and we look forward to seeing you again.

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