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Caring for Our Military – F4CP

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All right. Welcome ChiroSecure. So excited to have you with me today. Number one reason in November to give thanks is caring for our military. Those that have fought for our freedom, our veterans, and our active duty military. And that’s really what November is going to be about. We just looking at veteran’s day and adopting all of the benefits to those veterans and active duty military that we can because we know how desperately they need the care of a chiropractor. So we’re going to go to the slides. We’ve got a lot to cover today, and I am truly happy to be able to share with you how we’re going to be looking at building out this November, encouraged an education. So as we go through, never forget ChiroSecure is our friend, and we thank every single corporate sponsor on this, but particularly to ChiroSecure, thank you for all you do.

The next portion of this is we’re going to be looking now at the foundation, launched a military toolkit to support the PR theme of November. What is that peer thing? Well, you guessed it. It is looking at active duty military and our veterans, and how do they find chiropractic care? And what importance does chiropractic care have in their lives? Well, the only person they’re going to hear that from is you you’re the community expert and they are our target audience. So we want to ensure that the doctors of chiropractic are able to reach out. And this roadmap for veterans is an overview of the steps to encourage veterans, to utilize the chiropractic benefits and the guide to do so. So where are we with getting that information out? Well, we put together the, get the care you deserve. And I think as we look at some of the unfortunate statistics and suicide that’s happening right now, chiropractic is so steadfast in helping those that are suffering.

And a lot of times it’s an open ear and a heartfelt care for them that makes a difference in their lives. So I want you to know that as a chiropractor, you’re serving those active duty military and those veterans with true admiration for the job that they are doing or have done and being able to work with them. So getting the care you deserve is a tip sheet, but it also doubles down because it can actually be used as a fire to your office. Maybe you want to put that into your newsletter, use it as a digital resource to outline to the vets where they can get the care and how they can find someone that is going to need that care. As a member of the foundation, many of you out there are going to be in our find a doctor directory. That’s a critical component.

Why? Because if they don’t know where you are, they won’t be able to find you. They don’t know you exist and they need your care. So let’s now move to our infographics. We have a dozen new infographics. You heard me right, a dozen new infographics in our toolkit this month that have uploaded to print out and you can put them on your website and you can put them in your newsletters. You can text them. If you know, there’s a vet out there that may need a little extra care, let them know that you’re thinking about them and that they can share this information. Look, neck pain from military helmets. I mean, think of the stress that they have in their current occupation, or that served in that current occupation. And also looking at low back pain and the gear that they actually had to move around with in fast and obviously very difficult terrain and environment.

So this information is provided to you to ensure that they understand the importance of how injuries result. And also, what does it look like when the injury happens in, they’re not getting the care that they need so desperately. And that’s part of post-traumatic stress disorder is chronic pain may actually lead to PTSD. How does chiropractic fit into that mix? How do we get that veteran or active duty military, the care that they need? Well, let’s start talking about it. Let’s start sharing with our colleagues, with our healthcare providers, with our community, so that we have an open line of transparency and communication with them so that they feel our caring hands. They hear our caring words and they, we network with our community to get the care that they need. Nearly 20% of Americans suffer from chronic pain. Startling fact here is that 65% of our veterans are in chronic pain.

And that is a significant problem. But remember this, they’re not alone. And as you can see, Shiloh Harris is an amazing individual. And we have on our YouTube, this video, PSA, this public service announcement and sharing these important videos, reach out to other veterans who may be suffering. You know, this is an incredible man who lost a lot of, um, his quality of life based on the injury sustained, but he kept moving through and finding options and finding ways that he can himself through and really grow through what he has gone through. So our toolkit today that we set up for you is to ensure that we can help those, especially those that have done so many fabulous things like us, army staff, Sergeant shallow Harris, get that story out. He could save someone else’s life that may in fact be suffering and you cannot miss the importance of actually learning and sharpening your skillset.

What are we talking about? Here are webinars series. They are free for everyone listening right now. This one was hosted by Dr. Nathan Henkel day, and the presentation was caring for veterans considerations for the private practitioner. Now Dr. Hinkle day, fantastic individual served internally at the VA as the point of contact for pain management. He’s cheering various committees at the VA in a serving as the VA central Iowa integrated chiropractic residency program director, and the whole health program management. You will learn a great deal from Dr. Henkel day’s presentation. Remember, again, there’s no cost when they’re live. However, if you’d like to do it on your time, very simple silver sponsor members get to access the recording. So why wait, consider upgrading your membership by visiting our website? And you’ll see all of the other important information that comes with membership such as this new and fantastic episode on adjusted reality, a podcast series trusted by the adjusted in a time for you to reach out to your patients and share these podcasts.

Why? Because it grows awareness of chiropractic in a fun, relatable way where we bring in celebrities and healthcare providers thought leaders, and just fun information that your audience can learn from. And it keeps you top of mind all the time when you share the podcast and let’s face it 12 to 29 year olds are using podcasts. Like in my day, we use the radio. So this brand new podcast that we have here is featuring retired Brigadier general, Becky Halstead. The first person you must lead is you and it dives into Becky’s leadership tactics and how those tactics can be applied to help veterans during this global opioid crisis. We’re also in a mental health crisis. Following those 27 years of service with us army Becky diagnosed with fibromyalgia, the military solution was paying prescriptions and it led her to finding a fabulous chiropractor, Dr. Caroline Malaysia.

And she was a board member of the foundation. Unfortunately, she passed away, but her light and transcendence into everything we do is inspired by her willingness and passion to give all that she gave to the foundation. So we’re very blessed to have Dr. Caroline Malaysia as part of our, our board in the past. And it brought Becky Halston to us, which is fantastic. So please do listen to this episode. I think you’ll find it engaging. And she almost brought me to tears in that podcast. It’s just that touching now, we never leave you without an ebook. And with this military toolkit, we also have the future of wellness and how to provide chiropractic care to improve the lives of veterans. And you can download this book and share this resource with your staff, or maybe you have a conference or a health fair or a community outreach that you could bring this with because you never know who’s going to enjoy or learn from a ebook.

It’s just an amazing next step to help your community do great things. And with this new CU toolkit, there’s a snapshot of the front page of the military toolkit. We tackled on the webinar. It was designed to compete with the resources needed in order to treat and educate the veterans and active duty personnel on chiropractic care. You can find this in the print material sections on the FRCP website, just remember that this toolkit was specific. It was intentional. And it was our opportunity to reach out to those that are suffering. This campaign is only successful. If you help us get it out to the public, sharing it and having your staff understand it and what the messaging is all about. That’s what makes us the fastest growing profession in healthcare, because we’re making amazing moments happen and we cannot do it without you. So joining the team and being out there, sharing the materials and investing in the future of chiropractic is critical.

That’s why the roadmap is such an amazing next step for your staff and you to go through together. I like to think that when you prepare your staff, well, you’re preparing the future of your practice because they’re out there daily talking about you and the amazing results that you get in practice. So this roadmap weeks, one through four showcase all of the necessary pieces that you need to market yourself effectively and treating the veterans in your community and making sure that they know that you care. Now, speaking of caring, one of the best things we can do out there is continue to push forth and really start to, uh, address the marketing part of what we do. And one of the major moments has just happened. And I will share with you, this press release was brought out. And one of the big pieces was it was picked up on several different news sources, Philly, voice, and others that we didn’t expect right out of the gate.

And it’s, it’s an amazing moment when we get these pickups. These, we put out a press release talking about gen Z and the young millennials, and all of a sudden other, um, publications start picking it up and showcasing the benefits of chiropractic care and how that generation Z and the young millennials are more likely to say they will be willing to visit a doctor of chiropractic than a medical doctor for the neck and back pain. Wow. That my friends is what the foundation is all about, bringing forth information. That’s really going to help make a difference in that, remember the release, which is found on our website, you can share it with, um, on your newsletter, but 54% of gen Z ages, 18 to 24 and 52% of the younger millennials, 25 and 32 answered doctor of chiropractic to the question. If you experiencing neck or back pain, would you be willing to see a DC or a medical doctor?

So some very exciting next steps there, new tip sheets, all about getting those tip sheets out, because the more your patients know, the more they’re able and willing to share with others in their family and friend group, this particular resource, the benefits and costs and effectiveness of chiropractic care. It outlines the cost savings associated with including the studies that show how excellent chiropractic is. And this can be used with stakeholders in your particular community or legislators or third-party payers, just an important piece to have at your ready to share. We love the billboards because we know they’re making a huge difference. And we saw that when we did the Olympics. And we also saw that as we see our numbers on find a doctor directory go up and during the Olympics, we had 133,000 people going to find a doctor directory. And we love, we love keeping the billboards up because they, they really nationally make a big difference, but also locally, where they can find a doctor of chiropractic when they’re driving down the road and their back hurts.

All right. So we had them in Ohio. We had them in North Dakota and don’t forget, we also have them in Wisconsin. So five doors in Wisconsin, this is all about bringing it together. There’s not one way to perfectly market anything. And so we have to be creative. We want to be bold. We want to be brave, and we want to get those messages out in whatever medium we can. And I want you to do the same think creatively, how you’re going to get your message out and where are you going to take it? Is it going to be a podcast? Listen, there’s a lot of different podcasts in our season one. And as you know, we launched season two and we were an award winner. If you didn’t remember here, the fact that we were chosen out of 700 healthcare podcasts with judges 58 judges that brought us to a bronze level winner.

And some of those judges were in fact from the AMA ARP, Optum blue shield, blue house, blue cross health. So many, many ways to build out the excitement. And the podcast is one of them. A lot of people suffering with trauma and addiction emotions that will heal. And don’t forget analog key. What a fabulous speaker, author of drug dealer MD so many different ways of looking at the opioid epidemic and how it impacts our social media and the social media dilemma that our, our youth are actually experiencing right now. So I want to thank each and every one of you for being part of the foundation, making a difference today. And as you know, one of the keys to success is sticking together. And, um, we all win when we share chiropractic across the world. And if we think for a moment what we’re doing that week, and that moment to communicate how effective we are at balancing the benefits of chiropractic care with the triple threat that we’re in opioid crisis, a pandemic in a mental health crisis, that’s where we win. When we start to take care of those that are suffering and to try to optimize those that really do the very best they can right now from the youth to our aging seniors. So I want to thank each and every one of you at the foundation for chiropractic progress, come on over to and see what is in store for you each month. We appreciate you. We’ll see you in December.

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