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ChatGPT Optimizing Your Chiropractic Practice

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Hello everyone. This is Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp. Welcome to Empowering Women in Chiropractic. I will be your host today. Again, a big thank you to ChiroSecure for putting those shows together. So today is part two of a previous show that I did on ChatGPT practice help or practice hype. So last time, I share with you how I basically into G P T ask d a i to help me with 10 different business categories that I’m using into my practice.

So let’s review the other Six to 10 that we talked about. And I also want to talk a little bit more about what else is out there because just in the past, I don’t know, last six weeks probably that I’ve done part one, so many things are, coming out still when it comes to ai. Just the other day I was doing a preparing for a PowerPoint and I use the software, beautiful ai, and it now has a chat.

I’m like, oh let’s test this. And I basically inputted the outline of the presentation. I put it in the ai, it generated beautiful images and slides. Of course I had to edit, but I’m like, wow, from a graphic point of view, it saved me a lot of hours. So I think many platforms now are starting to use that.

And this is what I also wanna share with you as well that I’m. Trying to introduce into the practice more ai, but also, from a marketing point of view. And I wanna share with you some of the tools that I found and some things to hopefully inspire you to look into it deeper. There’s entire.

Course on what I’m talking about here, but I think it’s should at least be intriguing for you. So as I mentioned before, I like to run my practice with those 10 categories, strategic planning system and logistic sales and products. Marketing and events, patient education and clinical. So I covered the prompt if you want that or the answer that I got from the prompt of giving me 10 ideas or things that I can use for those categories.

So it left us at number six. With the customer nurturing service. And as you can see, some stuff applies to a chiropractic practice, some doesn’t. But I put an arrow beside a few that are intriguing to me that I will get to. I will dig deeper into it. Patient survey and feedback form. Using ChatGPT and I myself, I use jog form as a technology and I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t have AI integrated into the forms already.

Or if it will be something that will be coming down the pipe pretty soon. Generate customer satisfaction reports metric using tab gtp. What about developing referral program? An incentive, I’m gonna be curious to ask a another question to prompt the AI to dig deeper, and that’s how you know ai, this AI should be used hopefully by now.

all of you have had a chance to download it. It is free. There’s a paid version for $20 n more now, and they’re on version four, I believe. But it is as good as the questions that you ask. And when you chart start a chat, you can keep going in the same, idea and it will just keep building on it.

If you want to ask a completely different question, you just change the chat. But it is getting even smarter and smarter to. Day within the topic that you’ve asked. Another one would be offering targeted recommendation for patient retention and loyalty. That could be interesting to see, starting to customize the journey of your patient when they refer other people.

Developing targeted messages. Campaign for patient education. I already do that in the office when I identify people that maybe wanna focus more on inflammation or gut health. I’m gonna be curious to see how I can pull from what I have currently and integrate that in Chad g p t. Number seven here is Human Resources and Staff Training.

I a few weeks ago had to write a referral letter for one of the Ottawa youth student who works in my office. She was applying for her master’s degree. Guess what? I did the entire recommendation ladder with ChatGP T. It was amazing. This. Prior would’ve taken me hours, and I think it took me 20, 30 minutes.

Staff training manual. I’m working currently on my standard operating procedure and I’m working with my staff to, redo our scripts and protocol on the job training and coaching. This one again, will be inter interesting. Staff performance reports and metric, I think could be also super interesting st streamlining, scheduling and shift management.

Currently I use time station at the office, but again, wouldn’t be surprised that soon this platform is is going to integrate more AI and then developing strategies for employee retention and satisfaction as well. Number eight, accounting and statistic market research. Just the other day I asked my area about an adjunct business in the health field.

And it did the SWAT analysis and the market analysis in, in great detail developing pricing strategy and profitability analysis. Conduct conducting trend analysis and also forecasting. So it, it just, your mind goes, oh my god, all the potential stuff. And right now it might be clunky.

Right now it might not work quite properly. If you remember the first time you. Tested the internet, it didn’t work so good the first time that, any technology came out. It didn’t te didn’t work as good creating financial plan. I mentioned that in forecasting as well, culture and leadership, streamlining streamlining performance management and the review process.

I think I’m gonna be using this cuz I’m due to do staff reviews with my patient sorry, with my staff. So I’ll be digging a little bit deeper to see what the AI can give me strategies for team building and bo bonding. Again, I’d be curious to see meeting decision making processes, leadership development and training.

And then lastly, the financial aspect. From a, again, a numbers point of view is to plug in your numbers and truly have it assess and maybe guide you on where, you could be cutting in term of cost and so forth. Scenario planning and risk analysis. Succession plan.

This is a big one for me that I will be again, trying to develop and even for the people that are younger in practice, this is something to to consider now building it with the end in mind as they say so as you can see, wow, if I were to right now, Type in, develop a succession plan and strategy for a chiropractic business in Ottawa, Canada.

I don’t know what the AI is gonna do, but I know that if I keep asking question, it’s gonna drill it down to potentially really good content. And sometime you do go down a rabbit hole and it’s just not going anywhere. But the, like I said, the AI is gonna be as good as the prompts that you are using.

So in term of what else is out there, don’t feel overwhelmed by the graphics here, but this is someone that I’ve been following on Instagram because he does put good content and I love it the way he organized it. So if you look on the right, it’s all theis right now that are there in term of copywriting.

Video editing, social media, text to speak. So if you have someone in your office that’s tech savvy, if you have someone in your office that loves this kind of stuff, it might be worth it for you to. Give them these kinds of graphic and say, okay, spend an hour a day. I want you to dig deeper into those AI and see how we may be able to integrate some of them into our our practice and our clinic.

I know that I am planning on doing that. On the right hand side, you can see research, text to video translation. That’s a huge one for me, and again, it’s a little bit clunky and complicated. I have spent literally the last hour and a half this morning on Amazon a s a w aws which I already use for Amazon S3 because Amazon, as Amazon translate now.

And it’s like I said, I’m. Still trying to figure it out, but if my information is correct, you could translate 1 million character for $15. Now this is insane, for me, who I was already written books, I’ve never translated them because I was always skeptical on the quality, but also everything else that goes with it.

So now any business that is, let’s say, local. Could become international if the service they offer can be rev deliver remote or if it is a product. So truly the sky is the limit. And I tested it cuz I do speak two languages. French being my main, my first language, I tested it because it gave you, room for maybe two pages.

I, I imported the English text and got it translated and they even had. Canadian French, which is what I wanted, and I was so impressed with the quality. Now, I would not use it without having either myself or somebody on my team that is maybe has a, some really good strength in the French language before I would be publishing it.

But the amount of time and money that can be saved is crazy. So translation, which I’ll be digging deeper into Amazon s3 sorry, Amazon aws, but a bit complicated. So maybe there’s other one. Voice modulation I think is another cool one that and it can be scary at the same time, but you can get an AI that will mimic your voice and then you can take a script that you know you wanted to potentially narrate and then have your.

Your voice reading the script, and then you could have another AI doing the graphic for the video to make it engaging. Wow, the sky is the limit. And if any of you have done videos already, it is time consuming to nail it, to have the right script, to have the right content even the right image.

No one wants to. Truly be a talking head in a video. So inserting those graphics or those video really help for the attention span and having the interest of people. Few more here. Inspiration, music, prompt prom guides, which I, that one got me curious and I can’t wait to dig deeper.

Avatar. There’s even some for productivity, motion capture, self-improvement. Image improving. There’s some that are strictly for fun as well. And like I said, I like that this gentleman was able to organize them in categories. So this way some are of interest to me and some are not. AI content writers SEO tools.

I was just on my website. The other day, and I noticed we use Yost for seo. They now have an AI component to help my SEO person pull the right seo. So again, pretty darn amazing sales tools. Again, think about, again, may, maybe it’s for your practice, maybe you have another business on the side that requires.

More extensive sales process, but think of all the steps that now can be shortened in times. For instance, I just had a landing page of a new program that I’ve put together, so I literally copied the text of the landing page, put it in the ai, and I said, write me a script for a video.

I think I’ve gave it a minute and a half and so forth. I wanted to be friendly, I wanted to be fun room and, I had to tweak maybe two or three dif, two or three words. It was pretty amazing what it was able to do. So that entire sales category is gonna be really interesting.

Business and marketing tools, video marketing tools. Internet marketing, content marketing search engine optimization. So in my part one, I did talk about Canva that also has its own ai. So as you can see it is pretty extensive what can be done with do. You may wanna just take a screenshot of this again.

I think there’s a lot of people teaching. Courses right now on it on how to use AI and especially chat G P T. So I’m sure I was able to find this gentleman social. T I pro and I do believe that he himself has created an AI platform, cuz many people do. And there’s probably gonna be a lot of them that are not so good and they’re not gonna make it if you want speed.

But there are probably some that will be, we will be able to integrate and also any online platform will have. to have an AI aspect if they want to truly stay in the game. So my experience in the past few months how I am using AI for my practice with some programs that I’ve put together. So this is my website, the healthy

If you want, you can check it out, but. . But basically I’ve done for my practice is I created webinars and I’ve done, I don’t know, seven, eight, and I’m excited to the other seminars that I’ll be able to put together. That’s, that are not gonna take me as much time. Then the ones that I did without ai, a year or two ago.

So I. because I have done all of those webinars. I also do done for you program for other chiropractor to help them and also help programs for patients that other chiropractor can use. But the big one here is the done for You book author program where I help other doctors. Write their book and help them implement and integrate in the practice.

And again, with ai, people could say, oh, Nathalie I can now write my book on my own. AI has its limitation. It can’t. Completely know what’s in your brain, especially us as chiropractor. The way we view health on, many front is gonna be a little not a little bit, but can be different.

And it’s not gonna replace your expertise, but it can truly help. Customize a book and really fast track the process. So I do have a program where I help chiropractors do that. I’ve had my book for now, one of my book implemented in my Practice process for six months. So much fun. Because after being in practice for over 27 years, I need new things.

I need the integration of exciting things in my practice and I, it’s beneficial for my patient cuz it gives them extra value and it gets me excited. As well. It gives you something to talk about. So if you have any questions, again the website is the healthy This is my Calendly link if you wanna discuss.

I am by no means an expert on ai. I do not have a course. It is just I always love technology. I. I like to think my of myself as an early implementer but I’m all about creating good content and creating value. And if I can share what I have done with others practitioner, other doctors, I think I have done my job.

So that’s that coming back here. . Perfect. So hopefully you’ve learned and I inspired you, not overwhelmed you. But if you haven’t used ChatGPT go sign an account and plan, an hour or two on a Saturday morning or a Sunday morning. With a cup of coffee and just ask whatever question. I know at first I was like, okay, what do I ask?

Dai and just go play with it. And then, like I said the Dai is gonna be as good as the prompts. And a question that you’re asking, but you need to just keep asking. And then secondly, I would try to find what other types of ai, hopefully you took screenshots of the previous slide.

You can always listen to these segments and do that, but it, it might not be you that’s gonna start digging into those. Probably 120 new ais you won’t be able to. But what if you just pick each category and go and play and investigate and then really think how else you can bring that in your practice.

How else you can potentially start a new health business. It’s, the sky is truly the limit and why not come from us? Chiropractors to really reach more people and empower people with the message of chiropractic. So thank you so much for tuning in again to empowering Women in Chiropractic.

My name is Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp. Hopefully that was of value to you and hopefully you’re gonna be curious and you’re gonna keep digging. Thank you so much.

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