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ChatGPT – Practice Help or Practice Hype Part 1

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Hello everyone. Welcome to the show Empowering Women in Chiropractic from ChiroSecure. My name is Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp, and I will be your host today. And I’m excited to talk about our topic today because this is something that. I’ve been playing with in term of being a cool tool to play with since November.

So I wanna share with you today about ChatGPT and, is it helpful in practice or is it a big hype? So I’ve been playing with it as well for quite some time now, I guess for last three, we, three months I guess. And I’m pretty impressed with some of the material, so I thought let’s dig into this together and I’ll show you what I’ve come up with.

And my goal today is really to make you think of what you can use the AI for, cause this. It’s pros and it’s cons, and hopefully we’ll cover that today. So let’s go over our first slide. So exactly this practice help or practice hype. So today I would like to cover the many ways that the chat g p t can help us and to do that, I thought, you know what?

I’m gonna create this webinar inside of the AI so people can see. So I’m gonna walk you through the steps that I took to create this webinar because as I said, there might be stuff that, you don’t wanna copy content exactly, but to trigger your thinking process and instead of staring at a white page, cuz I know sometime.

It’s time to write a blog or a social media post, or I’m writing another couple books right now. And, you’re staring at that page and you’re thinking, oh boy, what should I, where should I start here? What I have done is my own clinic. I use these 10 categories to run the clinic.

Everything is organized with those systems. So I thought, I’m going to ask ai. To build this webinar based on this. So we have strategic planning system and logistic sales and products, marketing and events, patient education, customer service, human resources and staff communication, accounting and statistic, cultural leadership and financial management, and six section planning.

So these are the 10 categories that I gave the AI and what I did. I said, create an outline for a webinar for chiropractors on how they can use chat G P T in their practice for these various category. Now, I’m not gonna read them all to you here, but the point is that it was able to give me an introduction.

And then with all the categories, giving me examples. So we did this with the 10 categories, and then I asked another question. I said, give me 10 practical example for each category on how chiropractors can use. Chat G p t for their practice. So with this, and this is what I’d like to cover and we’re gonna have to do part one and part two of this because there’s just so much.

But I thought, okay, what do I think is relevant for my practice and that I would like to use? So we’re gonna cover, five of those categories today will cover more stuff cuz I also wanna talk about other tools that you can use to integrate and so forth. We always have to think about creating original content.

But when it comes to building things for our practice, it’s, to me it’s internal. It’s gonna be my team and my staff that’s going to see it. So to me, using AI really makes a lot of sense. So generating a really cool mission, vision, and purpose statement would be great. A swot. Some strategic plan, for specific gold list of potential growth market analysis, all this stuff that’s more business related.

Even analyzing your competition. Now, I don’t know, I haven’t done all of this, but it will be on my list of things to do to dig deeper, asking further questions. And just so you know, if you haven’t used it, it is free. They do now. Of, I think last week a paid version, it’s called A plus, and I believe is it was around a $20 mark per month.

And I know I saw so much value using it that I didn’t mind paying for it. And I believe that what it does, it gives you not necessarily access to more, but since I’ve done that, the platform never froze on me. It never was dorm. It never told me that it was too busy, because that’s what would often happen because a lot of people are using it.

So those are, and, for strategic planning, the second category is business system and logistic. And for this one, only to make sense. For me because, appointments and streamlining, checking in and so forth, we all have chiropractic software in our practices to, to be able to do that.

So why being redundant, but to that caught my attention. Were automate patient follow up in communication using chat ai again, do we completely care that our emails are original with when we’re communicating to patient? Maybe not as much. And also, and I’m gonna. Dig deeper into this one in term of staff performance evaluation and reviews.

Because this is something that I have a certain process in my practice, but I’m gonna be curious to, to see what the AI has in plan. And another thing that I know. Wasn’t there, but I’m gonna do for this business system and logistic. We have a lot of our training now for our new staff online through a private YouTube channel and so forth.

We use Trello as a, if you wanna onboarding platform when we have a new staff. But one thing that I’m gonna do is figuring out if the AI can help me. Condense all this and produce more of a offi office procedure and policy. Cuz we used to have that. But, trying to go a little bit more virtual.

But sometime I still miss the, in your hands, something that you can give to new employees. So that’s the second. And then sales services and products. Generating new lead, of course, is of interest to us generated detailed product and services for promotion, depending if you’re selling vitamins or if you have a photobiomodulation laser or software or anything along these nine.

Analyzing sales strand and performance. I plan on asking that question myself developing targeted promotion pricing. Didn’t think it would be of interest upselling and cross-selling. So I’m gonna be asking many more questions when it comes to disk. To get some ideas of how I can leverage this with my team in the practice market.

Re research to identify new products or services could be really cool. And also feedback survey, which could be also interesting to ask your patients and practice members. So again, this, there’s a lot that I do wanna go and dig deeper on this. And then the fourth category, marketing, social media and events.

And this one, I’m not gonna ri rhyme them all because all of them, to me make sense to help with the generation of content. That it is a blog, that it is social media on your channels and, nowaday, if you’re a business or if, and you don’t have an online social media presence it’s just like people are almost not gonna trust you.

I’m not saying that you need to be there all the time and. A huge amount, but you need to to be present when it comes to that. And that leads me to my next point here Canva for social media. So I know in the practice we use Canva a lot. I use it for my other projects as well.

That platform has been amazing. Adding to it. And now Canva as what they call a magic writer. So if you have an account you can go and play with it. But I asked the Canva, AI said, write a blog. Write blogs, blog ideas for chiropractors for their clinics. So it listed a bunch of them. And then I ask, write five social.

For each of them. And it did that. And then I asked further find a picture for each of those posts and it made some suggestion and you can see where we can go with this. I’m not in Canva as much as people on my team are. But they tell me also that, you can re really leverage Pictures as well.

I know there’s another platform called Mid Journey as well, which is a AI for pictures. So you can, say I want two monkeys sitting on the moon pictures and it will help generate that. Last time I checked it was a little bit clunky, but I think all those AI are really coming together.

When it comes to giving more value as they build strength and stamina with the information that we’re giving them. And also another point, which I mentioned plagiarism is a big thing. So there is a, there’s many of them. This one was free, and I apologize for the ads because it’s free corrector for the content.

So what I did is I asked the. Talk to me about prebiotic. Probiotic and Postbiotics. It gave me those three little paragraph that you’re seeing and then I put it in the AI corrector, and as you can see it said 85% fake. Now, if I were going to pose this, on a blog, I would be concerned to pose this, but what I did is I just added a title to the paragraph and just a little.

Blurb, when it comes to gut health, it’s important just adding some personal touch and it brought it down right to seven percent. So this to me is confirming what I thought, that you don’t want to necessarily use the words exactly when it comes to blogs and things you’re gonna put online, but mind you, for Social media post, especially if you’re gonna do a graphic with it.

I really don’t see that as a huge thing. And then if we go to the last of that category, this one was patient education and clinical skills. So develop patient education material I think will be brilliant. Obviously, I’m not gonna rely on the AI to do my care plans and, my recommendation for patients.

So this one to me was a little bit irrelevant, but, searching of topics that people want. To learn more about anything educational, I think can be of value. Stretching, the d i is giving me a bunch of idea and as you can see here, it’s funny, the AI step and me being the polite Canadian that I am, I said, continue please.

And it did. And if you’re in Dai, it does that just ask to to continue. And also I’m noticing a difference that Dai has more. Is more feels more like a conversation. And when you start a complete new sub subject, you can change chat. But you can even go back and have done that to a past.

Chat that I had to keep d a i kind of in the context of what we were talking about. So really cool and valuable stuff. So hopefully that triggered your your, your creativity and your, if you haven’t downloaded it, Go in, download it, talk about it with your team. Cause I know I have a few nutritionist and people in the health field that helps me, that help me research book and so forth.

And I share that with them. And they report to me that it’s cutting their work, I would say almost in half. Again, they’re not using AI completely to write cuz we want original content, but, it could be. Give me, at the beginning of a chapter you’re writing, give me 10 quotes that are pertinent to that.

Give me 10 fun facts that are pertinent to this. So it just saves you a lot of time and even references. One of the book that I’m. Author authoring with co-authoring, I should say. My co-author had put a paragraph he had forgotten to put the reference. I just took that segment, put it in ai and Lou and Beal.

The AI gave me the Chicago style reference. So I have written enough books that I know that time is precious that you’re able to. So if you have let me go here. If you have any questions, I’m more than happy to, help you with any of those kind of stuff. And I’m excited to say that I’ve launched a new website called the healthy and because the last three years I created a lot.

Cool material, I think, and I’m using it in my clinic books being one of them. And I’m like, you know what? I need to share that with other chiropractors so you don’t have to do all the work. So check out the website, the healthy I do have a done for you webinar. Process based on my book, your Health Habits.

I’m also written another book called In My Clinic, fired up in Feeling Great with which I can white label for other chiropractor. And we are white labeling for other chiropractor and also lifestyle program and funnels that I give to my patients to help them with. Meal plans and all of that, as well as supplementation without any work on my part.

So I’ve implemented all of those strategies in my practice and I thought, you know what? Disk can literally be taken and used by another chiropractor. Make sure that you. Check it out. So this was Dr. Natalie Bohan for the show empowering Women and Chiropractic. And again, thank you to Chiro Secure to put these shows together.

Always interesting to learn from each other and help ourselves stay current with what’s happening in the world. Thank you.

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