Blog, Chirosecure Live Event September 4, 2023

Chiropractic Jobs of the Future

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Hi, this is Eric Hoffman, Executive Director and Risk Management expert here at ChiroSecure. I’m here today with a very special message for you all when I’m not talking to you about risk management issues or practice management issues, or guiding you to deescalate a situation through my job at ChiroSecure, the number one question that I get from our members.

Related to employment. So over the last 13 years, a couple of things that have come up repeatedly. About every week I get a call from one of our doctors saying, Hey Eric, do you know who’s looking for a job right now? I really need a great associate. Or vice versa. I get a call from a doc saying, Hey Eric, I’m not super happy with the job I’m at right now.

Do you know anybody who’s looking for an associate like me? The answer that I’ve given for years has always been, no, I don’t really know of a great service. Sorry. We’re here to serve you for malpractice, but. Go to your state association, like it’s the seventies. Go to their classifieds. They’ll have some information for you, or check with your alma mater at the career fairs, et cetera.

Do those things, which, they do work sometimes, but there’s not been, in my view, a great service nationally or worldwide to help chiropractors in this regard. In fact, we work with some of the top groups in the profession that are constantly looking for chiropractors to expand their businesses.

And I’ve talked to them and they go through groups like LinkedIn. They go through groups like, like ZipRecruiter, and spend thousands upon thousands a month to wade through . Garbage after garbage. Because it’s such a big cesspool of candidates, it’s very hard to find your niche within those websites.

So what I decided a few months ago was, why don’t we create that? Why don’t we have. The number one resource in the profession to help employers and clinics find great associates. We have all of the relationships, all of the great relationships with the schools. We have the great relationships with the employers and our insureds.

Why not have a national brand that can help serve this purpose? So I decided to start it, and the service is called So is you the number one resource for employment needs in chiropractic care. And what we did is we created this marketplace for both employers and associates alike to find each other.

It’s gonna be the LinkedIn or the of chiropractic care. And It’s a very straightforward and streamlined process and website to scroll through. You’ll see right on the homepage you’re gonna find the latest jobs that are available for you. And if you’re an associate looking for a position or if you’re a graduate coming outta school, we have tons and tons of partners that are looking for people just like you.

So that’ll be available to you on the homepage, and you’ll be able to search by location and . Identify the right opportunity for yourself over time. We’re also gonna have new and unique features for the profession. That helps streamline it even further. In addition, if you’re an employer looking for an associate, you can easily go and you’ll see at the top you can post a job very easily, go in here, put in the information that you need, give your best sales pitch so you can attract the top.

Talent of the profession and hit go and you got a job posted. If you’re an associate or a graduate looking to sign up, you can hit this button, sign up here. And hit the job seeker account and you can upload all of your information here. One secret thing that is under wraps right now, but I’ll tell you guys since you’re a part of our family, is we are also working on a really unique feature through artificial intelligence that’s going to allow you to create an update and modify and make perfect.

Your CV if you’re a student, because they don’t, unfortunately teach you all of those soft skills to be able to have the best CV to show to employers that are in the field. So take a look for that in the next few weeks, we’re gonna work on that and have that be one of a, one of the really cool features for you.

Last but not least this is something that we’re . Pushing out right now. It is live. So we’re looking for all of you to take a look. Enjoy it, give us feedback. And if you feel inclined to post a job, if you’re an employer seeking an associate, do so and contact me. We can give you very special discounts for being a Kyro Secure member.

So that is the new service, and I wanted you all to know that we’re here to support the profession and grow the profession and take out . That difficulty that everyone’s experienced finding an associate let us know what you think. I want everyone to, take a look and be able to provide us with whatever feedback you have, and I’m excited to help grow the profession and support all of you in building your businesses.

Thank you so much. We’re here for anything that you need both at ChiroSecure and ChiroJobs, and we really appreciate everyone and thanks for listening. . .