Chiropractic Liability Insurance Quote – Information Should be Accurate, Complete

In one of our previous posts, we tackled about the importance of asking for a chiropractic liability insurance quote – it is key to finding the best policies from a number of options you find around.

In this post, we will talk about why you should provide accurate and complete information when requesting for chiropractic liability insurance quote. The more accurate and complete are your details, the better service you can get from an insurance provider.

Each element (every detail being asked) found in the form is put there for a specific purpose but all of them are used to better serve you.

Now let’s go through the details that you may encounter when filling out a form (and why you are being asked for such information)

Full NameChiropractic liability insurance companies ask your complete name (instead of business name), this is so that you get a more personalized service; it is also a way of separating the information you give from spam and unscrupulous requests. In that way, your quotation request will not be overlooked.

Contact information (email, phone number) – You are asked to provide your contact information so that you can easily be reached when insurance providers make some follow-up. Again, want a better service? Make sure you provide your prospect a way to contact you.

Zip code where you practice, the date of first licensure – Why this is needed? Realize that your policy should be tailored specifically to the location of your practice. In other words, insurance providers want to make sure that your policy does not get entangled with the existing state laws. Remember, each state has specific rules and regulations for chiropractic business.

Limits of liability – You will also be asked to specify the limit of liability amount. This is so that you will be provided with the most ideal package / coverage commensurate to what you and your practice needs.

The core goal of chiropractic liability insurance providers is to give you nothing but the best protection you can have from possible complaint that one of your patients may lodge against you in the course of your practice. And it starts with giving insurance providers with correct and complete information.

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