Chiropractic Liability Insurance: What is “Consent To Provide Chiropractic Treatment”?

In our last blog post we discussed the topic of “Informed Consent” in relation to Chiropractic Malpractice Insurance and protecting your practice in the United States. In today’s new blog we are going to further emphasize the importance of having your patient sign a waiver know as “Consent to Provide Chiropractic Treatment” and why this form should be mandatory.

Many medical facilities that provide chiropractic treatment have begun to have patient sign a form called a “consent to provide chiropractic treatment form”. This is basically just another
save guard to help protect chiropractors against malpractice and liability lawsuits.

What Is Included in A Consent To Provide Chiropractic Treatment Form?

A consent to provide chiropractic treatment form should clarify both the benefits and the risks associated with chiropractic treatment. It should discuss in depth the potential symptoms that that a patient may experience following their appointment. It should also explain the nature of how chiropractic remedies are applied. It is important that Chiropractors make sure that their patients read and understand the information included in this form. Then, they should sign in front of the Chiropractor as well as a second witness to guarantee that the form is authentic.

Is A Consent To Provide Chiropractic Treatment A Legal Document?

Although a consent to provide chiropractic treatment form is not a legal document it does serve as excellent evidence if a lawsuit were to be issued against a chiropractor. The reason why is because most chiropractic liability cases are raised do to negligence or improper application of treatment. However, if the patient is aware of the potential risks associated with receiving chiropractic treatment and still chooses to receive it they are responsible for their own result. If their is no physical signs of misconduct by the chiropractor having a consent to provide chiropractic treatment contract with a patient’s signature can dramatically reduce the likelihood of a successful lawsuit.

These days it is foolish to provide any chiropractic treatment without first having the patient sign a consent to provide chiropractic treatment form. Even if you have excellent Chiropractor Liability Insurance for a provider like ChiroSecure it is still important to make this part of your new patient consultation process. It is really a matter of better safe than sorry.

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