Chiropractic Malpractice Insurance Doesn’t Eliminate Risks

Even the most experienced chiropractor with extensive chiropractic malpractice insurance should not ignore the risks of malpractice suits. Many chiropractors, who have been practicing for extended periods adopt the belief that “it will never happen to them”. However, as the amount of malpractice lawsuits being issued against chiropractors is on the rise the question is not a matter of “will it happen” but “when it happens”. It has become essential for all practicing chiropractors to carry malpractice insurance to protect themselves, but is it enough?

Although having chiropractic malpractice insurance from an accredited firm like ChioSecure can help you to cope when a malpractice suit is raised, it does not to prevent you from a malpractice lawsuit happening. This is something that is important for all chiropractors to keep in mind to assure that they don’t fall into any bad habits around the office. In today’s post we are going to share some of the surefire risk eliminating strategies that you can implement in your office that will promise that your practice remains malpractice free for the foreseeable future.

1. Review Patient Interaction Protocol With Your Staff
Remember that you aren’t the only one at risk. Constantly review proper patient interaction and appropriate behaviour with your employees. Make sure that new staff are properly trained and reminded about appropriate behaviour and procedures. Supervise new staff until you feel confident that they will interact with patients properly.

2. Make Sure That You Get An Informed Consent Form
Informed consent is one of your best protections against malpractice suits. Make sure that your clients understand what is going to happen to them during their treatment and have them sign off on it. Always have a second staff member attending when you are discussing informed consent with your patient. If a problem were to arise having a witness is essential.

3. Never Offer Healthcare Advice Unrelated to Chiropractic Treatment
In order to be 100% certain that a malpractice claim is not made against you make sure that you or your staff never give healthcare advice about matters not related to chiropractic medicine. Some of the most common malpractice complaints are from patients who took medical advice from their chiropractor. In order to avoid this be careful about what you say. If a patient asks for your opinion on a healthcare related matter recommend that they visit their physician.

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