Chiropractic Malpractice Insurance Vaccine Awareness

In the recent video hangout by Dr. Stu Hoffman of ChiroSecure Malpractice Insurance , they tackled the issue of vaccination and the important role of chiropractors on vaccine awareness – on educating people about the implication that vaccination can bring to a person’s holistic health.

Dr. Stu Hoffman and his colleagues emphasized in the discussion that vaccination is “a patient decision issue” and that people have the right to access scientifically-backed resources regarding vaccination so that they can make an informed decision.

Dr. Stu Hoffman also emphasized that the chiropractic industry is not a pro or anti-vaccine entity, but he believes that there is a need to educate patients about their right to choose on whether to vaccinate or not.

Several points were discussed involving how chiropractors (in their practice) should properly communicate with their patients about the vaccination issue, which include the following:

On why should chiropractors be conversing with their patients about vaccination issues

The discussion also emphasized that there are lots of chiropractors that are functioning on the wellness space. When the chiropractors are educated on natural immunity and natural health, and the danger of vaccination, the message will be conveyed to their patients effectively.

Chiropractors, as pointed out on the video hangout, chiropractors are encouraged to teach the patients the facts about vaccination “by turning them on to the right literature” available so that they can make an informed decisions – if they want to get vaccinated then go vaccinate them or if they do not want to vaccinate, it is their choice.

On chiropractors’ ability to support the freedom of all the parents about whether they choose to vaccinate their children or not

They mentioned on the webinar, chiropractors should continue to stay active. If chiropractors cease to defend the right of the people to vaccinate or not vaccinate, chiropractors “start going down to a slippery slope”. Where does that slippery slope start? It is when they (the regulators) limit the right of chiropractors to practice. Chiropractors should speak the truth, their truth and only then we can keep this world healthy.

On how to communicate this to other doctors and raise awareness

The discussion sighted several ways to get the message across and these are the following:

  • Letting them know that the National Vaccine Information Center, a non-profit organization, has a lot of information regarding vaccination that patient should access.
  • Letting them know about established organizations that they can participate with – e.g. Truth, Transparency, and Freedom.
  • Pooling information from different groups so that the chiropractic community does not feel isolated
  • Encourage them to look around for groups that are already organized and participate with them rather than just trying to take the issue on their own.

On how to suggest that the doctors talk about vaccination from that perspective of freedom of choice

There are a lot of materials that have been produced and are useful to get the message across from the perspective of freedom of choice. Materials are scientifically referenced; one should take the materials in the medical journal and let the public read it. Let the public know that chiropractors are in side of science.

In conclusion, Dr. Stu Hoffman stressed that vaccine awareness is really something to educate patients and the public, so that they do have a choice. At the same time, he wants to remind each of the doctors “to always check with your state licensing board the rules and regulations to make sure that you are not overstepping your boundaries of what you could and what you can’t share with your patients. Let no one can take away your right to educate people about freedom of choice and give them the resources to go to find out for themselves more about such a contentious issue.”

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