Chiropractic Management of Atypical Hard-palate Pain

Chiropractic Management of Atypical Hard-palate Pain: A Case Report

A ChiroSecure Research Update

Abstract: To illustrate an exploratory trial of therapy provided to a patient with severe hard-palate pain presenting to an outpatient chiropractic clinic and the clinical rationale regarding therapy associated with the exhibited case.

Discussion: A 76-year-old male had a 2-year history of hard-palate pain centering posterior to the left lateral incisor, following an insidious onset. The patient had seen past healthcare providers for the complaint and subsequently sought chiropractic care. The Patient-Specific Functional Scale (8/10) and Numeric Pain Rating Scale (8/10) were used as outcome assessments.

The chiropractic interventions included chiropractic manipulative therapy (CMT), craniofacial manual therapies, and laser therapy; a reduction of pain centering around the hard-palate was exhibited. The patient demonstrated mild reductions in pain, chronicity, and continuous involvement regarding his presenting complaint.

Conclusion: Following a trial of chiropractic care, a 25% reduction in the patient’s condition was noted. Ultimately, this suggests that these interventions may be therapeutically beneficial for such a unique presentation. However, further analysis and research is warranted.

Reference: Buffamonte, M., Mattina, C., & Dimond, M. (2023). CHIROPRACTIC MANAGEMENT OF ATYPICAL HARD-PALATE PAIN: A CASE REPORT. Journal of Contemporary Chiropractic, 6(1), 100–108. Retrieved from