Chiropractor Credit Card Processing

Hello folks! This post is to give you an update about our credit card payment process for your chiropractic insurance and other services. We are glad to announce that ChiroSecure credit card payments have become a lot easier and safe. With more flexibility in payment options, you can rest assured that we continue to find ways to serve you better – as we have always done in the past.

ChiroSecure chiropractor credit card processing has been made possible in partnership with Fortis Payment Systems – one of the most reputable companies in the industry. This partnership aims to simplify accepting credit cards for every office in the ChiroSecure network.

Traditionally, doctors have had issues taking credit cards because it is a complicated process. Statements are difficult to read, and other companies do not understand your business. Fortis has streamlined payment processing for your office with the “Fortis Flat Rate Program.”

With our chiropractor credit card processing , you will have to…

1. Select from one of two plans:

Under $5,000 per month in volume – 2.75% Flat Rate Program
Over $5,000 per month in volume – 2 Tier Retail Program

2. Our 2.75% Flat Rate Program allows you to know EXACTLY what you will pay each month. $14.95 per month and 2.75% per transaction*, THAT’S IT!

When you first open up your business, knowing exactly how much you will pay each month is crucial, and we understand that. When you begin processing over $5,000 per month, we have a 2 Tier Retail Program that is designed to save you even more!

*Terms and conditions apply for the Flat Rate Program. 80% of transactions must be swiped and american express not included.

Here’s more about Fortis:

Fortis Payment Systems (FORTIS) is a full service registered ISO of Wells Fargo Banks, providing all forms of payment processing products and services to merchants throughout the United States. Today, the company processes for over 150,000 merchants and over $40 billion dollars annually.

Fortis provides its merchants with the technological and cost advantages of the largest processors in the country without losing the close personal attention they deserve.

To apply for coverage, click here: Complete the online request form.

For more inquiries on our chiropractor credit card processing, call us today at (866) 802-4476.