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Chiropractor Malpractice Insurance Katie May Autopsy Update (Analyzing the Coroner’s Report)

If you have been following the case of Katie May, here’s more information that you might find useful (as we do).


Dr. Stu Hoffman, the president of ChiroSecure, in his recent video hangout with Dr. Gerry Clum, gave useful insights on the Coroner’s Report (Katie May Autopsy Report).


Here’s the highlight from their discussion:


  • That the Coroner Autopsy Report was confusing, citing that it didn’t have a clear report whether the Katie’s initial injury (as per finding) was blunt force trauma or whether the coroner is referring to the adjustment that followed as being blunt force trauma.
  • That Coroner’s report that made reference to an article by Sanchez from 2007, which appeared in the Southern Medical Journal, and it’s a case report, is just absolutely wrong. Dr. Hoffman and Dr. Clum, in their analysis, believe that it misrepresents the literature that was involved considering that the Sanchez case was a bilateral vertebral artery dissection, not unilateral as that of Katie’s case.
  • On concern that the ex-husband of Katie May bringing the suit against this chiropractor that was in, Dr. Hoffman and Dr. Clum consider it as a case that is perhaps, in the wrong place at the wrong time for the reason of inherent consistencies of the reports, which are really open to interpretation.
  • The autopsy report does very little; it does nothing to say that the chiropractor was at fault in the death of Katie May. Using a low level data, a case report, and misquoting the citation or the reference in the case report and extrapolating it to the incidence to bilateral vertebral artery dissection is factually wrong.


In spite of the Katie May’s case being hyped by the media, Dr. Hoffman and Dr. Clum say that they are “trying to really keep you (chiropractors) on top of the latest information about this situation, while at the same time giving you the tools so that you have the information available to answer questions from your patients as well as in your community, but remember, we want you to be professional, informative, and educational, certainly not defensive.”


Watch the full video hangout here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZiuNkvaptY

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