Risk Management Tips July 28, 2015

Risk Management Tip – Balancing Philosophy

Hi I’m Dr. Stu Hoffman President of ChiroSecure back again with another risk management tip for you. Question, how do we balance out our chiropractic philosophy with reality? First and foremost never lose the why we do what we do. When we operate from our highest level and intention everything is much easier. The patient will benefit and as a result so will you. This is also a great way to lower risk by attracting positive people and positive experiences to you.

It’s our science, art and philosophy that makes us unique in the health and wellness field. It’s easy for us to get caught up in the day-to-day challenges of owning and operating an office and building your practice. Sometimes we lose sight of our core foundation and it gets placed on the sidelines and then we get caught up in the doing rather than being. One of the best ways to start your day and stay in the why you are a chiropractor is to start your day by getting balanced. Set your intention, get centered and be present.

Remember take a few minutes out of the beginning of your day and do some deep breathing, then visualize what you want to create and lastly affirm it by writing it down and then repeat that throughout the day, just like it’s your own personal mantra. I can’t emphasis this practice enough, it’s so easy yet most of us don’t even bother. Believe it or not, we have chiropractors that answer our calls indicating they were in the middle of adjusting a patient. How could they possibly be focused on that patient and still answer our call?

Remember start your day by setting your intention, affirm it, breathe into it, visualize it and repeat it throughout the day. When you are present you can be in the why you are a chiropractor. Here’s a great affirmation to start your day and help reinforce your intent and focus. Because I am calm, focused and balanced, I energetically translate that to my patients. My hands are conduits of divine healing energy. I will see you back with more great tips from ChiroSecure. Please share this with your friends and like us on Facebook. Thank you.