Stroke Strategy and Public Perception

Chiropractic Malpractice Insurance leader, ChiroSecure, and Dr. Stu Hoffman, with the help of Ken Murkowski, Gerry Clum, Bill Esteb, and John Salvucci discussed the public perception of chiropractic and the arterial dissection association in their recent video hangout.

Dr. Stu Hoffman, in the discussion, highlighted several important points, including the following:

  • Importance of chiropractors protecting themselves from claims
  • How chiropractors owe it to themselves and their loved ones to make sure they are protected
  • That choosing a professional liability malpractice insurance carrier is one of the most important decisions facing chiropractors today
  • How chiropractors should have a ‘stroke strategy’ to address the issue about the public not being aware (as they should have been) that there is no sound scientific evidence that proves a causative link between chiropractic adjustment and vertebral artery dissection.
  • A practitioner must have trust and confidence with their own chiropractic malpractice insurance program they select is right and will be there for them.

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