ChiroSecure Chiropractic Insurance Blog : ICD -10

Adapting to ICD-10

Anyone who works in a chiropractic office will have to adapt to the new ICD-10 coding transition. By October of 2015 all chiropractic practices must adopt ICD-10 and begin implementing it in their office. Although, ICD-10 changes will affect all specialized medical facilities, it will have the greatest impact on us chiropractors. Today in the blog we are discussing some strategies to help make the transition less difficult.

How does ICD-10 Impact Chiropractors

The first and most important factor that should be addressed is that the switch to ICD-10 is mandatory. This means that all practices must transition to using it by October.

  • There will be about 200 codes transitioning from ICD-9 to ICD-10
  • Now, when it comes to chiropractic coding chiropractors will have to diagnose based on a new hierarchy that prioritizes neurological, then structural, then functions and lastly soft tissue.
  • The new chiropractic coding will also require specific laterality, meaning that diagnosis may be a combination of codes. This is a feature that wasn’t available when dealing with the old ICD-9 codes.

Adapting to the new ICD-10 standard won’t be a simple transition and it isn’t something that chiropractors have been looking forward but it has to be done. Obviously, there will be a period of transition but overall the change should be beneficial to the practice.

ChiroSecure is Making The ICD-10 Transition Easier

In order to make the transition to ICD-10 easier for our chiropractic malpractice insurance and chiropractic liability insurance customers, ChiroSecure is proud to provide a new service: digital coding for chiropractors – This is an important resource with all of the new ICD-10 codes that chiropractic professionals can use for references. We also share all of the most recent updates, news and information that is relevant to the ICD-10 change.

Sure, change can be difficult however when you have the tools that you need adapting and embracing the code switch will be much easier. As always ChiroSecure is going above and beyond to assure that our customers are taken care of.