ChiroSecure Sets Up Tools to Help Chiropractors Address Stroke Risk and Chiropractic Issues

Recently stumbled upon a page where a lawyer talked about the supposed stroke risk of seeing a chiropractor and I would like to highlight a portion of what he said: Rapid or powerful manipulation of the neck can cause dissections or tears in the carotid, vertebral or basilar artery…Chiropractors are well aware of the risk and should not undertake chiropractic manipulation of the neck without fully informing the patient of the risk.

While comments like these are not really something that to consider surprising, but still it got my attention since it’s coming from a professional in a popular industry.

Debunking the ‘stroke’ myth

Chiropractors who are licensed to perform chiropractic procedures are fully aware of their processes to make sure that their patients are safe and receive the desired results – that safety is of paramount importance. We could have an unending debate on this but one important fact remains – chiropractic critics cannot even provide specific and scientific evidence to prove their claim. The fact is that scientific research suggests there is a low risk of stroke after chiropractic spinal manipulations.

Another truth to be told

Considering the popularity of chiropractic treatments, any news about a specific industry that tries to demerit chiropractors comes as no surprise. You might have heard the news about the American Medical Association conspiring to destroy the chiropractic industry (let us journey into the past and review the decision made by Judge Susan Getzendanner for this).

To set the record straight

To help chiropractors in getting the right information across their audiences/clients, we at ChiroSecure, a chiropractic malpractice insurance provider, with our own Dr. Stu Hoffman have set-up a tool to channel appropriate response. If you are a chiropractic professional, you too can appropriately address questions. Simply text “RESPONSE” to 480-500-6574 and ChiroSecure will send you Dr. Stu’s complete response and complete Informed Consent Packet.

Share this with every chiropractor you know so they have the information.