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10 reasons you should request a Quick Quote from ChiroSecure.

A Quick Quote takes only minutes, costs you nothing, and our malpractice experts will guarantee you get the right policy.

  1. Over 25 years of avoiding claims not just defending them.
  2. Philosophically Aligned with the Chiropractic Principle.
  3. Lowest Cost Premiums.
  4. Supports Chiropractic Research the World over.
  5. The Greatest selection of Policies.
  1. Monthly or Quarterly Financing available without high interest rates.*
  2. Defense for Board investigations and hearings
  3. Defense for HIPAA
  4. Defense for Cyber Liability (no additional cost)*
  5. Defense for EPLI (no additional cost)*

Need More Reasons?

  1. Unlimited defense for Sexual Misconduct.
  2. Defense for Insurance Audits.
  3. True Consent to Settle (no additional cost).*
  4. General Liability including premises (no additional cost).
  5. Personal and Advertising Injury.
  1. Loss of Earnings (supplementary payments..
  2. First Aid Coverage.
  3. Animal Adjusting.
  4. Medical Payments to Others.
  5. New Doctor Discounts

With an entire Legal Team of expert attorneys on your side you can go to sleep knowing that you, your practice and your future are protected!


*Liberty Mutual Policy Coverage