Risk Management Tips October 16, 2015

Risk Management Tip – Community Outreach

Dr. Stu Hoffman: Hi, I’m Dr. Stu Hoffman President of ChiroSecure, am back again with another risk management tip for you. For those of you who use outreach programs which run the gamut from spinal screenings, lunch and learns or even dinner workshops; which all happen to be very popular right now or if you join and lecture at networking groups such as B.N.I to build your practice, here are six things you need to consider;

1. When you share the chiropractic story, make sure you do not make any false claims or statements. Make certain not to infer that Chiropractic can cure any health problem that you cannot back up and make any promises that you cannot deliver.

2. Be certain that any offers you make whether a discounted service or a no cost offer is in compliance with your state licensing board and contains any necessary caveats for any demographic you do not include in your offer.

3. Make sure that none of your offers fall in the realm of bait and switch whether being intentional or unintentional.

4. Be careful you do not put down any other health professionals as you never know who is in the audience. They may take offense to it or become defensive about what your statements are forcing you at some point to have to defend yourself in front of others or even in front of your licensing board.

5. Make sure your presentations or discussions at any of these outreach programs are not interpreted by anyone as a reason to stop medications that they may be taking. Even though that was not your intent, a layperson listening to a doctor talking negatively in regards to prescriptions may be misconstrued as a recommendation by you that they should discontinue. Make sure you are very clear that you are not recommending that and that they should always seek counsel from the health care provider that put them on these medications in the first place.

6. Make sure that you choose topics for your discussion that are in compliance with your board’s position. You may find that your board specifically wants you to avoid specific recommendations on things like vaccinations. You can have an opinion, but always know what your board requires is smarter to get that information before rather than have to answer to your board. Community Outreach and getting the chiropractic story out there is a great way to build your practice. Always remember that you are not only representing your practice and yourself, but you are also representing the entire profession.  Make sure you use good judgment. I will be back with another risk management tip from ChiroSecure. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and have a great day.