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Connecting People – Who Can We Serve? Walter Sanchez, DC

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Welcome to ChiroSecure’s weekly show Chiropractic, Connecting People and Communities with this. Week’s host Dr. Walter Sanchez, as Dr. Walter says, and I quote, “I fall in love with innate and chiropractic and my life turned into golden possibilities to contribute with my community and the world.” And now here’s Dr. Walter,

Hello everybody, Dr. Stu ChiroSecure, I want to thank you for inviting me to this show and it’s, um, I’m just so excited to be here and to be able to bring, to bring myself, uh, for the new practitioners, for all practitioners, for people, with experience or without experience. I just want to tell you my story and how chiropractic, uh, has been amazing, and I’m a still on it. I’m still in love with it. And, um, I just share with you guys, uh, and as a matter of fact, I, I put three points that I want to talk to you about it, which is the mindset, the crease principle, and then the, the number three, which is got to work. Okay. Uh, I graduated in 1983 for the people I know me from life college. Uh, um, I am originally from Peru. I was born in Peru.

Uh, went to school in Peru all the way to high school. Then after high school, uh, my family, my parents were living in New York. So they call me to come up and meet with them. I may stay with them. So I was just a 15 year old kid who was just living, you know, living in Peru was, um, go to school, go home, eat, play soccer, uh, be in the streets, go to the beach. I mean, my aspirations back then was probably play soccer professionally, which he was very, uh, small chances is there’s so many kids that want to do that. Um, also another thing that I wanted to do, maybe it was flying, you know, uh, but I had no, no clue what will happen to me. I had no clue what chiropractic was. So I came into New York without knowing why, uh, um, what, what I want to do.

So I went into school in New York, Queensborough community college. I remember. And, uh, I needed it to learn English. I didn’t speak really any English. Okay. And, um, so as I’m doing, going to school, I, um, and I met our friend, you know, um, but I couldn’t speak any English. My first friend that I met over there was doctors too hard. And I remember when I met him on, it was like, uh, it was met and I chemistry class. So I was able to it just speak to him in numbers and formulas. And I was able to explain to him in numbers, some formulas by my English wasn’t good enough yet. Anyway, you know, I was young, so I was, I was learning English, you know, and, uh, and then he left to, um, to Georgia and myself, I stayed there playing soccer. I was playing soccer at the school. And then as I graduated, um, my school came up a second in the state. So I ended up getting a scholarship, but somehow, uh, I ended up in Georgia. I remember we went to see a concert. Uh, it was, uh, Bob bill and Carter.

Uh, and I can remember the next day and the walk running. And I ended up, uh, Georgia state university practicing soccer there. And then the coach saw me and said, Hey, why don’t you come to school here? So look at, you know what I mean, for, for my kid that came from Peru now he’s in Georgia, you know, playing soccer, you know, maybe I’m going to become a soccer player. Right. So somehow he said, you know, you can play soccer here. And now Dr. Stu invited me to a meeting in Georgia in downtown the same weekend, which was a D meeting in downtown Atlanta. Okay. And then, you know, uh, as I’m watching the, the, you know, having lunch with him, and then I go in and just speak to, to see some speakers, you know, like his screaming, they were really add people. There were like different people, you know, like people, uh, how they were, you know, and there were chanting that screaming or yelling and applauding.

I mean, the energy was huge. That’s all I can remember. So I would say, wow, these people are really excited about something, you know? And, um, so I let it go, right? So I’m playing soccer and then I’m hurting myself as I’m playing soccer because obviously I wasn’t healthy. And the coach suggested me to see the orthopedic and the are the building doctor suggested me to see I juice. And then I ended up, they saying that I need surgery on my knees. Right. And now my friend has to say, Hey, come see my brothers, Dr. Steve, no, he wasn’t adopted yet. He was the clinic at the school. And he might be able to help you because I was scared to do surgery. Right. And, um, so he takes me to the chiropractic school and Dr. Steve needed its own visits. I remember. So he is, didn’t tell me anything.

All he did was a jazz mat. What I know now was my Atlas, did he touch my knee? Right? And then next morning, my knee miracles leak got, well, I never had a problem again, no surgery, no nothing. Okay. So he never told me anything. He never gave me a lecture. Okay. He never explained to me my x-rays, he never tried to sell me anything. All he did was adjust my Atlas. But what happened to me was what, it was huge. Because since that day I was having his sleepless nights thinking about what was this? It was witchcraft. What happened? I didn’t know. Right. Because he just planted a seed then, you know, and let me find out for a whole year that I was still playing without any injuries playing two, three games a weekend. Right. And it was fine. I mean, never got, you know, never had any problem, but for the whole year, which is when I was going to bed, I would say, what is this, what is this, what is this, what is this, you know, little did I know that those questions was, were open up my road to connect with my, that intelligence.

So one day I will never forget. It was the spring day I woke up and I saw spring flowers on the Garvin. I saw my bicycle and I say, Hey, I’m going to be a chiropractor. Okay. And, uh, I can look back and I can say, is it a spiritual or, Oh yeah. Is chiropractic is brutal. Oh yeah. Can chiropractic PTO. Oh yeah. I feel that I was picked, you know, and I, I, I wasn’t that educated enough to question so many things that are allowed to follow his instructions. So I went to Marietta, Georgia, my bicycle, I worked into this, into the mission office and the rest is history. You know, she is why not? I mean, there were waiting for me. And, um, I just went for school. I was in such a great student, but I, I always carry this book, which is the big of the fellow within, and this book.

It was very instrumental for me during the school. It was very instrumental for me or my dreams in, into my purpose in bringing chiropractic to the war in, you know, I still visiting air on a daily basis. Okay. And then we’re going to talk about that. But anyway, um, so I became a chiropractor, a kid that didn’t know anything about chiropractic, but I, but I felt that I was touch. Okay. And, um, and during my time, you know, it was, I like it, there was, uh, in my head was always eight. You know, if I can go back to Peru, you know, started setting up chiropractic clinics in every corner. Because if you go to Lima from what I’m from every corner, they have a pharmacy. Okay. They are all indoctrinated in pharmaceuticals. Okay. But they don’t know about chiropractic and the big idea of chiropractic.

So it was always on my dream when I finished cool to go back. Okay. So as I’m going back to, to, um, you know, when I graduated from school, um, I went back to, uh, went to Florida because you see, as it’s still now going to chiropractic school, it wasn’t that cheap. So I got pretty in-depth okay. And I had no money, so I needed it to work. So I went in and worked for, uh, I answered a call from a chiropractor in South Florida and, you know, and it was my first disappointing that this appointment that I had as a chiropractor, because I worked into this chiropractic office. And when the doctor told me, this is my office and they had a lab where I was gonna start, uh, drawing blood on people and testing pee on people, this, that was his diagnosis. And I didn’t know what that has to do with chiropractic, but that’s what he wanted me, you know, to do that.

And also he wanted to use me because I spoke Spanish to give chiropractic lectures. I don’t know what he wanted me to tell them because he was teaching something else, you know? And instead of adjusting room, you got all kinds of treatment rooms. So my visit to that doctor, it wasn’t for too long. It was probably five minutes. And then I left and I was, you know, say I now. Right. And now what I’m driving my little car, all packed to the top. Okay. As I’m driving down this road called bird road, I see the tree of life. And the tree of life is the tree of life of life, university life. And it was, uh, an yeah. And I park in the tree of life on, you know, it was a picture and it was Dr. Joe a crucifix, the office, you know, who I have heard him speaking at the meetings.

So say again, you know how in a was, I mean, guiding me, you know, keep the dream alive. So I went in there and he was there. And, uh, and I told him that, uh, you know, it sounds from that call out, you know, actually I want to go to Peru in a couple of months, you know, and, uh, but you know, I still don’t have the money to, to get my plane ticket. Right. So can you say to me, Hey, you guys start working for me on Monday. Okay. I think it was probably a Friday or Saturday. I said, just show up on Monday. And then he goes to me, no profit is, is, um, well, his thing was, don’t go to Peru yet. Okay. And then we’d go back to that anyway. So he takes me, I go into his office on Monday.

And the first thing that I, when I walked in is a room full of people and another room full of people. And he goes to me in this room, you’re going to do a chiropractic lecture and his room. I’m going to do our chiropractor lecture. What is in English and Western, what is it in Spanish? So you say, you told me you were a chiropractor, you just graduated. So you don’t know what to say so that I’ll never forget. That was my first chiropractic lecture. And I remember I was showing the kids the picture of the nervous system upside down once I never was very nervous, but that was my first introduction to a chiropractic office. And I’m so thankful for the opportunity Dr. Caruso gave me on that time. So I spent like a whole year with him, you know? And, uh, and I grew up by seeing him, uh, because he’s a master, he was a master, a master communicator, a master chiropractor, principal, you know, always the adoptive thinking above, down, inside out.

And, uh, and it was just, it, it was a way for me to think, you know, uh, how, how to give this to, to the people at jewel and, and see it happening. You know, it was a high volume practice. And, you know, so in my head was always a, I gotta take this principle to the work. Okay. So success for me is to brain, this chiropractor, this big idea of chiropractic to the war. Okay. And, uh, how do we do that? You know, now if I’ve been in practice, like I say, since 1983, and when I started my chiropractic practice in Hialeah, Florida, I was very positive. You know who, I mean, it’s, it’s important, right? And I say, you know, I’m going to have a large practice. I’m going to see a lot of people. Okay. I’m going to have success. And success is going to bring me happiness, going to bring me money.

It’s going to bring me, family is going to bring me all the good stuff. Right. So, but later I know that, you know, is, is very simple by what it is in reality is not easy. I will tell you why it’s not easy. It’s not easy because of you is because of me. Okay. So I learned that for me to, to help, to obtain that success, you know, it was to start connecting to that innate intelligence, which is my source. Okay. And allow in eight to start developing the practice. Okay. So instead of looking outside is, is a journey into my inside. Okay. Which brings you to disciplines, a mindset of always keep growing. Okay. Every month you keep growing, you keep growing, you can grow. And I never, I will never stop learning. And I will never retire because this is, I can see that this is really my purpose in life is to keep bringing this big idea of chiropractic to the world.

And there are many ways to be done. Okay. And this is a great opportunity for me because I’m learning, I’m learning to use technology now. No, and I know I can reach a lot of people. Okay. And, um, and I’m going to keep learning and I’m using this as a way for me, humbly to connect with you guys. So you can know that you can do it too. Right. Because if I look, you know, I started by vision by my vision. And my vision was to do all this, to have all this and to understand, now I can look back like 39 years of practice and I can see what can be done. What can we do if we allow the source in aid to use us so we can bring this chiropractic idea to the work. Okay. There is a quote by a French poet. He say, there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.

I really feel that the time is now, the time is now. And every time it’s more clear. Every time there is a need for us to be laser focused on our chiropractic principles. Okay? Because as we are focused on our chiropractic principles, as we leave the philosophy of chiropractic our services increase in value because the people you connect with your community, okay? Uh, your patients, your family, they all benefit by being in touch with people like us who are live in the chiropractic above, down, inside, out chiropractic is about costs. No about effects. Okay. So we do an, this service to them by spending too much time in effects, instead of put in, given the importance of the costs, Dr. Barge, Fred Barge a good friend of mine. He used to say that one, there is by one, cause one cure that one cause and one here is innate intelligence. Okay. And there is such a feeling when you understand that innate is moving you. And when you have to this to tap on them, what happened to your confidence? What happened to your beliefs? Okay. And all that vibration that you have is being projected into your community.

Okay. And so you have that vibration to send it out to your communities. You know, they are all, they start coming, you know, like a magnet into your office, which is a great, great, great thing to do. You know, because that’s the lesson that I have for so many years is to trust an innate and to see how I get in trouble. When I put my, my allocated thinking that knows more than marinade in charge. So it is wonderful. Like I say, there’s never been a credit time for us to shine with chiropractic. Okay. Chiropractic teachers teach the world to live a life without fear. And the only way is by teaching them that there is an innate in people, the only way is by us to see them, not for the greatest, the greatness that they have in their inside. Every time they come in to see you and you perform your art, which is the adjustment, say there’s 7 billion people in the world and they all need to hear this story.

They’re all searching. They just don’t know that this exist. But guess what? You know, if you start preparing yourself, okay, you start getting the, you know, uh, use in programming, your conscious mind to listen to your innate mind. Okay. Because in a knows already, what do you have to do for you to be successful, but you must connect with it. And guess what, you know, based a lot of, uh, peeling that you have to do, just like peeling an onion to get rid of a lot of stuff that is blocking you, probate, what you supposed to be the greatest chiropractor. Okay. So in a way, you know, you can have a chiropractic center, which is full of love. Just people walked in there and there’s nothing but love, you know? And they all come in there and they just, they walked in there and they used to say, you know, it’s something about this place.

It’s something about this place, you know, because they feel that vibration. Okay. You see right now, most of the people, I mean, they getting information, including chiropractors. Okay. And we get in it because I mean, what’s going on in the war right now. Okay. They put in fear and that fear is coming because they’re going into our beliefs, our beliefs I’ll command by our thoughts. And our thoughts are calming because we’re getting some information that is not real. So now people think that our salvation is on the mask. Okay. And we don’t say anything. I mean, I am saying, okay, we must tell them, you know, Hey for, you know, that’s, I mean, don’t, don’t, you got to understand, you know, you have an innate intelligence that is controlling your immune system, 24 seven. Okay. And it needs to be clear, our unique care, the whole word needs care.

Okay. So is, is, you know, instead of treating effects, we got to working on the cause is staying on costs. And that’s, that’s the whole thing. Now, there is a principle that I used to hear when I was at the E and actually it’s coming from BJ Palmer is the kid’s principal. K I S S. And it stands for keep it simple. Stupid. All right, guys, this is like I say, it’s a simple chiropractic is simple. Okay. But it’s not easy. And it’s not easy is because we don’t do what we supposed to do. And we’re supposed to do, we supposed to be humble and obedient to the voice within, to the voice of an eight, which is the dynamic essential dynamic, essential, which it was a philosophy taught by Dr. Sid Williams at the meetings, you know, is the answer.

Okay. So if we can use, let go. If you don’t know about it, and you want to learn more about it, I invite you to come to a dynamic essentials meetings that we have at every four years, where we keep on studying what Dr. C gave us, which is the dynamic essential and the lasting purpose. So hopefully, you know, I will see you in one of those meetings. And then when you start going, you keep on going, okay, I want to stop going. Why not? Because it said there were okay. It keeps selling your other mask. And I don’t want that mask. I want chiropractic. Okay. So I want to stay on the above, down, inside, out principle. And I want to keep on going without stopping. So that means that we have to go to work. Okay. And to be able to work, you know, you are lead, you are leading by example in your practice.

Okay. People are common Madeline to you, but you must lead by example. You gotta be humble obedient. Okay. And you got to give them love. How do you love them? One adjustment at the time you keep checking them, you check them before you do a post check. You tell them you clear your balance. You better. And that’s it. You know, there’s nothing. Again, there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come. Okay. Now this is the introduction of the first show. Okay. Our next show is going to be next month. Okay. And the next time, what I’m planning to do some planning to invite Dr. Raymond Page, who was, uh, my dream in my dream to go to Peru. I, I actually, since I couldn’t go, I met him and I told him about my dream. And he, um, he actually, he answered my call.

I say our goal. Okay. So we going to recopy too late. What happened, how we created the first chiropractic office improve. And I think the first, the first date of practice, we got over a hundred new patients. Could you imagine? Okay. Which is nothing to a 20 million population. All right. But it’s still, we were busy. Okay. And that is how much people are looking for our message. And we need to understand that. Okay. Again, I want to, I want to thank Dr. Stu Hoffman and ChiroSecure’s team. And I want you to know that don’t forget to turn up next Tuesday, because we’re going to have Dr. Kim Hoang, who is coming from Vietnam. Who’s got a very successful practice in Louisiana, and she will be our host next week. I thank everyone for your attention, and I wish you success. I wish you abundance. I wish you love. And as Dr. [inaudible] used to say, keep smiling at me. I love you all. And I see you next month. Thank you.