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Cool Technologies to Leverage Patient Engagement – Dr. Beauchamp

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Welcome to ChiroSecure is empowering women in chiropractic the Facebook live show for successful women by successful women. Proving once again, women make it happen. Join us each week as we bring you the best in business growth, practice management, social media, marketing, networking leadership, and lots more. If it’s about women in practice and business, you’ll hear it here. [inaudible] now join today’s host dr. Nathalie Beauchamp as she talks, impact exposure and systems. And now here’s Dr. Natalie [inaudible].

Hello and welcome to the show empowering women in chiropractic. Uh, thank you to ChiroSecure, to put on this amazing, uh, show that I’m lucky enough to go host, uh, with a, um, pack of other great doctors and, uh, people that are bringing value to us. Uh, health practitioners. Um, my name is Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp. And what I’d like to do today is talk about my favorite tools when it comes to either creating content or, uh, keeping my patient engaged. So I’m going to talk about five of my favorite tools and technologies. Um, and I think there’s going to be, uh, uh, this part one and part two as well. Cause I love technology. I love to leverage it to make myself more efficient. So the first tool that I like to use is a tool called beautiful AI. And I’m actually the PowerPoint that you’re watching.

Um, right now I’m calling it PowerPoint, but I don’t know if it’s not PowerPoint anymore. What do you call it? Your slide show, I guess that I’m using is built on this. And I discovered this tool about, Oh geez, a year and a half, maybe two years ago. And it’s just made me so much more efficient in term of having all my presentations under one roof, meaning it’s cloud based. So it allows me to work with other people on my team as well, because you know, you travel, you have stick, you might upload it to Dropbox or Google drive, but the format is never the same. And then you’re thinking, Oh, I want that slide from that presentation that I did. And you can’t find it well, now it’s all there. And you can switch slides quite easily from one presentation to the other. So this is a screenshot that I took of what it looks like.

So this is a presentation that I designed. I picked a font. I pick, uh, I picked my color scheme on that. Uh, so it’s easy to set up. Uh, they have amazing, uh, templates that you can choose from. Uh, you can choose your font, the footer, if you wanted to logo. I mean, it’s, it’s very intuitive to use as well. And of course the more you use it, the more efficient you get added as well. This is also a screenshot of the templates that they have, and it goes way further down. Uh, and me, that’s not a graphic designer at and can draw very well.

This allows me to do that

A lot of stuff on my own that I don’t have to reach out to my graphic designer for a diagram or, or, you know, if I’m trying to organize my thought, like it just, it’s just brilliant. So, uh, you can do comparison. You can do data chart. I mean, the sky’s the limit, what you can do, um, with this, and there are stock photos are free and they’re actually pretty good, but of course you can upload, uh, ones that you might have paid to other, you know, stock fresh or, or other platforms like that. They have also pretty decent icons that you can, um, select. So it’s just overall fun. I actually, um, enjoy using beautiful AI. And like I said, to switch from one presentation to the other, to copy some slides. And even if you just get tired of a certain template, it’s, it’s a click of a button and everything is changed so strongly suggest it’s not too expensive.

I believe it’s about $120 a year. And just the fact that it’s cloud base, you know, just gives you access to it whenever you want, which is fabulous. The second tool that I am using is called Camtasia studio and I’ve used it, uh, quite a bit for many years. Actually. All of my videos that I record for my online program is just such a great tool. Uh, it’s easy to do. So I just took a screenshot of, you know, when you click on Camtasia, when it’s installed and it can also be used on either a PC or a Mac. So you decide if it’s a new project that you’re editing, if you’re transporting some, some videos and it can also do audio, or if you’re doing a new recording, then you just press the record button. You can have your camera on or off, you know, when you record something and you know, you, your face in one of the corner, uh, you can turn it off if you don’t want to, you can share screen it’s, uh, again, it’s pretty intuitive and it kind of looks like this.

This is a screenshot that I took up, her presentation that I recorded. And basically once it’s recorded, I added a, an intro video that I have that’s branded, uh, to my logo and myself. You put the intro and outro, you could, you know, play with it if you want to fade with some intro music as well, but it’s pretty easy to figure out. And once you’re done, you just render the video. Like I said, in MP4, or if you just wanted to pull the audio, you can render it in MP3 if you’re using, uh, using it for a podcast. So strongly suggest it. Uh, again, even if you’re not super tech savvy, it’s pretty intuitive. I have a have tried to use those other ones, and I always seem to come back to this one just because of its ease, the other, um, tool that I really liked to use.

And that’s another one that I’ve been using for quite some time is called, um, webinar jam. And I’ve been using it for geez, probably six or seven years. And I have to say that they’ve come a long way now with the platform in terms of what it offers. And basically you can run and tires, webinars in term of promotions and email and reminder you have your green room. Um, I do use zoom quite a bit for conferences, but when it comes to, uh, automate, automate a webinar, I think this is a tool that, uh, that that’s pretty amazing. And also what they have is you can do, uh, make the webinar evergreen as well, which once you’ve recorded it, then you can, uh, give access, uh, to people, uh, with their evergreen component. So this here is a screenshot of what it looks like. Uh, again, very intuitive software.

Like I said, they’ve come a long way. Uh it’s um, not necessarily cheap, but if you’re running a lot of webinars, my goodness, it is so, so, so worth it. And you see, uh, here webinar jam and ever webinar as well, which I believe you can, uh, purchase webinar jam on its own and add, uh, ever webinar if you do want to. So you can clone a previous presentation, so you don’t have to start from scratch. You can, um, I’ll show you in a bit here, but look at your, an elliptic who has registered and it’s just so, so, so convenient to have everything in the same spot. So once you decide to do a webinar, I always clone a previous one. You can configure decide on descheduled the registration, what kind of notification you want to, um, give them either a communicating through email or a text as well, uh, because it has an integration for, for texts as well.

It also has an integration with, um, my email software. I’m using infusion soft, so easy to integrate that, and you can custom your registration page. Thank you, page your green room. And again, I’m not a, an artist here and it’s really easy to do, uh, there’s replay link that can be sent, uh, after as well. So I’m doing a lot of webinars these days for lunch and learn. And when people, um, I do tell people that if they can’t attend live, they will get the replay link soda. I don’t even have to think about it. And the cool thing too is if you’re promoting something, you can insert a landing page. You want to drive people to so a cool way to do that. And if you’re coasting, which I’ve done, uh, you do have different link, uh, for the different presenters. You can, once you’re in the green room, you can, uh, do an offer, uh, that at any time you can promote, you can do a poll as well.

I always start my webinar by asking question, uh, in term of, uh, you know, whatever the topic might be to engage people. There’s also a chat, which you can make visible to everyone or not. You can kick people out of the room. Let’s say if you had someone that made an appropriate, uh, an inappropriate comment or something like that, um, what else can it do? Uh, you can also, and, um, import your, your slides and run it right in the webinar. You can do injection of videos if you want it to do that. Um, again, and then you have access to, let’s say the chat log after, uh, you could do a survey right in it as well. So the features are pretty amazing. And like I said, I’ve done many and a software platform as never let me down. And like I said, the optimization is really, really, really good.

So I talked a little bit about an electrics. Uh, so this is, you know, um, analytic of a webinar that I’m doing, um, this week. So how many people visited the registration? So you can track your percentage of registration. So now of course this is a higher percentage because I promoted it mostly to my existing lists. So people know me, if I was running a Facebook ad to a webinar, uh, to someone, uh, to people that don’t necessarily know me, maybe the conversion wouldn’t be as high, but it’s, it’s also fun and exciting to look at your number and, uh, seeing the interest, uh, as well. I think, um, it’s important to mention that many people are working from home now. So webinars, we’re kind of passe a little bit. Uh, if we go back to let’s say last February, but now, because more and more people are not at work and they want the interaction.

I think webinar coming, uh, back in strong force, I myself have done, um, some, probably every two or three weeks. And the registration rate is just increasing, uh, which is really nice. So it’s a great way to deliver value to our patients. So that’s that for a webinar jam? The next one is a one that’s called jot form. That’s another one that I’ve been using for the office for quite some time. Uh, so I know a lot of chiropractic software now have integration of forms, but I’ve looked into my chiropractic software and I just didn’t like their forms. And it was a little bit glitchy. And because I already had a pretty good system going for many years with this, it made sense for me to just stay with that one. So this is a screenshot of our patient’s form that we have on our website.

So if you were to click on the online form, you would get straight to the online jot form. The patient fills it out. When they click submit, it goes directly to my friend desk and they have the questionnaire let’s say for the new patient that’s coming in. And then obviously to it, to the side of it, there’s a downloadable PDF, which a job form allows you to have as well in case, uh, for us in case somebody doesn’t have a computer or, uh, I don’t know for what reason, but sometime with elderly patient, uh, the, um, the form. So jot form does allow you to, uh, PDF. So this is what it looks like, uh, inside of the platform. Uh, all the forms are there. And the cool thing too, is my staff will get an email notification, but if they go into jot form, they will see that they had a new, uh, notification.

So if it’s a new patient request, uh, because this is one of the form, um, and they might have missed it in an email, they go in there and they can see that this hasn’t been addressed. I also do my, uh, re-evaluation questionnaire there. You didn’t see that on the, um, on the forum page, but this is a link that we send to our patient to say, Hey, uh, we’ve scheduled you for your final scan. If you don’t mind doing this, uh, quick, uh, health, uh, progress report, they do it. And I also CC’d myself on all of those, uh, email, so I can have a quick look at the questionnaire even before the patient comes in, uh, either as a new patient or their progress questionnaire. So it just it’s, it’s like glance for me to see. Oh, yes, yes, yes. Oh, okay. So it’s, it’s really visual.

Um, the way that the habit and I use it for, uh, other project as well, and you’re able to, uh, classify, uh, your job. This is what it looks like inside. And again, this platform, like I said, I’ve had for many years, they’ve come a long way. You can now insert a video. You can take payments, which we have actually, uh, we ran a thermography clinic and, uh, we asked people to, uh, pay before they book their appointment JotForm, uh, syncs with square quite easily. And the forums are really it’s it’s drag and drop. It’s really easy. I’m able to do it, uh, quite nicely. I mean, you could go deeper into some coding if you really wanted to, um, make it, uh, look amazing and go complex. But I really don’t think that the need is there necessarily. This is again, another screenshot you can trigger emails, you can enter.

Great. There’s a thank you page as well. Like I said, it’s pretty intuitive and you can keep it simple. Uh, you can have multiple choice. You can have a dropdown choices. Uh, like I said, if I can design one, uh, in five minutes, it’s, uh, believe me, this is something that, uh, you can use, um, as well, so strongly suggest, uh, dis technology and, uh, expensive either. And so if you’re not satisfied maybe with what your, your chiropractic platform or your practitioner’s platform is giving you, uh, and again, it’s cloud based so I can access it from anywhere, which is also a plus. And the last technology that I want to talk about is something called lead quizzes. And I’ve been using it for many years. Actually I’ve used other ones, but this one is, um, really easy to design the quizzes, the look good, cause some of them are more complex for them to come out looking professional, but this one is fairly easy.

So I took a screenshot of one of the, um, quizzes that I have. Are you suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome? This is one obviously for, uh, the clinic. Uh, we have another one here, a general questionnaire for, um, to, to ask people if they would benefit from chiropractic care. And then obviously you can, um, arrange the answer in whatever order you want and whatever you want people to do for each. It also enter great, uh, through zap, zap your, uh, with my infusion soft. So let’s say somebody ends up doing a quiz. I can then trigger them to go in an educational campaign. If it’s a specific topic, let’s say for a headache, I have a headachy book, so I can nurture, um, these, uh, people, depending on whatever topic they want to focus on. I’ve used it for my book as well. Uh, I’ve had, and I think that’s the next screenshot here.

I’ve come up with a health hacker personality type. And, uh, we had great respond with this one. We, you know, you can run Facebook ads to it. And I know that recently lead quizzes paired up with, uh, Google ads. So we’re looking into disintegration as well. So it’s great to put on your website because we have different landing pages on different health conditions or, or, uh, body signals. Uh, so it’s nice to have the personal touch of a quiz, uh, you know, for headaches for carpal tunnel syndrome, for sciatica, the things that maybe people are not quite sure if, you know, that’s the issue that they’re having. And of course, you know, we’re not pretending that we’re diagnosing anything, uh, is just, uh, pointing them in the right direction and letting them know when they can do and what action step they can take. So this, uh, was, these were five different tools that, um, I’ve used and I constantly use cause preparing for this, um, the show today, I was thinking, what do I use?

So I made a laundry list and I’m, I was at 10 pretty quickly. So those are five of the tools that I use to engage patient, for instance, that a webinar and to be also efficient, uh, you know, with the forms and also from a marketing point of view for the lead quizzes. So hopefully you look into those and see AFD fit, uh, you know, in your, uh, systems and operation, but those are tools that are pretty inexpensive. When you think about it, that can really help you leverage, um, you know, us getting out there and sharing the chiropractic message. So thank you so much for watching the show. Again, my name is dr. Nathalie Beauchamp, and I’m very thrilled to be part of the empowering women in chiropractic bringing, you know, what we are doing in practice currently and sharing our insight because at the end of the day, we all win when we learn from each other, um, because there’s always something that we can do better and do different to reach our, a bigger audience. So thank you very much for tuning in


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