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Developing Your Dream Practice from Within

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Hello everybody. My name is Dr. Walter Sanchez, and I want to give you, I want to welcome you to the ChiroSecure show. I want to thank our Dr. Hoffman for giving me the opportunity to be here and share with you guys about my chiropractic journey. Uh, today’s show is called, uh, developing your dream chiropractic practice from within. And, um, and I can testify about that. You know, it’s been 39 years in practice and, um, practicing chiropractic and I can testify that it’s been done from within. So in today’s conversation, I like to share with you guys, uh, how it is and, and what, you know, the, the most important thing in this conversation. I want you to know. And hopefully, you know, probably we got students, we have, uh, chiropractors already in practice and some new ones, you know, the thing is that we got to talk about the, you know, who is the operating power.

Okay. And he got it solved related to our chiropractic philosophy, our reason for being, you know, and, um, um, when I say the operating power is you, you know, I it’s me, right. We are the operating power, but the thing is that, uh, as, as we go into practice, you know, I mean, we, we have, you know, hopefully we’ve got dreams, you know, how do you want to, you know, how do you see what, you know, what is the image that you have on yourself? You know, uh, how, you know, what, what is your, why you being, you are a chiropractor and then, you know, and then what are you going to do with it? Right. So by you being the operating power, you know, and you have certain desires within you. Okay. Your store, um, building on that. Okay. And, uh, and what it is is, uh, you know, who you are is the most important thing.

Okay. Your identity as a chiropractor is the most important thing. So I was, uh, I was, uh, listening to a book this morning when I went out for my run and the book is called acres of diamond. And it’s a short book, you know, like, uh, I, I listened to it, what I was running. It was an hour and seven minutes. It was, but it was really good. That’s why I kept on running, you know? And on that book, you know, the whole, the whole idea of that book is that, you know, you got to bloom where you are, which is what I learned from Dr. Sid Williams, whatever you are, you got to bloom from there. You know, and the idea of the book is that, uh, we are sitting on acres of diamonds. Okay. And we don’t realize, so if we don’t have that idea, you know, we keep looking everywhere.

You know, we keep, uh, being, being victims of the circumstances. Okay. Which is the operate in power is going backwards. You want your operating power to restart creating circumstances that goes along with the dream you have, right. Or, or how do you imagine your practice should be, you know? And so, so you don’t have to go anywhere. You don’t have to look, you know, you don’t have to go anywhere. It’s no, it’s not where you are, is who you are. The main thing, uh, who you are as a chiropractor, you are a very important person. You are a very important servant. You are a very important beacon of light for, for the society right now.

And, uh, and you got to realize that. Okay. So to realize that, Y you have to realize that because you went to preschool, and that’s what we learned. We learned that, you know, with the art of adjustment, with the art of communicating, you know, we can help, uh, the, the, our communities and the world to see themselves from the inside out and to remove any interferences from the inside out. Okay. But many times, you know, our, you know, we don’t, we don’t go into our dream practices into our, what we imagine it happens because we have too many sets of limit, limit beliefs. We got beliefs that limit us and we cannot run free. Okay. And when I say that, is that because we got all kinds of, is, you know, as in, you know, like the wording, like one of the things that I remember, um, one time, a D a D E seminar, Dr. [inaudible]

said, you got to remove the word impossible from your dictionary, because anything is possible. So you used to tell us dream big, used to tell those, uh, you know, guide us to read the book, think and grow rich, you know, and, uh, all these kinds of, uh, learnings, you know, that Vanguard, I used them, you know, thank God I fell. I bought everything, you know, and they gave me an identity. It gave me the confidence to move forward into what we have with what we have and what is, what we have BJ Palmer is to say, we have the big idea. It’s bigger than law, bigger than religion, bigger than science to imagine that. Okay. And, uh, and the big idea, you know, is, is so big that if we can, if we can live on the big idea and we can transmit the big idea towards communities, I can tell you for a fact that you, you will become a magnet of people. You’ll be manifesting things that you want, but you know that your limited belief won’t believe, but that will happen every second. Okay. Because that big idea for me is like, if, uh, just imagine if somebody comes and tells you, Hey, Jose, you know what the promised land, the land, where you’re going to have, um, everything, health, uh, peas, uh, wisdom, okay. It’s located 1000 miles east in the Atlantic ocean. Here’s a boat with two engines, fast engines, full tank.

So now you can take that boat to that island. So now you go towards the island, but the boat doesn’t have one thing that is the most important thing, which is a GPS or a compass that will take you there. So, because you don’t have that, you just go with your engines are full throttle everywhere, and you don’t, and then you find yourself lost C dusk. The big idea. That’s our big idea. Our big idea is that people has the capacity to heal themselves,

Okay. That they have all the equipment inside. They were born with it to be healthy. And what do you do as a chiropractor? We go in, we turn on the lights. We turn on the power. When you see if we own that idea and work on the operating power, which is you every day for the rest of your life, because you’ve been baptized with that truth. Okay. Now you are creating the practice of your dreams. And I can give you so many examples, but it’s you, it is like another thing that I learned at the E was that, um, the story that it was sure about Billy Graham, who was a preacher, he was an average preacher, but he wanted to be, he wanted to preach to millions of people, but he wasn’t able, for some reason, he said, I went to school, I got all the knowledge, you know, but yet I cannot attract the people, the masses.

And then the story goes that one day he was walking by and saw a leaf falling down. I want that leaf was falling down. He got his revelation and the revelation was to accept the scriptures in full faith. So when he accepted the scriptures in full faith, he’s live a minister to go on a new meaning and became the law, the, the biggest preacher in the world. So it’s the same. That doesn’t is not, it’s not any different with us. Are you accepting, chiropractic in full faith? That’s part of your operating power. Okay. So now during BB meetings, which if you don’t know what it is, it means dynamic, essentially the definition of the dynamic, essentially that Dr. [inaudible] gave us was the what’s when, uh, when, uh, when a person becomes humble and obedient to the voice within.

So all of us, we have the voice within the operating power where the unit, okay. So there is a communication based on dialogue constantly all day long, that is within you. But I will be in humble. I will be in obedient to the voice within we are being pool by the outside noise. Again, that dialogue that happens within you. It’s a bit one, if you guys can observe your dialogue, make it an important thing to do every day, you’re going to find, you can find out a lot of stuff that you don’t need. You don’t need to have it in there.

You’ll be talking to yourself with more love and that love we convert inside of you into authority. And then all of a sudden that you’re going to be talking with authority. Now, patients come in, you shake hands with them. And they’re telling the doctor, I don’t know, but you shaved your chain. My hand, I’m feeling a lot better already. You know, I’m breathing better. I look better. See I’m wiser, I’m clear. Um, you know, everything is changing. Why it’s the power then? And you speaking it with authority. So the big idea, you know, is something that we must communicate with, with our audience and also with ourselves.

Okay. And I’m, I remember when I was listening to, in the beginning of my journey, when I was going to, I was going to school and I was listening to a doctor say that to Sega Foos, uh, in grass and all these gray, gray chiropractic speakers, you know? And then they were talking about listening to the inside and that, and I said, yeah, well, I’m listening to my insight is that it’s impossible is that is not, you know, that, uh, I’m from, I’m from here, or this is this, you know, but then I hear one time, Dr. Sensei, you have to fake it until you make it. So I, my test was this, okay, I’m gonna listen to that voice. I’m gonna act on that voice from within, okay. Until I trusted.

And that was my callback moment, because I started to trust to trust, to trust that voice within, to check my patients, to attract, to create, uh, circumstances, to spread the war on chiropractic, to have a beautiful life, a beautiful family. You know, I don’t have a life without fear because fear was what is slowing me down clear was what is stopping me. But at the time that I started watching my dialogue, that was happening inside of me, I understood that a lot of, a lot of the dialogue was coming from the programming that I have, um, by discipline and by listening to big doctors like Dr. [inaudible],

Dr. Crusoe, you know, my mentors, which what they did is exactly what I’m trying to pass it onto. You guys it’s to work on that operating power to follow the big idea. You know, how, how big is that idea? You see? So understanding that is like, it was, it just allow me to see massive in my practice, allow me to be a deeper listener, to have a loving speech with my patients, to love them, to allow love to flow through me in the practice. And there’s so much joy just to go in there and just flow, go with the flow, because you are your communication with the voice with it’s a good connection, but you must discipline. Like I say, since you wake up, you have to watch what comes in through your eyes, through your, through your ears, what it calls into your mind. You got to be selective and create and create instead of compete, compete, create, create love, give surf. Okay. Now understanding that big idea. Imagine, is there any value to the big idea you see, by looking at those limited beliefs that we have? You know, I mean, I grew up with a lot of limited beliefs, so I have to really have like a diarrhea, have a lot of limited beliefs.

Okay. And it start pouring in, put into myself, empowering beliefs, beliefs that allows me to understand that this sky is the limit to enter the sun. And you might hit the moon, you know, and, uh, everything, because not only listening to the speakers at that time, but also my experience in working with Dr. Joe workers. So that allow me to see that it was possible to give love and serve to somebody, you know, in our time. But it was discipline, discipline, um, focusing in the job, a task C, and you cannot have your mind drifting from one way to another. You have to have a made up mind.

And I made up mine at the beginning, was empty. The waiting room, enter the waiting room. I didn’t want to see the waiting room to, to look for, but it got to a point where we used to have lines on the streets, but I still, my aim was empty, the waiting room and to the waiting room, into the waiting room. And you know, like probably the question is, yeah, but what about your business and all that guys. It was simple. And I learned it from Dr. John Hoffman, you open the door and you close the door that’s before I had the family. Okay. And we, and you know, what else speak chiropractic everywhere.

How many people will not be turned on if you teach them that? The truth of the matter is that is what is called in the back is them. And they can be, you know, a chiropractic lesion called a subluxation in the spine that you can correct it. And then you can allow them to also hold themselves according to their potential. You know, I that’s the big idea. The big idea is right now, they safety is on life and nothing is bigger than life. Absolutely. Nothing is bigger than life and life flows from above that, inside out through your nervous system and subluxations interfere with the flow of life. That’s the big idea, bigger than size, bigger than religion, Baylor law, because I have the government and you can keep your mouth shut. You got to talk to everybody about, so developing your practice from the inside out, it takes, it takes work on you to start peeling off the layers.

And that’s not about how many books you read, how much you listen, all those things are going to come up. Once you have a made up mind that you’re going to succeed to have your dream practice. And when you understand that the success of your practice, this okay, is a result of a progressive Worthing idea that is going to take it to action, right? So the idea is that you’re gonna, you know, it’s like, it’s always that idea. You know, that’s your vision. You’re going to keep working at it, working at it for the rest of your life. And it’s a great life.

You know, there is a lot of trail that is a lot of excitement. Yes. To wonder what will tomorrow bring before I go to bed is like, I’m amazed. You know, I say, wow, what you know, why would it be tomorrow? So my preparation after I turn off, my educated, I go to bed is to see my day, the next day. And then to see how those, how, how it works, how it started manifesting those things. Okay. Because we are co-creators in this way. And a preparation, see the law of preparation that was, you know, you know, the law of preparation say, you came, prepare for fear. You got to prepare for goodness for faith.

So the preparation, my daily preparation is to stay in the game, physically, mentally, and spiritually carrying the torch of the big idea. Nothing is bigger than life and chiropractic improve it. And is that is a great journey. And I keep on keeping on loving the speech, the listening to the patients, turning on the power BI so forth. So as the books say, the acres of diamonds, diamonds, you know, we’re sitting on it. It’s not your office. It’s not, your equipment is not your, the people outside is all of the, from the operating power, which is you, you are the operating power. You must discipline you.

So wonderful. So now the volume, what is the value of it? Wow. You know, for on the example that I gave about the promised land and get in there, how much value would it be? A GPS with the exact coordinate to take me there? That’s it, that’s what we need to bringing to the people. It’s because they have to one, they have to want to go there. Okay. So there has to be an exchange when they understand that, Hey, I want that for some people might say, no, I don’t want to go to the promise land. I’m fine where I’m at.

Okay. I have a nice boat, which is their body have the call equipment, but I’m just giving you the mindset. See the big, our big idea is our mind is the mindset that you give to the person, to everyone that is in front of you. And when they take that mindset, which is the coordinates. So how to get there that life will change completely. They don’t see themselves the same thing. They understand the value of chiropractic coming to visit you. And they tell others. What I noticed though, is more than speaking it with my mouth is the dialogue that I have in my inside. That it makes me more confident just by checking hands, just by hiding a patient just by commanding them to stand there, don’t move.

No, it’s really allowing the bigness of the fellow within to come forward is really the D E practitioner, which is when you become humble and obedient to the voice of God within who is talking to you at all time. But you’re not listening. We’re not listening because we don’t trust it. So start by trusting it, trust what you’re being guided to dare, to dream big, dream big. Okay. And then commit to the process, commit to the process. Discipline is to your commitment, to your plan and take action and watch how those on falls. That’s my life every day.

No. And, uh, and I just love it. Love it. I’m so grateful. And I CA I will keep on keeping on as BJ will stay. If anyone there hasn’t, haven’t been to ID seminar. Oh, it’s not a seminar at the meeting. Please come and shed some of your, of your shelves that you have around you that doesn’t allow your heart to come forward. We love to have you there. If you guys have any questions or would like my help in any way, please don’t hesitate. You can write me at Dr., I will be more than happy to assist you. The war needs chiropractic the war, uh, hungry for the principle. The word needs the big idea. And it’s up to us to raise our levels. And you know what, and it’s a discipline every day. You gotta discipline yourself Is something that is going to, it’s like a good wine, you know, always getting near perfect, near perfect, never perfect. And you, and you keep on keeping on, right? I hope you guys got a lot of from this. I want to thank you for allowing me to have this conversation with you guys. And, uh, don’t forget to tune in next week for Ms. Chen Yen and she will be your host to next week. And I will see you in December and I love and appreciate you all of them. And thank you.