Different Types Of Chiropractic Insurance Quotes

Insurance for chiropractic business is known as an “à la carte” product. That means you can choose and put together insurance products from different options – instead of buying the whole package – to best suit the protection you need. In other words, you pay only for a particular insurance option for your business.

New to the chiropractic business? If you plan to buy insurance to protect your business, it will work to your advantage if you are familiar with different chiropractic insurance quotes. In this way, you will know which particular insurance product to buy.

So, here are different types of chiropractic insurance quotes you should be aware of:

  • Malpractice quote – you need this information for insurance products that protect your business and profession from lawsuits claiming malpractice or negligence on your part as a chiropractic treatment provider.
  • Professional liability quote – information about insurance that provides coverage for license protection, sexual misconduct defense, cyber liability, and insurance audit defense.
  • Business owner quote – this provides information about the policy that protects your business in case of interruption for several reasons. Property protection generally covers owned or leased buildings and their content, such as furniture, equipment, and fixtures damaged from calamities and fire.
  • Worker’s compensation quote – is for insurance to protect your business from paying for your workers’ medical care and rehabilitation. It is for employees who are injured while on the job or contracts a work-related illness. It also covers a portion of lost wages, disability benefits, and even death benefits for the dependents of employees killed in work-related accidents.

There are more coverage options associated with the chiropractic insurance package. Make sure you ask your prospective insurance provider to learn more.

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