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Dr. Eaton: Hi. I’m Dr. Barbara Eaton. Welcome to The Eighth Floor. It’s so great to be with you today. I hope to just share some of about who I am, and what this amazing thing is called, The 56 Day Chiropractic Boot Camp to Double Your Business. Undoubtedly you’ve heard about it, and I’m going to share some incredible stories from boot campers who are likely just like you, so I’m a farm girl at heart. I was born in southeastern Michigan, and was raised on a farm. I have an amazing family. I’m one of those individuals who, if you could ever script the perfect childhood, it’s mine. I have so much to be grateful for, and so much to be thankful for, and I wish I could say that all of life continued on that way, but perhaps like you, I’ve had a few bumps along the way. I got pregnant before I was married, so I got to shock my parents with that. I did a pregnancy, and a divorce, and another pregnancy while I was in chiropractic college, and another marriage to the same person, but nonetheless, I’ve had lots of highs and lows in my life, probably just like you.

Dr. Eaton: The real distinction, though, is who we are as a result of those, and not that we become the worst thing that’s ever happened to us, but instead we use those things in our life to champion others who are going through them as well, to say, “Listen, sister. I got you. I can help you, and let’s move along together.” That’s really why I developed the 56 Day Chiropractic Boot Camp to Double Your Business. I’ve been coaching chiropractors since 1999, and along the way, I have noticed whether it’s in my coaching business, or in other coaching or management businesses within chiropractic, that there wasn’t a community of like-minded, rockstar, determined female chiropractors and students, whereby they could get support, they could get training, they could get the help that they needed in order to create a whole bunch of momentum for hugely successful practices. Here’s the reality, that the more that you provide value in your practice, the more that you provide value in your community, and you create a way for people to be in exchange with you.

Dr. Eaton: You will have abundance and wealth beyond your wildest imaginations, but you need to have those skills, and you know what I found? We didn’t have great training for that in our profession, and I’ll take responsibility for it as well, because like I said, I’ve been coaching chiropractors since 1999. The boot camp is an amazing tribe of passionate, determined chiropractors, 93% at this time who are female. What we have is we have a private Facebook group where, I’m going to tell you right now, we’re a group of 268-strong. This is being recorded in October of 2018, and in the last 28 days, we’ve had over 10,200 posts and comments. Those posts and comments are boo hoo hoo, poor me. Those posts and comments are like, get it on, sister, and this is what I’m doing. Brianna Smith Powderly, she’s a new chiropractor, and she has gotten 53 shares and over 10,000 views on a video that she did showing just, all she’s doing is setting up. She’s not showing herself giving any chiropractic adjustment, and she just shares her story, and her truth about what it’s like to be a chiropractor, and how sometimes we have haters, and sometimes we’re confused. 

Dr. Eaton: She just gave the whole thing to all of us in the boot camp, so we can all mimic her success, and change our own communities. The boot camp is just an amazing place for female chiropractors, and the guys get to come along, too, for you to grow, and level up, and to recognize that if you’re not living to your optimum potential, there will always be this nagging inside your body knowing that you can produce more. Let me share just a couple of those stories with you really quickly. This is from Dr. [inaudible 00:04:41] … West in Texas. She said this. I was [inaudible 00:04:49] and like spinal degeneration and decay, it was not something that had just happened overnight. By reaching out, feeling like someone in quicksand, and quicksand instinctively and innately, I grabbed for Dr. Barbara Eaton’s guidance. I had choices, and I chose the 56 Day Chiropractic Boot Camp. Life changing. I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be ith this incredible group of boot campers that want to grow and succeed in life, and in practice. 

Dr. Eaton: I have had many coaches in my life, and by far, Dr. B. is the most influential, motivating coach I’ve ever had. Thanks so much. Hugs and kisses. That’s from my pal, Dr. Sarah [Gleedo 00:05:22]. She is … You know what? Dr. Sarah is an Olympian. That’s right. She swam in the Olympics, so this woman knows discipline. She knows how to get it done, and yet because of the struggles, and trials that she was going through personally and professionally, it weighted her down. She was getting frustrated, and just wasn’t able to come out on her own. She said, “Okay, instead of just wasting myself, instead of living below my potential, instead of just waiting for burnout to snatch me from serving, I’m going to do something about it.” If that’s you today, do something about it. That’s my website. You can always find me right there, and I’m going to give you another link in just a minute, but I got to share this story from Dr. Dina Riggins, who practices in California with you, practices in California, and she said this.

Dr. Eaton: New practice members are coming in from all over, walk-ins, phone calls, referrals. We’re also abundant, and these people so desperately need us. I love my work. Individuals who are fired up. Dr. Dottie Purnell, she practices in Mississippi. She said this. Overwhelmed means you are in high demand. It feels wonderful, and I enjoy it tremendously. Now in the morning I leave for a fabulous week of pure pleasure with my daughter and my grandies. This is the result of being overwhelmed, and I love it. See, we have this huge shift of consciousness in the boot camp, to make sure that we own our words, to make sure that our words align with our mission, to make sure that what we’re doing aligns with what we say we want to accomplish both personally and professionally. We’re all about making sure that we know what we need to do in our business in order to serve and provide value, and a wonderful, amazing lifestyle for our families, so that when we’re with them, we’re focused. We’re intentional. We’re with them, and we’re not focused and worried on our practice, because we already did what needs to be done.

Dr. Eaton: The boot camp is a wonderful place if you’re really ready to saddle up, and go hard, and go fast, to be a part of a group where we want to hear from you as much as you can hear from us. To be a part of a family, and a tribe, where judgment and bashing is not allowed. I promise you, Mama Boot Camp does not allow that stuff. All your questions are important. Your feelings, your emotions are important. We’re going to share that, and not wallow in it. Instead, we’re going to say, “All right, sister. We got you. We understand. We’ve been there. This is how to get up out of it.” We don’t have to stay in the mire. We’re here to help you change your story for the future, to be one of prosperity, to be one that you want your children, or those in your family, to mimic, and model, and pass on a legacy while also living a legacy. That’s why this year, you’re going to find me on the road. I’ll be at Cal Jam with my tribe. I’ll be at … Let’s see what else. Chiropractic Rocks with Dr. Adam Del Torro.

Dr. Eaton: I’m speaking at Sherman Lyceum, at Chiro Sushi. We’re also, August 1, boot camp Alaska 2019. You got to be there. I’m telling you, it will be the event of a lifetime for you. I’m going to give you some Alaskan experience while we have really powerful masterminds. I have some guest speakers that will blow your mind as well. We’re just going to be sharing together, so that’s Boot Camp Alaska 2019, hashtag #bootcampalaska2019. If you’re watching this and it’s past that time, August 2019, guess what? It’s going to be happening every year, and if you miss the August one, you can catch the Women’s Chiropractic Leadership Summit, which will be in Atlanta in October of 2019. I’m getting ready to leave for that tonight. Amazing opportunity for female chiropractors, students, and CAs to be together, to grow. We’re celebrating every October, as you probably know, is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, so every year we’ll be having a ceremony to represent and honor those little lives that we didn’t get to experience for very long.

Dr. Eaton: Because it’s something that’s near and dear, it’s a story that’s important in women, and I want to be here to help you through it, as well as the rest of the tribe, so listen. Stop waiting to take action. Today is the day that you can change your life. Go to http://56daychirobootcamp.com/apply. What you’re going to find when you go there is I’m going to ask you a couple questions to get to know you. As well you’ll see my schedule. Grab a coaching spot, the very next one that you can make, grab that one, so you and I can get on the phone together. When we’re on the phone, it’s a real coaching session. I’m going to get to know you. You can get to know me. At the end, if I’m 100% confident that the boot camp is a right fit for you, I’ll tell you that and share with you how you can join. Don’t wait. Seriously. Procrastination is one of the biggest killers of dreams, and I don’t want your dreams to go unrecognized any longer, so take action today. Again, 56daychirobootcamp.com/apply. You can always find me, too, at drbarbaraeaton.com.

Dr. Eaton: I want to say a special thank you to ChiroSecure (https://chirosecure.com), Dr. Stuart Hoffman, Sharon, and Alan. You guys are an amazing team, and I so appreciate all of the love, and the support that you give to chiropractors. I’m so happy to have Dr. Stu as our Week 13 coach in the boot camp. He teaches us about risk, and how do we minimize risk in our practices, and how do we make sure that we’re doing things right, as it relates to malpractice? Just provide so much help for boot campers. If you’re a boot camper, you’ll get that kind of help. I got to say, just a couple words about Dr. Stu Hoffman right now. He’s the guy in our profession that doesn’t just say, “Ooh, I support chiropractors.” He’s at every event. He’s at every single thing that’s going on. He does this show. He is all over the place, putting his actions, and his pocket book, behind his word. I have also found that every time I connect him with a potential new client for ChiroSecure or even somebody who’s with another malpractice insurance, do you know that he always steps up to the plate and personally helps them.

Dr. Eaton: To me, that means the world, because typically, you’re reaching out to your malpractice insurance company, you’re probably in hot water, and to know that the owner of the company is willing to make time for you means all the difference in the world. That’s exactly how the boot camp is. With the boot camp, you don’t come in and then Dr. Barbara’s gone. Uh-uh. We’re going to be live every single week together as well. I’m in the Facebook group answering questions every single day. I am here for you. I promise you, if you step forward, I will be there to help you. Thank you so much, ChiroSecure. It’s been a blast being with you. I really appreciate being on this journey. God bless you all. Have an awesome day. Take massive action. 

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