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Dr. Tomshack: And hello everybody. This is Dr. Chris Tomshack. I am the CEO of HealthSource Chiropractic. We are a chiropractic franchise, been around for 12 years, and we are the largest provider of chiropractic care currently in the world, moving to a large international audience, as we speak and listen. 

So anyways, what is it that we do? What HealthSource does, essentially, is if you can think of a combination lock, with maybe, you know, you’ve got three numbers you’ve gotta know, to open up that lock. And what we do is, we provide all three of those numbers. So, whether … And you can look at it any way you want. So whether it’s clinical expertise, whether it’s marketing expertise, to drive in new patients, or new business, or maybe it’s operational excellence, on how to run a very efficient, and so it’s a more fun, and more profitable practice.

Well, those are just three combinations, three numbers to that combinations. If you have one, or you have two, you can build a decent practice. But if you wanna build something that is really bigger than yourself, something that is, really leaves a mark, really changes the world, you need all three of those numbers. 

And so, what HealthSource does is, we lead, coach, instruct all of our doctors, and owners, on what those three numbers are, so they can open up this combination lock, to a magnificent practice, a magnificent lifestyle, fun and happiness. I mean, listen, my mission in life is very simple. It’s to help more people lead healthier and happier lives. And so that’s what we do at HealthSource Chiropractic. And that is our absolute mission.

So, if you’re looking for a better way, if you’re looking for, perhaps a way to leave a bigger mark than simply having a run of the mill, or average, or mediocre practice, well, that’s where we should have a conversation. And I’m easy to reach. Just reach me at ctomshack@HealthSourcechiro.com. We’ll have a conversation, and we’ll see where it goes. 

So, without saying anything else, what you must know is chiropractic is a magnificent profession. We are changing lives. I mean, with respect to the opioid epidemic, oh my gosh, we’ve known this for years, right, that we are a responsible, and we are a superior alternative to the drugs, to the opioids, to the fentanyl, to the Oxys, and the Percocets, which are causing just massive damage to our population.

We know this, right? And the American College of Physicians, just last year, year and a half ago, 2016, came out and said you shouldn’t be prescribing the drugs, right? Try other things first, like chiropractic. Now, you and I know that, but more people have to know that. And right now we’re, since we’re just seeing 14% of the population, we obviously know that not enough people know about us. They don’t know enough about you, to make the decision to do something. 

So, one of the things that HealthSource did, here over the last half of year, is we decided, you know what? Enough is enough. We’re gonna make a difference in this opioid epidemic, so we attacked the media. What I mean by that is, we had a very sound strategy, and in just three months, just three months, we were on over 50 news programs. And we’re not talking about some run of the mill news program. We’re talking about NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox News, all over the country. And that’s something that you can do too.

And so, as we’re making these appearances on all these big time news stations … I’m talking about Boston. We’re talking about Houston, Dallas, Cleveland, all over the country, over 50 markets. And I did a bunch of those. A lot of our doctors, our franchise owners, did a bunch of them. It gets the press out. 

Number one, it lets people know there’s an alternative, and you’re doing it in mainstream media, which is, it’s significant. I mean, I would venture a guess, we got more press in the last six months, on a national basis, than has probably been done in the last 10 years, in this industry. To the point even, even the Weather Channel had us on. And this was just a short time ago.

So I mean, we’re America’s chiropractor, because we provide more care to patients in America than anybody else. And so, they came to us, looking for help, right? And you get that way with a concerted strategy, with, by utilizing the media. And you all can do that. You can do it, in your small community, your large community. You can do that, if you have that combination lock, that I talked about before.

So, if any of this interests you, if you wanna build a bigger presence, if you want to be on the news stations, if you want to make a difference in the opioid campaign, to a larger effect, give me a, shoot me an email at ctomshack@HealthSourcechiro.com. Thanks.

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