Dr. Cathy Wendland Colby – Women’s Voices Matter

Dr. Cathy Wendland Colby can be contacted at 678-386-6290 or by visiting: https://www.womensvoicesmatter.com

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Dr. Colby: Hello everybody and welcome. My name is Dr Cathy Wendland-Colby and I want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Chiro Secure, not only for the support of our profession, but for the support of all of us in the profession. Chiro Secure has been helping put on programs for women for the last year through their empowering women in Chiropractic Webinar series. And as one of the weekly hosts, it’s such a privilege to get to share my message and the message of the other women that I have the privilege of hosting so that you and your practice can be more successful, reach more people, create a bigger impact, and ultimately live the life of your dreams. So today, I want to talk to you about why women’s voices matter and why is it so important to start showcasing women in our profession and to start empowering those women in our profession, not just the doctors, but the support staff, the spouses, the Ca’s, all of the women in Chiropractic, to support them, to find their voice, speak up and begin leading. 

Because when we do that, we have a greater opportunity to reach the people who are the decision makers in your community so that they can choose your office, your care, your team, as part of their healthcare team. So why do women’s voices matter? Well, let’s face the reality, women make up 50 percent of the population in the world, but they make up probably 70 to 80 percent of the buying decisions in most households because most financial decisions, big purchases, health care purchases default to the mom in the household. So learning how to communicate in a manner that resonates with women buyers in your community is humongous. Whether you’re a male doctor or a male ca, whether you’re a female run team, you need to know how to communicate in a way that matches the values and the needs of your potential patients. 

Now, empowering your team of women to speak up and really find their voice, speak their truth, share the message of Chiropractic and start leading in your community, is where we come in through Women’s Voices Matter. Women’s Voices Matter was founded because we realized that there are so many women out there who have a tremendously important message to share. Yet they haven’t found the opportunity to share that message. Maybe you haven’t found the right stage. Maybe you haven’t found the right community group. Maybe you have something you want to share with the entire profession, but the doors always seem to be closed when you’re trying to share your message. Maybe, like me, you’re that woman in the back of the room for many, many years who said, “This is a great seminar, but I don’t see someone who reflects my values, or I don’t hear from people who practice the way I practice.”

If you’re a woman out there and you’ve ever been in that situation, I know exactly what you’re talking about because I’ve had this conversation with thousands of women in Chiropractic who say, “I love these seminars, and I love the message that I’m getting from the stage, but it doesn’t 100 percent fit my needs.” And if you’re that woman who has voiced that feeling of not fitting your needs and wants to step up, but don’t know how, then Women’s Voices Matter is for you. Now listen, we’ve got a website, womensvoicesmatter.com where we can help teach you and mentor you and introduce you to other women who will help you mastermind, so that you can get to the position that you’re at. So if that’s a goal of yours, sharing your message, speaking more in your community, speaking more in your office to your patients, speaking more on stages, whether that’s your local stages, your state stages, or the big national stages, I can help you get there and teach you the tools that you need. 

We’ve got a fantastic team of mentors that are absolutely working to help you get better, perfect your craft, learn the skills necessary so that event organizers come to you, whether that’s in your community or up on the big stages, and really start getting your message out to the masses. This weekend I’m really excited because in the women’s voices matter Facebook group, we’re doing a Facebook live training. This is a workshop to teach you how to bring somebody on how to get an audience to follow you, how to deliver a message that absolutely resonates with the community you’re trying to reach, and how to make sure that your Facebook live doesn’t just die, but it lives on where people continue to share and comment on it. That’s happening live workshop this weekend in the Facebook group, but in order to get into the Facebook group, you’ve got to be a member. And as a big thank you to Chiro Secure for all that they’ve done, I’m offering a huge, huge introductory offer to get you into the group. 

All you have to do is text your name and your phone number to 678-386-6290, and we’ll get you introduced into the group for your first 15 days for free so that you can get to know some of the mentors, get to see some of the opportunities, get to start doing some of the workshops, and the trainings that our masterminds are doing, and our mentors are doing, so that you can start delivering a message. Because here’s the reality. When women don’t get to share our message to our community, to our prospective patients, to our peers, we don’t get to step up and start leading. And when we’re not leading, we’re not helping to pave a pathway for the women behind us who are looking for someone to follow. 

If you’d like to be that woman that they start to follow, if you want to step up into a leadership position, if you want to be mentored by other leaders like Terry Flager, chiropractic social media marketing, who’s constantly teaching our members how to present themselves on social media so that they’re making an impact, if you want to be mentored by people like that, then you’ve got to be part of this group because we’re learning. Our women are growing, our women are getting on stages in their community. They’re getting on stages in their state. They’re getting on the big national stages. And they’re not just getting on stages. They’re impacting their profession, they’re impacting their business, they’re impacting their finances, and they’re making a difference where it matters most to them. One of our mentors is Marly Dantonio. She’s not a chiropractor, but she’s an expert in creating connections and building referral based connections that help you grow your business. 

So she’s in there helping to mentor our women as well. Listen, we’ve got a lot of mentors that are in there. We’ve got a lot to offer you. So again, if you want to get in this group, we’re offering you the first 15 days for free. All you have to do is text your name and your phone number to 678-386-6290, and my team will follow back up with you to get you involved. And you can check out our website at womensvoicesmatter.com. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to watch as I want to, once again, extend a big thank you to Chiro Secure and for all they do to support all of us in this wonderful profession that we call chiropractic. Have a great day. 

Speaker 2: This has been a Chiro Secure production.