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Dr. Dean DePice: Hello, I’m Dr. Dean DePice, and thank you to ChiroSecure for this time we get to have today, together to help lift up our profession, doctors of chiropractics. A little of why I am so embracing of the moment to be here for ChiroSecure, and it’s because of the man. When I encounter a man that’s about truthfulness, and goodness, and standing beside people I believe in, and I know are doing right things like doctors of chiropractics, I know I’m in the right place. So Dr. Su Hoffman has been that. And he’s been given opportunities to work any place he wants, even outside of the chiropractic profession. And he continues to serve inside the chiropractic profession. And when chiropractors I know are in peril or harm’s way due to issues that need to be represented properly by a malpractice company, Dr. Su Hoffman and his entire team swoop in with individualized, very specific support for doctors in chiropractic. So we are in great company when we’re here on this line, with the ChiroSecure team.

Let’s jump into what I have to share about the TLC team and what we do. And one of the things we understand in TLC is to begin with the end in mind. When we’re done with this conversation here in about another eight or ten minutes, I want to know that I’ve left you uplifted, that you’re life is sweeter for the moments we got to have in engagement between each other, so that you’re uplifted. There are three things I want to make sure that we do. My desired end result is that I leave you with something. Number one is the significance of community. Number two is the significance of having resources, or tools, or something you can depend upon. And number three, the significance of sharing. Those are the three things that I know when we leave here, if you’re able to say, “Well you know what? He taught me something about community. He taught me something about having the right tools in the tool chest. And he taught me something about the significance of sharing.”

We’re great. And you left here with a simple lesson plan. One of the things we’ve experienced in the work that we do together, with doctors of chiropractic is this principal of when someone’s why is big enough, when what’s inside of them, their why is big enough, the why drives enough energy so that then almost any how that they have to carry out is taken to completion. But so often, chiropractors run around buying solutions. They buy this. They buy that. And the procedure, even if it’s a good one, and even if it works for a little while, if it isn’t supported by their heart, it peters out. So the wisdom of having a why that means something to us means that we choose hows that are congruent with it. And when the how is chosen wisely, then it ends up supporting our heart, so that our why grows even stronger. Look familiar? Well it is. It’s a continuous cycle. A great why fuels a how. A great how fuels a why. So they actually go back and forth all day long in the life of the chiropractor, reach out.

It’s one of the reasons that every morning, we in TLC share these things called gas cards. We make sure that every morning, hundreds and hundreds of us are texting each other things that we’re grateful for, specific actions we’re working on, one special circuits we’re gonna do. And we send them to each other because of the first principal that I shared with you, the significance of community. As I’m just a chiropractor, we’re all practicing alone in most cases. And since most of us are an individual practices, we’re in a business. Independent business, small business that open up, most of them are gone within one year, two thirds of them are gone. Within another three years after that, another two thirds of them roughly are gone of the ones that made it. So the peril of the independent business person is without question. As doctors of chiropractic, when we come together in community, we are lifted up. Whole is brought more present.

There’s a neat lineage I’m going to share with you about the significance of community. But it parallels that which we do in adjusting people. When we adjust people, we’re connecting a more idealized afferent communication between brain and body. When connection happens between people, we actually end up creating some version of community. And when we have community, there’s a chance then, that we end up engaged in the ability to comminate. And when we communicate, the next thing that can happen that’s an amazing gift for people, is the ability for people to be engaged in transparency. They bring themselves out into the open. And when people are brought out into the open, they then get to be accountable to some kind of change. And if we pick the right kind of people to be with, if we pick ideal conversations, then the connection leads to community. Community leads to communication. Communication puts us in transparency. Transparency gives us the ability to be accountable to higher choices, accountable to better speaking, better choice in words, and things we might say to each other. It’s an accountability so that change is great. That we carry out great change.

So community is critical. And community gives us the chance again, as I was sharing earlier, to go back and make sure that people are asking us, “So what is your why?”

My why touches on things that open my heart. I know that when I slow down, and I pause for peacefulness, I touch people in a better way. And I think about all the times maybe I don’t do that, maybe with my wife or daughter in particular. And I realize, “You know Dean, if you pause for peace, all interactions and adjustments are far sweeter.”

So my why is to pause for peace. And I think of my wife and my daughter. I don’t always remember to do it. But when I’m with the right people, I have habits and disciplines that help me do that. Community helps me, DePice, be a better guy. And that’s what we want for you, to be a better person.

The second thing we talked about is resources or tools. And the biggest tool I want to give you is the need for us to plant seeds of truth with patients all day long, with people all day long, with employees all day long, with ourselves every morning, to plant seeds of truth. The number one leading cause of death in the world, based upon research published by Ralph Keety at Duke University, is not medicine. It’s not cancer. It’s not heart disease. It’s poorly made choices. People not given proper information make poor choices. Poorly made choices lead to premature or unnecessary death. So the number one adjustment to give is that of knowledge and understanding.

The second thing I talked to you about was a tool. Here’s the tool I want to leave you. Never let a single person be in your midst who is not planted a seed of more research or truth that helps them make wiser choices. In the adjustments, we call that the tick talk. Call it what you want. Never merely give a physical adjustment when you can give one to the intellect and the heart, and the soul of the person so that they leave scratching their head to reach for higher choices and conduct, and certainly to return for more care. So number one was community. Number two, take a tool. Let the tool be to give truth to others. The number three is the significance of sharing.

What we just learned hear now, who are you going to share it with? In the sharing of it, you make yourself better at doing it. In the sharing of it, you help someone else’s life be better. That’s what TLC is about. You know, there’s a chance Dr. Jen is going to jump in with us here, but I’m going to tell you this. When chiropractors show up here, and they want help, it’s not uncommon that they look like this. They’re kind of downtrodden. There’s something they’re struggling with. I always liken it to this. There’s this river they’ve got to get across to get to the other side of what their ideal is. And they want to express something bigger than they’re presently expressing. And somewhere, somebody hasn’t helped them build the bridge to get to the other side. TLC is a bridge. We’re not practice management. We’re about opening conversations. When you open conversations, you reveal the heart of the man or the woman. When you reveal the heart of the man or the woman, the why begins to shine. When there’s a why that’s beefy enough, you’ll do what must be done.

But when your heart ain’t there, we could tell you anything til the cows come home. You ain’t gonna do it. You ain’t gonna carry through. You aint gonna take it to completion. If you and I speak, which I urge you to, I don’t need anything from you. I’m fine. I’ve been at this a long time. The TLC leadership is 30, 40, 50 years in practice, still together. Not in trouble with the IRS. Obliterated debts. Staying with their kids. Living it together. Still wanting to do it. When we bring you communications, answers, questions, and insight, it comes from that kind of intensity. So if you open a dialogue with me, the first thing I’m going to do is open a conversation to discover your heart’s desire. And when we get your heart’s desire packaged, even if I never talk to you again, you’re going to leave with that. And you can do great things with it. So open yourselves up to a conversation.

Dr. Allen and Allen and Su said I’m allowed to sell you. The most virtuous profession anyone can have in life is sales, to sell people on being good people, to sell my wife on why I’m a good catch, to sell my kids on making wise choices. There’s no higher profession than sales. And may I sell you on the cleanliness, Lord knows our profession needs that, the cleanliness of having a conversation to open your heart’s desire. And however you work on your how’s after you strengthen the why, will be good.

So, give us a call. Our phone number is 215-657-1701. Or you can look at our website, www.tlc4superteams.com. But open a dialogue. We don’t have contracts with anyone on anything. We don’t try to close deals. I love to open relationships and open dialogues. I stand beside what ChiroSecure is trying to do here, and is doing to serve the profession. And I stand beside fellow chiropractors who want to open up their hearts, work on a why that’s big enough to do the how. Build connections so we strengthen community in that we communicate, in that we become exposed and transparent, and then we can be accountable for change. Let’s make that change to the story you want to live out. God bless.

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