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Dr. Lisa Olszewski can be contacted at lisa_olszewski@yahoo.com or by visiting: https://www.healthylivingsimple.com

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Hey everybody out in Facebook land. This is Dr. Lisa Olszewski from the American Institute of Healthy Living, where we’re making healthy living simple. So first off, I want to send a huge thank you to ChiroSecure. I am a chiropractor just like a lot of you. And you know what B.J. Palmer used to say, I love you because you love what I love. I truly love ChiroSecure, because they are chiropractors and they are so supportive of us and they love what we love. So [crosstalk 00:01:01] and just a huge shout out to [Sue Hoffman 00:01:05] and the entire ChiroSecure team, and to Alan over here as well.

So who am I and why am I here? Right? I’m Lisa Olszewski, I already told you that. I’m up in Michigan. You guys might know me from a lot of different places where I’ve been involved in, but here’s the reality. I’m actually a chiropractor in practice. Just like you. And I know we all have seen this over the course of our careers. Your patients come in and they find out stuff from Dr. Google, and they’re trying to make healthy living choices, and they’re getting really overwhelmed. Or how often do you see it where you’ve taught them nutrition? My thing, when I first started out in practice, I would talk to our patients about eating a paleolithic lifestyle. However, paleo wasn’t a huge buzzword at that point. That was early 2005 is when I started teaching patients to eat lots of good veggies, and good clean meats, and good proteins, and nuts and seeds, and minimal fruits. And they would do that, but then guess what? Then all of a sudden it became really the cool thing to do, the fad thing to do, for people to speak about paleo nutrition.

So then all of a sudden a patients would walk in and say, guess what? I’m doing this new thing, it’s called paleo, it’s all about this. And I literally would look at our patients and say, tell me about it. And they you would go through and they’d sit there and say, oh, it’s fruits and vegetables and nuts and seeds and good fats and you’re not doing processed carbs. I’m like great, how have we been teaching you to eat for the last however many years? And he rattled the same thing back to me. And I’m like, just because we didn’t have a cool sexy term for it, they didn’t realize it. And we’ve all seen it in our practices. We’re not that prophet in our own hometown. We’re not the prophet in our practice. All of a sudden Dr. Oz says something and lo and behold, you’ve been telling your practice member that for way too long. And they come in and it’s brand new. It’s a huge revelation.

I saw it a lot in my practice. I know you’re seeing it in yours. And sometimes we’re so busy with hands on patients, taking care of patients, that were not up to date on the latest research that’s out there. And they’re coming in asking you about whatever part of their nutrition plan or their fitness plan or whatever it is, and maybe you don’t know what it is, and you’re not sure where to direct them.

So for me, I saw it. I saw our people coming into our practice, they were searching online, they were so overwhelmed, so confused, because they see one thing on one website, they go to the next. One day butter’s good for you, the next day it’s horrible for you. All of a sudden they learn this, then they see this. And then Facebook, there’s another thing, and they’re just so confused. I wanted a place to make it simple. And that’s what we created, is Healthy Living Simple. It’s for the general public. However, it is a trusted resource for you as a doctor, that you can send your patients to that, so that way you know they’re getting information based in chiropractic philosophy. Shh.

So how did we start this? Last year, in the spring of 2018, we ended up launching the keto virtual summit. So we do this through virtual summits. We do this through online courses. I do personal online coaching as well, but for your patients, you probably don’t want my coaching. You might want it, but this is what I want to teach you, are the other resources that they can just login and learn on their own. So through the virtual summits we took on the keto virtual summit. We put a lot of big names up there that we all know within the chiropractic community.

We know Jack Wolfson, who’s the Paleo Cardiologist. [Heather Dennison 00:00:04:23], who was a chiropractor. [Laura Foster 00:00:04:21]. We had a whole list of names that were in there. Dan Pompa. They are there based on the chiropractic philosophy, but the great news was we had huge names within the health and wellness field that also signed on. People like J.J. Virgin. People like the founder of Keto-Mojo, the blood ketone reader guy. Dorian Greenow. I was going to call him Dorian Mojo. Dorian Greenow. He signed on. Todd White from Dry Farm Wines, I said that. Vivica Menegaz, paleo or the Nourished Caveman. Shawn Mynar, Leanne Vogel, if you’re in the keto world, in the women keto world, these were huge bloggers that said yes. We had OB-GYNs, we had [Dr. Jamie Seaman 00:05:03] and Dr. Anna Cabeca. Your female patients are probably following her online guys, I’m going to tell you that, because of the great nutritional information, she’s helping women in perimenopause through menopause.

But we ended up bringing on these huge names, and what I loved about it, without even realizing it, so many of them spoke about chiropractic. And on this event, when we did the keto virtual summit and we opened it up, we had thousands of people that initially signed on, and they learned that, hey, guess what? These chiropractors know what they’re talking about. This keto thing that’s new right now over the course of the last couple of years, they’ve all been eating clean for a really long time. What is the stuff? Somebody said innate, I don’t understand what that was. Oh, so and so just told me I needed to have a chiropractor as part of my healthcare team. And guess what? These people that didn’t know that … or maybe just thought chiropractic was only for low back pain and headaches, all of a sudden got a bigger picture that we can actually help with a lot of different things. Because as we all know, when the brain can communicate with the rest of the body, we can see all sorts of miracles happen.

So through the keto virtual summit, people started searching up, looking for a chiropractor. Those that weren’t within our first launch, we had people that came in from all over. And now what we have are anybody that wants to share it with their practice members, they have that opportunity that they can. We’ve just added on two huge names as well, which I’m really excited about, and you’re going to know him, Dr. Josh Axe. Another chiropractor. People don’t realize he’s a chiropractor. But we’ve got … Dr. Josh Axe has just been added in, and then Dr. Zach Bush as well. So this is an event, you can go to ketovirtualsummit.com and check it out. It’s for free for people to check it out for two days, absolutely free. And then healthylivingsimple.com is where you can go through and see the different courses and you can bet that I vetted them, and I have pretty high standards, just saying. So I was just ready to make a really funny joke, but I’ll be quiet on that one.

So if you have questions, I do want you to reach out, connect with me. Don’t laugh at my email though, but you can find me at dr.lisa@americaninstituteofhealthyliving. I know, I learned it the hard way, and then .com. So dr.lisa@americaninstituteofhealthyliving.com. Reach out to me if you have questions. I’d love to be able to connect even with more chiropractors to be able to share this with your patients. But just know, like I said, none of us are prophets in our own home town. You would not believe the amount of patients last year, my own personal patients, that signed up, that went through the virtual summit, that came in and were like, holy smokes, did you know about x, y, and z? And you can bet I’d been talking to them about it for 10 years. But it always takes an extra set of ears.

And I know you all know exactly what I’m talking about. Because you will have told your patients about x, y, and z for a really long time, and then all of a sudden there’s something on of your screens, your patient education screens or something like that in your practice. And they come on and they’re like, hey doc, did you know this? And like I said before, Dr. Oz did this. And you’re like, holy smokes. I remember when Dr. Oz talked about coconut oil. It was a huge thing and it was safe at that point. But we all have been talking about coconut oil for a long time.

So again, feel free to reach out to me. Healthylivingsimple.com. Ketovirtualsummit.com too, but you can find that through healthylivingsimple.com. Or feel free to email me directly, dr.lisa@americaninstituteofhealthyliving.com. Thanks. Have a fantastic day everyone!

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